You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy A Cake

Ga terasa sudah hampir memasuki bulan Juli…Lama sekali enggak nulis, kadang kangen nulis tapi ada aja yang menghalangi inspirasi. Life is…good in a way. Tarou hampir mau ulang tahun yang pertama, oh dear…Yeah. Waktu terasa sangat cepat berjalan. Gue sangat menikmati waktu bersama si kecil, walau jujur kadang jenuh namun selalu aja cepat lupa rasa itu setiap liat tingkah dan polah si kecil. Sekarang dia sudah mau belajar jalan, pinter ngoceh dan bercerita dengan bahasa planet nya, pintar joget setiap dengar musik, dan masih banyak lagi.

Gue belajar banyak banget dari peristiwa selama setahun ini. Dan saat ini keadaan gue alive and kicking but still, life can be better. Tapi ga usah manyun, soalnya gada guna nya. I just want to spread some positive vibrations. Karena banyak sekali yang harus gue syukurin semua yang Tuhan sudah kasih ke gue.

Hope you all like these pictures below!


Yang lewat kawasan WTC di Amsterdam Zuid pasti suka liat papan ini yang selalu terpampang di depan sebuahcafe hehe. I like it a lot!



Gue iseng ikut workshop Facepainting. Ini hasil karya ibu guru nya sih hasil karya gue cemen banget, tapi gue suka buangeett! Sekarang lagi giat berlatih. Kali aja bisa dijadiin side job hahaha! 😀

imageBeberapa waktu silam gue dikasih surprise sama J menginap di sebuah spa hotel di Leiden. Nginep 3 hari 2 malam tanpa Tarou dan tanpa suami! 😀 wah bisa tidur sampai siang, lalu J juga reservasi pijet dan facial buat gue, alamaakk mimpi apaaa ikke? hihi. Akhirnya setelah puas dipijet, gue memutuskan untuk jalan2 ke botanical garden di Leiden yang namanya De Hortus. Liat2 tanaman, duduk di pinggiran kolam, dan menikmati nyanyian burung di taman. Ah, indahnya. Keesokan hari nya gue sempat jalan2 di deretan butik2 eksentrik dan minum kopi dengan damainya tanpa harus “nangkepin” bayi yang suka merangkak atau minum kopi buru buru karena si kecil mau nya jalan2. Hahaha. Those precious times in life…harus diresapin lah 🙂

Soalnya, KAPAN LAGI???? lol.


Our Little Playground

As we grow older we forget how to play. We are occupied with other grown up stuff, like build a career, fix troubled romances, emotional love storms, kids, relocation, etc. What is playing? Playing is for kids only..adults don’t play, we work. We must earn our degrees and money, pay mortgages, pay off our debts and study loans. We become really serious, and forget to have fun in a normal way. They say having some drinks with friends and going to the clubs are the normality for adults to have fun. But, really? Do you really feel at ease afterwards and happy. Sometimes you just feel even more knackered than before. And you hate it when your wallets become thinner after you have some fun at the posh clubs with a bunch of friends you don’t even know that well. If you get tired of it then you should probably switch the game.

Playing for adults it’s not the same like it was when we were kids. It is more about competition sometimes and becomes less innocent. The first time you meet a new person, first questions will be:

Where do you work? or what is your job? why did you end up here (mostly expats’ questions)? how old are you?

Do you remember, when we were kids when we met new potential playmates, we did not question them those questions. We just asked them, hey do you want to play with me? And that was it.

Why can’t we just put those template questions aside, and just play with friends? I’ve noticed that from lack of playing for adults can lead to stress, isolated feeling, shortage in creativity .



Here is my story… I am lucky to be surrounded by creative creatures around me and there’s always something interesting peeking at the door. One of my best friends, Lu, came up with a brilliant idea early this year when she opened a playground for adults. Her profession as an actress is obviously a “license” to become a qualified facilitator of an adult playground. I am so proud of her that she manages to create her own start-up from scratch out of a thing she is passionate about. Originally from Buenos Aires, she moved to Amsterdam for love and at first she was like me. Clueless. Struggling to fit in. Fast forward 4 years later, she has found her place, and has created her own  beautiful family.

I came to one of her sessions, and found myself playing and connecting with other people whom I never met before in an inspiring, non-competitive and non-judgmental environment. We danced, we did crazy acts, we sang, we screamed, we joked with each other. I came home with a big smile from ear to ear. It was definitely a really good time and perfect way to break from routines. This was not my first time playing, I have been to many other “playgrounds” since I live in Holland. It does not matter what kind of playground you choose, as long as you feel happy, stimulated and welcomed.

We went to her theater play on Sunday evening. She is taking part in Argentinian theater festival at this moment and has got herself a gig in the festival, and although the play that night was in Spanish (well.. Argentine Spanish which has slightly different accents and they use sometimes different words than the Peninsular Spanish) I understood a tiny tiny bit of what she was saying (also with a help of another Argentinian friend to translate the dialogues)! The theater play was performed and broadcasted live through Skype, and it was double performed by her in Amsterdam and by her best friend – also an actress – in Buenos Aires, it was all synchronized with Skype. It was a very cool and authentic performance,  I was and still am immensely proud of her! and it’s always nice to witness your best friend’s success 🙂

me, the actress, another dear friend who came to support her


Enough about my story…that is kinda longer than I thought. Tell me, what games do you fancy to play? What makes you excited and happy? Would you like to share your story with me?

Thanks for reading!

Weekend Aktif di Parnassia

Dua hari berturut-turut dilanda capek yang ngganggu bikin gue stress. Entah kenapa gak ada angin gak ada ujan gue suntuk banget padahal di kantor kerjaan beres, bos liburan yg arti nya gak ada yang nyuruh-nyuruh (pegawai males emang..hahaha). Jadi pas suami libur weekend ini ngeliat istri nya galau gak jelas, di culik nya lah gue buat ngelakuin hal aktif diluar berhubung udara juga lagi bagus. Yaaa…gerimis dikit lah cuma temperatur masih kisaran 20 derajat gitu. Pertama kita bikin bekal dulu, beli tomat manis dan croissant buat bekal makan siang. Gak lupa aer segentong. Semua digondol di ransel suami. Setelah itu kita ke Decathlon (toko yang menjual kebutuhan sport dan kegiatan outdoor mulai dari baju, tenda, sepatu, sampeee sadel kuda). Kita beli sepatu gunung karena udah niat buat mulai kegiatan hiking/trekking summer ini. Sebetulnya gak disaranin sih pake sepatu baru trus langsung dibawa hiking harusnya dipake dulu beberapa hari supaya kaki nya biasa sama sepatu nya dulu. Tapi, yo wes lah mumpung lagi semangat!!


Setelah itu, suami nyetir ke daerah pantai tepatnya ke daerah Bloemendaal. Kita nyari parkiran gratis di kawasan taman konservasi alam di daerah Bloemendaal yang namanya Nationaal Park  Zuid-Kennemerland. Setelah itu perjalanan dimulai, dengan bekal makanan di ransel dan sepatu gunung baru kita memulai perjalanan kita. Target nya sih ke pantai Parnassia di daerah Bloemendaal. Tapi karena kita gak ambisius, marilah kita check aer dulu…bisa gak gue  jalan PP 11 kilometer lebih buat training pertama kita. Buat suami gue ini mah cetek, dia udah beberapa kali hiking sendiri rute 20 km gitu. Gue yg cemen ini manalah bisaaaa?! Dibawah ini screenshots rute training kita yang pertama..Kalo one-way aja jaraknya 5,4 km dengan 1 jam 6 menit. Kita ambil rute retour karena kita bawa mobil yang di parkir di deket gerbang masuk taman.

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.54.49 AM

Parnassia aan Zee adalah destinasi kami

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.59.28 AM

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Berlin Story – Part 1

After being MIA for a month, I am ready to blog again! It is still May and I have been getting around Schiphol like 4 times already. I am not complaining though, I am busy and happy. A lot has happened in a month. I went home for a short stay (9 days only!) due to a family matter and loved the balmy weather. I gotta meet with some friends and families, which was really wonderful. I gotta eat many Indonesian snacks when I was home. My parents accommodated it, and they were really keen to feed me while I was there :p

A week after my arrival in the Netherlands I left Amsterdam again to spend 4 days in Berlin with my best friend for a short vacation celebrating her birthday. We had so much fun and we really wanted to go back again to Berlin in the future with our partners 🙂

We flew to Berlin with KLM this was because KLM had unbelievably low fares to Berlin, for the week we would visit there! lucky us. Otherwise we would just take the train and sat in the train for 6 something hours … The flight to Berlin took only 1 hour and 20 minutes we arrived at around 7 pm. Shortly after we went downtown to see a friend and grabbed dinner on the way.

We stayed in a hotel in east Berlin, it was a comfortable hotel, and had good access to the center (Alexanderplatz). Although it was more in the neighborhood area it was OK and the advantage was that it was pretty quiet so we could easily have a good rest after a long day. 3 days were way too short to see all Berlin, at least we could use 5 days to see just Berlin without Potsdam. We did not have the chance to go to some of hip districts in Berlin. And we missed the flea markets too! 😦 So, for you who want to visit Berlin and happen to have times, book it for 5 days! 😀

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The Greatest Virtue

Sometimes when you want to make your point obvious to someone else you just have to show them in your own way. The way you feel it’s right, a way which you are comfortable with. It’s also true what they say, patience is the greatest virtue. No doubt. So when I perused a note given by my boss, the heavy burden was lifted off me instantly and I was really proud of myself. To celebrate the joy and the true revelation of the greatest virtue I’ve made a pact to myself that I am allowed to treat myself some nice little things.


Grandmother’s health tips book, a bundle of woven ribbon (always handy for craft projects), a magnet and 2 scented sachets Jacob Hooy. Bought all of them from Dille en Kamille . This place is my sort of sanctuary, always end up buying stuff from this store. My husband likes the store as well. Well, double trouble…hehe.


Two skeins of yarns from a yarn walhalla, Weldraad. The store has fabulous choices of organic yarns..I want it all! I choose one skein of yarn from 100% organic cotton and the other one is 40% cotton and 60% wool. I am going to use them for my summer project 🙂

Around the House

I took the pic in the weekend, when I finished with weekly clean up and before our friends came over for some tea and homemade pie! We finally have curtains for the windows in the living room 😀 ! After 2 years without curtains I came to the point that I wanted it so badly. Every time I got the money to buy curtains, I somehow always used it for something else (another priorities).

And then, one day I got it for my birthday present in November…My husband hung it up there and my parents in law were hiding in our living room. When I came inside, I was so surprised. Our jungle living room is now perfect 🙂 Oh my, I know…they spoil me!


Libur Akhir Tahun

Sebelum tahun 2013 berakhir aku untungnya sempat ambil cuti. Sisa jatah cuti ada 14 hari libur. Cihuuyy! Nah sebelum libur aku udah bikin list hal apa aja yang pengen dilakuin selama liburan. Selain Natalan dan ngerayain Tahun Baru tentu nya ya.

Hari pertama dan kedua oh my God ikke tidur lamaaa banget. Ada kali 18 jam trus bangun makan, gosok gigi, nonton serial apa gitu deh lupa, eh tidur lagi sampe besokannya. Asli, tepar…energi abis. Nah hari Minggu tanggal 22 Des baru deh mulai beresin rumah, bersihin debu dan kotoran. Mulai gotong royong sama suami dari mulai belanja grocery tapi hampir pengsan di dalem karena rame banget sama orang sibuk belanja hari raya, ngelap kaca jendela dari luar (ya Tuhan cepet banget deh kotor nya gara gara ujan terus disini), nyuci baju (buset, baju hampir habis semua numpuk di hamper) dan undies karena yang tersisa di laci baju cuma undies melar melar segedha sprei yg muat sampe atas perut..hahaha. Lucu nya lagi ngeliat suami, dia pake kaos kaki kiri sama kanan beda corak, saking semua kaos kaki nya habis…hihihi. Sudah rumah bersih dan lemari baju kembali penuh, lanjutin deh tidurnya #kebo

Senengnya ternyata liburan pendek kali ini sukses. Akhirnya hal yang ditulis di to-d0 list dikerjain hampir semua nya 🙂 Selain jalan – jalan, makan – makan (dasar perut kadut), quality time sama suami sempet juga :

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