Indehoy di Balkon


Masih di sisa postingan bekas bersih-bersih kemarin… Karena setengah hari selaen ngublek di dalem bersihin rumah dari bulu kucing, setengah hari nya lagi ngublek di balkon, ngebabat semak belukar dan semak – semak ilalang dan padi yang menguning! Hahaha, suka lebay ah..Iya abisan ga pernah banget gw duduk duduk di balkon kalo enggak pas summer. Dingin bok! Mana banyak angin, secara kita tinggal di lantai 6 aja dulu jadi tuh angin terasa lebih kayak badai lah. Jadilah tuh balkon ga keurus banget..Cuma J doang sih yang suka duduk disana sambil nyari ilham..Saya cukup memandang dirinya dari balik jendela sajah (eeaaaaa..kampring)

Jadi kegiatan dimulai dengan nyapuin tuh balkon yang penuh sama debu dan taneman yang mati dari winter/spring kemaren karena ga pernah dikasih aer yang cukup..Lupaa!! hahaha. Trus elap – elap seluruh sisi balkon pake aer dicampur ammoniak dikit supaya kotoran nya semua ilang, dan terakhir ngosek aja deh tuh ubin balkon sambil goyang dombret :/ Ditinggal setengah jam lebih dikit eh udah kering deh tuh ubin, bayangin gimana panasnya wiken kemaren!! Kedengarannya sih asik ya bersihin balkonnya cuma maaakk sumpah deh gak banget! kotorannya membandel banget, kayak udah nempel seabad lamanya susah abis digosok nya alhasil musti kerja 3x! Hadeuhh…mateee lah saya, encoookk nyonyaahh!!

Tapi yah untungnya menjelang maghrib selese juga deh tuh. Dan abis itu gelar tiker yang gw beli sehari sebelumnya pas nyiapin postingan The Hangout buat bulan Juni-Juli..*hehehe buka kartu! Tadinya mah beli ini tiker buat sunbathing di pantai cuma halah who are you fooling gitu loh, pantai sini mah gak berpotensi buat sunbathing mendingan di pake buat balkon aja.Tapi setelah dibersihin dan digelar tiker kok kayaknya masih kurang seger deh. Akhirnya kemaren pas lunch break, sengaja mampir ke toko bunga deketĀ  kantor dan lumayan ada beberapa macem bunga yang gw taksir.

Gini deh hasilnya:


{ Balkon ikke sekarang…ehmm, tapi kenapa sapu nya eksis banget ya? }

Kalo ada yang bertanya-tanya ini kursi nya kok gak matching ya kakak? Ya begini ya dek, itu kursi coklat budug itu kedemenannya J hasil mungut dari sampah tetangga. Tapi jangan salah, sekali naro pantat di kursi budug itu dijamin ga mau bangun! Pewe abess. Dan yang ijo itu kayaknya ditinggalin sama nenek yg dulu punya apartemen ini..gretong šŸ˜€ makanya warna nya juga disko gitu hahaha! Trus bangku tinggi yang ada cat kuningnya itu juga mungut dari sampah nya tetangga yang dibuang di jalan hehehe ( maklum kami adalah kelompok scavengers yang suka mendaur ulang sampah tetangga ) Males beli kursi baru summer juga paling sebulan doang. Mubazir…Kita sih udah seneng lah sama balkon ini walopun ga gede-gede amat dan bentuknya juga sederhana kita sih orang yang gampang seneng nya lah.

DSCN2005{Bunga mawar warna fuchsia, dan jenis mawar kecil warna putih trus bunga petunia violet..mak nyuss…liat yang warna warni gini}

Dan bunga petunia fuchsia buat di meja..ini pot nya kayaknya gratis dari Albert Heijn (supermarket) taun kemaren deh :p Gw simpen karena suka sama kincir angin nya. Trus dikasih gelas lilin senada. Ciyehh adem deh mata nya šŸ™‚ Total beli bunga buat di balkon ini cukup 15 euro sajah..gatau deh tuh di tempat laen kali bisa lebih murah, cuma kalo musti nyari yang mungkin lebih murah musti ke pasar, jauh bookk! Ya segitu aja lah bunga nya kalo mati kan gak nyesek..(yahh jangan doongg!!) emang gak sebanyak tanamannya mbak Nella :p


Nah, semoga aja cuaca cerah nya ga cuma sebulan kayak biasanya ya…Kan enak kalo gini kita kongkow – kongkow di luar terus šŸ™‚ Apalagi tepat di bawah apartemen itu kan lapangan yang ada air mancur nya, jadi ada suara – suara gemericik air gitu kalo sore, ahh serasa liburan ajah. .. *ngarep. Ada yang mau mampir?

Kalo kamu gimana, suka nya duduk – duduk di dalem rumah apa di luar rumah? Enak nih yang punya teras gede..punya pohon apa aja?

My Nostalgic Plate


{ red rice, broccolini, Ayam Ketjap and sprinkles of Fibrex }

Ever since I bought this classic enamel plate (we have two) we cannot stop using it..we use it every single day. When I saw it here in Rozengracht, I immediately fell in love. It reminded me of my grandmothers. Both grandmothers, from my mum’s side and from my father’s side. My grandmother (my mum’s mum, I called her Mbah Putri, she is not here anymore.) took care of me, and she was practically my “mum” , she lived in with us and she always cooked super delicious food.Ā  And this kind of plate was her fave, we had many of these at home. And my grandmother from my father’s side, she is a simple lady who lives alone in the kampoeng. She has many of these kind of plates because I think back in those days, these were the only eating utensils style sold in the traditional market nearby her house. And she never buys new things for herself or for the household. Last time I visited her, these plates were still available on the dining table…I hope she still has them though šŸ™‚ Ah how I miss my lieve oma’s !

Eet smakkelijk!

IJhallen Weekend

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably knew already what we did on the weekend. Yep, we sold some stuff on IJhallenĀ (read: Eye-hallen). Basically, it was our attempt to sell stuff from our grandma who passed away 2 months ago. She had many valuable (antique) furniture, and my in-laws sold them through an auction hall. Our “task” now is selling the clothes and jewelry. When I thought about IJhallen, my friends were very enthusiastic about it and I thought..well I should give it a shot.


picture is borrowed from Ijhallen

IJhallenĀ is a huge area in Amsterdam Noord, and now is very known as the biggest flea market in Europe. In the winter the event is held indoor and in Spring/Summer it is held outdoor. But what was the IJhallenĀ before? This area once belonged to NSM, which in late thirties after the war merged to NDSM (NederlandscheĀ DokĀ en ScheepsbouwĀ Maatschappij). It was the biggest shipyard in the world. That is why there are still some remnants, and remains of ships and big and empty buildings in this area.

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The Hangout: April

I thought a few days ago that I’d like to add a new category in this blog, to make it more fun to read and also to give you more info about the Dam and what this city has to offer. I have been thinking of random ideas, and I eventually choose a topic which I will enjoy so much to share it with you. I am a coffee enthusiast and I’ve attempted in describing it in a blog post a while back. You can check the story behind why I love drinking coffee, here.

I share my coffee experience with people who share the same interest; friends, colleagues and acquaintances..and I feel that I should write this information in my blog, so I am able to share it to a bigger public, and why not starting it right here right now. Amsterdam…This little city is a melting pot, an oasis of entertainment and hotspots! There’s always new hotspots in town so I decided to write a modest review which I am going to publish once a month. I will write about coffee shops/bars I like, or a (not so) newly opened coffee shop in town (Be aware: a coffee shop in Dutch means a place where you can buy and smoke some pots :p so in Dutch, a place where you can hang out and sip coffee is a koffiehuis) Perhaps it will be discontinued after a couple of months because in the future, I want to change it with another more interesting topics. For now, I hope you like it.

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

It has been 8 months ago I moved out of Amstelveen and moved into a new apartment in the suburb of Amsterdam. So far, it has been really nice. I see this new apartment as the future little house šŸ™‚ There have been good moments happening in this new pad, lovely moments. Prior to this, it once belonged to an old lady. She had lived there for over 35 years, so it is not a newly built apartment with good bones in it. Hence, a major makeover is needed!

I have some DIY project ideas for my home. I love reading interior design magazines, or reading home improvement blogs, trendy and sleek home ideas, you name it! I read those stuff..eagerly. But, when it comes to my personal taste, I tend to pick warm, cozy, a bit rustic style mashed with a tad bit of kitsch and vintage touch here and there.. I don’t like a house that is too staged, too clean that you are constantly worrying you’ll make a mess or too modern and cold. I fall for eclectic style. I love collecting bric-a-brac and all the things with stories. Whenever I travel and visit a new city I will search for the local markets, brocante (French for flea markets), or vintage shops, you will get so many amazing items in those places, you can’t imagine! For you who love thrift shopping for vintage pieces, sometimes those amazing stuff you’ve bought smell musty.

Here’s a tip to get rid of the musty smell from your new findings: fill your item with kitty litter and let it sit for one week untouched. Sounds wacky?! Just give it a try! I promise you the smell will go away! The litter sucks up all the smell and like magic, your new vintage piece is good to go!

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