Mini Holiday from Blogosphere


Not feeling like writing or bloghopping right now. After super busy months, attended a wedding in Cologne, a (half) business travel to Hannover and a departmental party I got sick. Nothing beats a healthy breakfast when you are feeling unwell. Gives me the natural boost I need. Hoping to write more in upcoming month though.


I admit that I am hooked on my iPad mini. I take this small device wherever I go and use it all the time (I even neglect my phone and laptop). I love it. Got this from my work as a xmas gift I firstly despised it because we got iPad (the real ones not mini) just 2 years ago. I thought who the heck needs an iPad mini when you already have an iPad?! Well..i do. The joke is on me. It is compact, much simpler to carry than iPad and it has Netflix in it (subscription) I watched a lot of nice and easy movies on Netflix and will write a separate post about that 🙂 some are highly recommended feel good movies! Do you like iPad mini better than the regular iPad like me?

I am leaving you with my (not so) current fave get-up-and-go song 🙂 MACKLEMORE and Ryan Lewis yoo! 😀

Wishing you all a lovely day !


Knowing Yourself Better

There is one thing I am trying to get better at. Communicating my feelings toward people when I feel upset, disappointed or hurt. There is an easy way that I have been perpetually doing, which seems the best way for me but not particularly to others. A way that is easy and convenient for me. But what do you learn if you always do the easy way? I am getting OK at it now but it can always be better. If I feel hurt, I’d try to talk to the person who hurts my feelings, and tell that person what’s bothering me instead of keeping my mouth shut and pondering on it.

If I feel restless and anxious, I’d try to figure out what’s bothering me and get to the bottom of it. I try not to reflect myself on other people and I am very happy that I see some improvements.

54f0795e91abaa4e0791222d37748dcb{ zen room }


Sometimes I get more upset than I actually am. But actually when I give myself a time-out, open and be honest to myself, I will realize that I get upset from bottling up problems…Sometimes my body is telling me, for instance; all of a sudden I’d get a headache , or cramps, or feel sick. And during the zen moment I create, I will have the time to evaluate what’s happening and come to a conclusion that it’s all pure psychology . I usually am nervous about something, or upset, or .. anything. Once it’s figured out I would feel much better. It is all connected, our body and mind.

It is an art of knowing yourself better, which I find really fascinating and I am really determined to be wiser by learning this “art” in coming years.

Sweet Heat Wave

Dear blog, sorry for being lazy in updating this blog… I seem to be very busy with life. House cleaning, watching series with J, friends visit, crafting, gardening, blogwalking, but not blogging. I have nothing to write, and if there is something to write about it will sound cheesy and uninteresting (for me). I cannot type for too long now because I do not want my shoulder get hurt, but all I wanna say is that I have been intensely enjoying the sun for weeks now on my balcony.

I told J the other day, ” Hey, het was precies 7 jaar geleden dat wij zo’n hitte golf zomer hadden en dat was toen we net elkaar leren kennen, weet je dat nog?” {Eng= Hey it was 7 years ago when we had this heat wave summer, when we met each other}

 … At least that is how I remember it!


Are You Mr Bean or Are You Plato?

There are bunch of things I learn from a relationship, especially a relationship with a western partner (bule). Even though we have been together for 7 years, we still surprise each other from time to time. And these differences actually make our relationship stronger.

Honestly, some things that I used to consider “very Indonesian” do not always have positive outcomes. One example; everytime I meet my Indonesian girlfriends  we talk, talk, and talk the whole time. Yapping away. We always have good times together! Either we cook, shop, or just hang out in a cafe or at one of the girls’ house, we always have good times  🙂 Sadly, we do not do this as often as we want since we are very busy with our jobs or study. And after we meet up, I will go home and my husband will ask how it was and I will answer it was great and fun. And he later will ask again about some details about this girlfriend and that girlfriend. And there will be a pause there, shit..I have no idea. We do not talk about this and that! and my husband will say, ” how come? you girls had been gone for 6 hours long and did not even ask about important stuff? ” . No. Well..kind of..but not literally…ah, crap.

Photo on 2013-02-02 at 23.36

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12 Happy Activities For a Happier Life

I’ve found a very interesting poll online, 12 activities that make people happy in their life. Every now and then I like to read good books, or take some new courses to refresh my social ability and attitude towards life.  This one has really caught my eye not just because I fully agree with the results but many of these points, are activities that I endeavor in order to achieve a balanced life and be more grounded. I would like to share it with you, maybe this might be useful for you..maybe you are in the same phase like where I am now.


1. Show gratitude. Gratitude makes you happy because you enjoy more of the positive sides in your life. Count your blessings. Write five things each day for things you are grateful for.

2. Be optimistic. Focus your attention on positive things. Visualize your ideal future. Step life actively and effectively serve.

3. Stop worrying or make social comparisons. Search distraction or contemplate for half an hour each day.

4. Be friendly. True happiness consists in making others happy. Help other people or console also distracts from your own problems.

5. Learn to forgive. Revenge feelings do yourself no good. Try to be empathic. Write a forgiveness letter.

6. Cherish social relationships. People who are romantic and happy are more likely to find love and friends.

7. Experience flow. Live with attention. Turn routine activities to flow. Experience music and become one with nature.

8. Develop coping strategies. Solve problems, develop a social network, write or talk about your feelings.

9. Enjoy life here and now. Look around and experience the beauty. Scoop pleasure in small things, call positive memories and create an album of joys.

10. Commit yourself to your dreams, set goals. This gives control of your life, helps to deal with problems, and leads you to connect with other people. This is a better use of time and it gives more meaning to your life.

11. Believe in something. People who believe in a God or the universe feel happier. They experience more meaning and support. They are also physically healthier, probably due to healthier lifestyles.

12. Take care of your body. Movement makes people happier. It seems to help from depression and it makes a more positive body image. Choose a form of exercise that suits you, so you can do it often.

Go Out And Make A Difference!

I am still digesting the last episode of Forbrydelsen (a danish TV series, genre: thriller). Buat yang suka serial tipi detektip (kok jadi sunda begini? f jadi p) aduh harus dicoba nonton deh, keren bet. Aku suka banget sama jenis serial tv kaya begini..yang bermutu, deep, ga superfisial dan terlalu mengada-ada (boleh sih mengada-ada tapi please deh jangan yang berlebihan!). Contoh serial detektif/thriller yang aku suka tuh; The Wire, Death in Paradise *, Homeland, etc. Sedangkan contohnya yang mengada-ada tuh sejenis CSI dan Bones. Dulu sih mayan demen, apalagi nonton Bones. Tapi seiring dengan bertambahnya usia (tuwir maksudnyah) jadi otak pun evolves menjadi lebih canggih dengan plot cerita. Apalagi suami ikke nih super kritis banget sama filem dan serial tv jadi nular deh sekarang aku mulai pinter *plak!tampar kanan kiri* Bayangin deh kalau nonton CSI dkk gitu plot nya gak masuk akal banget! Udah gitu masak semua polisi dan detektif nya klimis-klimis gitu, cantik dan ganteng. Make up tebel, rambut diblow rapi dan baju nya gak lecek malah necis banget padahal kan detektip! Mana ada waktu coba buat nge-dempul dan neriska di sela sela penyelidikan!? <–nyetrika baju maksutnya.

OK intinya, Forbrydelsen oke banget, sayang cuma 3 season aja..dikit banget. Tapi amat sangat berbobot lah. Emang nih semenjak nonton Millenium (versi aseli, Swedia) aku tuh sejak 3 tahun yang lalu kecanduan nonton film dan serial produksi negara Nordic…Kebanyakan genre thriller yah, selain itu juga demen baca buku karangan penulis Scandinavia juga walaupun gak segandrung suami saya. Doski bisa loh baca buku 1000 halaman dalam waktu beberapa hari (megap megap ga sih?) Oiya, selain trilogi Millenium – Stieg Larsson itu, ada satu lagi filem yang aku suka banget, produksi Norwegia judulnya Hodejegerne.

Aku termasuk seorang movie buff banget. Kebetulan suami juga sama sama seorang movie buff jadilah kita berdua ini suka nonton filem-filem asik. Apalagi disokong dengan kartu anggota Pathe. Jadi dengan membayar iuran anggota setiap bulannya sebesar Eur 19,50 kita bisa sepuasnya nonton filem di bioskop Pathe (ada 3 bioskop Pathe di Amsterdam saja, dan masih banyak bioskop Pathe di kota-kota besar di Belanda).  Nah untung nya dengan kartu anggota Pathe ini tuh kalau kita lagi super bokek tp pengen hang out tanpa ngeluarin duit seperak pun kita masih bisa ke bioskop. Dengan bekal sebotol limun yang lebih dulu dibikin di rumah dan makanan kecil yang kita bawa dari rumah, jadi deh nge-date gratis di bioskop 🙂 Kadang kalau lagi ada duit lebih dan sok nyeni aku nonton filem di art house cinema, lumayan bisa nonton filem klasik atau art house movies 🙂 Tapi kalau nonton di art house cinema (semacam Het Ketelhuis atau Kriterion) kita harus bayar kira – kira Eur 10 an lah per filem.

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Things We Learn

There was a story when my parents came to visit me last September. This was their second holiday outside Indonesia, well…if you can call “umroh” as a holiday :p . I left Indonesia when I was young..well, Not that young but I was cute enough and I would be asked for my ID if I wanted to buy liquor at the supermarket :p ..  I do not see my parents much not only after I live abroad, but far before that I also already used to live by myself. When I was just 17, I left home for the first time and got to taste the sweet of freedom. I had to live in an all-girl boarding house nearby the college. And when I was 19 I came back moving in again to my parents’ house for about a year or so before I flew to Germany. So, I have been away from home like almost 11 years in total :O

Thus, they arrived in Holland. Stayed at our place, and as débutant tourists they were really amazed on how clean Amsterdam was and how many cows were scattered in outskirt areas (I hadn’t taken them anywhere in their first days because we were busy preparing the wedding). During their stay, they sometimes made comments that made me smile and I didn’t really realize it before. For instance; they noticed that I could cook traditional and healthy dishes they loved and took care of the household chores aptly. For me, it was really normal because I cooked almost every day. Besides that, they said that I was active and really independent. I giggled, because I thought they were joking 😀 my parents never made compliments before! But they really meant it. I then realized, of course..we had been apart so long and now it was the first time for them to see how and where I lived, and experienced the daily life with me again.

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