A Short Story of Corfu

I did not imagine that I’d get so many sweet comments on my previous blog post (sorry it’s in Bahasa Indonesia). Thank you all so much for your sweet and lovely comments, it has made my week and put a big smile on my face! I wrote a little bit about my short holiday in a Greek island, Corfu. Although the big news on the post was about my pregnancy 🙂 Thus, I’ve spilled the beans already, now I want to share a bit some holiday pictures from Corfu, a beautiful Greek island that is located in Ionian Sea.

It has so many beautiful sights and it has been a tourist magnet since the 70’s. I really do not mind to go holidaying to a touristic place since I am a tourist too and I have not been to ALL OF TOURISTIC PLACES in Europe. Corfu is the second Greek island I have ever been to. I went to Kos island with my then-boyfriend (now my husband..ahem!)  6 years ago and we did some island hopping to the nearest country, Turkey. Greece has so many amazing islands, and I fell in love with the country and the hospitality since my first holiday in Kos years ago. We finally came back after so many years and definitely loved it.

Corfu (in Greek: Kérkyra), is unlike the rest of Greece, never fell under the Ottoman oppression. Due to the successive domination of the Venetians, the French and the British over the centuries, leaving an evident mark on the local culture. That’s why the island looks more European than the rest of other Greek islands. Corfu is also one of the greenest of the Greek islands – thanks to intermittent but torrential rains from September to May, and the thousands of olive trees that carpet the land­scape. On the north coastline- separated only by straits-is the nearest neighboring country, Albania. You can see many excursions are offered to hop on a ferry for a one-day trip to Albania. It costs €19 (low season) or €23 (high season) per person.


Italian architectures in Old Town


Corfu has a hot summer Mediterranean climate, the temperatures at its highest during July-August (30+ degrees Celsius). It is a different kind of hot than Indonesian’s hot temperatures. In Greece, it is very dry and HOT. While back home, it is hot and very humid. So when we were there in September it was perfect temperatures, ranging between 26-30 degrees Celsius. When it was too hot to be on the beach, we would go with our rented scooter and went to other towns and just relax at a restaurant and reading books. We only had 1 day of rain during our stay there. Lucky us! There are many things you can do there besides hanging out at the beach or by hotel’s pool. For instance, you can go hiking like we did. The island is very green, it’s very comfortable for hikers because there are many small paths for hikers. Then of course, you can go to the castles, museums, visiting the ancient ruins, old fortresses at the Old Town, and shopping also in Old Town. It is a perfect destination for people who prefer to be lazy and people who love cultures. In my opinion, it is quite affordable to go shopping here.


The blue sea


Old Fortress

We stayed at a small hotel that was located on a cliff. It is a family-run hotel, with friendly service, very affordable and comfortable. We enjoyed our stay in this hotel 🙂

0Above is a picture from this site, I don’t own it just borrow it


I did not shop much, I only bought some pots of body lotion made from organic olives and olive oils for our friends and my in-laws. I was really excited to find Korres products at the airport’s duty free shop that were sold cheaply. Korres is a cosmetic brand from Greece that is known for their products that are made from 100% natural ingredients and sustainable approach.

Indonesians are pretty obsessed with Santorini, but believe me, there are many other amazing islands in Greece besides Santorini 🙂 which I think it has become super expensive from the rest of Greek islands’ price standards.


All in all, we’ve had a great summer holiday and we came back home with happy smiles (and quite tanned too). Thanks all for reading. Wish you a great weekend!


Snippets of Summer 2014

For people who live in northern hemisphere, when the weather is nice it is then the perfect time to do things. It feels like anything we do becomes more special because the sun is up and shining. We all stay up late and just seize the days! There are many fun outdoor events organized in the summer, such as: festivals, block parties, sports championships (think of run or swim marathon) and more parties! So we have been having a staycation instead of a vacation. Sometimes you just don’t have time in the world (and s staple of money) to go on holidays as often as you want. Spending times in Holland, enjoying the abundance of sun lights and of cool places in the city.

And pictures speak louder than words…so here it comes my snippet of summer!

Playing tourist with my little brother. This one is taken in Vondelpark 🙂


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Sweet Heat Wave

Dear blog, sorry for being lazy in updating this blog… I seem to be very busy with life. House cleaning, watching series with J, friends visit, crafting, gardening, blogwalking, but not blogging. I have nothing to write, and if there is something to write about it will sound cheesy and uninteresting (for me). I cannot type for too long now because I do not want my shoulder get hurt, but all I wanna say is that I have been intensely enjoying the sun for weeks now on my balcony.

I told J the other day, ” Hey, het was precies 7 jaar geleden dat wij zo’n hitte golf zomer hadden en dat was toen we net elkaar leren kennen, weet je dat nog?” {Eng= Hey it was 7 years ago when we had this heat wave summer, when we met each other}

 … At least that is how I remember it!


Indehoy di Balkon


Masih di sisa postingan bekas bersih-bersih kemarin… Karena setengah hari selaen ngublek di dalem bersihin rumah dari bulu kucing, setengah hari nya lagi ngublek di balkon, ngebabat semak belukar dan semak – semak ilalang dan padi yang menguning! Hahaha, suka lebay ah..Iya abisan ga pernah banget gw duduk duduk di balkon kalo enggak pas summer. Dingin bok! Mana banyak angin, secara kita tinggal di lantai 6 aja dulu jadi tuh angin terasa lebih kayak badai lah. Jadilah tuh balkon ga keurus banget..Cuma J doang sih yang suka duduk disana sambil nyari ilham..Saya cukup memandang dirinya dari balik jendela sajah (eeaaaaa..kampring)

Jadi kegiatan dimulai dengan nyapuin tuh balkon yang penuh sama debu dan taneman yang mati dari winter/spring kemaren karena ga pernah dikasih aer yang cukup..Lupaa!! hahaha. Trus elap – elap seluruh sisi balkon pake aer dicampur ammoniak dikit supaya kotoran nya semua ilang, dan terakhir ngosek aja deh tuh ubin balkon sambil goyang dombret :/ Ditinggal setengah jam lebih dikit eh udah kering deh tuh ubin, bayangin gimana panasnya wiken kemaren!! Kedengarannya sih asik ya bersihin balkonnya cuma maaakk sumpah deh gak banget! kotorannya membandel banget, kayak udah nempel seabad lamanya susah abis digosok nya alhasil musti kerja 3x! Hadeuhh…mateee lah saya, encoookk nyonyaahh!!

Tapi yah untungnya menjelang maghrib selese juga deh tuh. Dan abis itu gelar tiker yang gw beli sehari sebelumnya pas nyiapin postingan The Hangout buat bulan Juni-Juli..*hehehe buka kartu! Tadinya mah beli ini tiker buat sunbathing di pantai cuma halah who are you fooling gitu loh, pantai sini mah gak berpotensi buat sunbathing mendingan di pake buat balkon aja.Tapi setelah dibersihin dan digelar tiker kok kayaknya masih kurang seger deh. Akhirnya kemaren pas lunch break, sengaja mampir ke toko bunga deket  kantor dan lumayan ada beberapa macem bunga yang gw taksir.

Gini deh hasilnya:


{ Balkon ikke sekarang…ehmm, tapi kenapa sapu nya eksis banget ya? }

Kalo ada yang bertanya-tanya ini kursi nya kok gak matching ya kakak? Ya begini ya dek, itu kursi coklat budug itu kedemenannya J hasil mungut dari sampah tetangga. Tapi jangan salah, sekali naro pantat di kursi budug itu dijamin ga mau bangun! Pewe abess. Dan yang ijo itu kayaknya ditinggalin sama nenek yg dulu punya apartemen ini..gretong 😀 makanya warna nya juga disko gitu hahaha! Trus bangku tinggi yang ada cat kuningnya itu juga mungut dari sampah nya tetangga yang dibuang di jalan hehehe ( maklum kami adalah kelompok scavengers yang suka mendaur ulang sampah tetangga ) Males beli kursi baru summer juga paling sebulan doang. Mubazir…Kita sih udah seneng lah sama balkon ini walopun ga gede-gede amat dan bentuknya juga sederhana kita sih orang yang gampang seneng nya lah.

DSCN2005{Bunga mawar warna fuchsia, dan jenis mawar kecil warna putih trus bunga petunia violet..mak nyuss…liat yang warna warni gini}

Dan bunga petunia fuchsia buat di meja..ini pot nya kayaknya gratis dari Albert Heijn (supermarket) taun kemaren deh :p Gw simpen karena suka sama kincir angin nya. Trus dikasih gelas lilin senada. Ciyehh adem deh mata nya 🙂 Total beli bunga buat di balkon ini cukup 15 euro sajah..gatau deh tuh di tempat laen kali bisa lebih murah, cuma kalo musti nyari yang mungkin lebih murah musti ke pasar, jauh bookk! Ya segitu aja lah bunga nya kalo mati kan gak nyesek..(yahh jangan doongg!!) emang gak sebanyak tanamannya mbak Nella :p


Nah, semoga aja cuaca cerah nya ga cuma sebulan kayak biasanya ya…Kan enak kalo gini kita kongkow – kongkow di luar terus 🙂 Apalagi tepat di bawah apartemen itu kan lapangan yang ada air mancur nya, jadi ada suara – suara gemericik air gitu kalo sore, ahh serasa liburan ajah. .. *ngarep. Ada yang mau mampir?

Kalo kamu gimana, suka nya duduk – duduk di dalem rumah apa di luar rumah? Enak nih yang punya teras gede..punya pohon apa aja?

Summer Joy

{an alley in Lagos}

Memasuki bulan Juli, berarti sudah ofisial musim panas di Eropa. Namun pada kenyataannya, musim panas tidak kunjung datang! The weather is very temperamental nowadays. Badai, hujan, mendung…Pokonya bikin gemes!! Semua orang disini sangat menantikan musim panas. Tidak sabar untuk berjemur, berpiknik ria, hang out di pantai dan tentunya memakai pakaian tanpa lapis dan memakai sandal jepit ke kantor! 😀

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