Eight is A Good Number

Time does not fly when I talk about our relationship. Thank you for stick/stuck with me for the last 8 years! We are together in both joy and misery..and get each other’s back no matter what.

I have never dared dreaming to have a partner like you. Let alone married one! You are understanding, funny, goofy, and very supportive. In spite of all differences we had, we looked past it and came this far. We’ve found in each other the most important/essential thing in life and we’ve promised to each other to nurture it.

Yes, we are still arguing over silly things. You are still who you are, leave dirty socks on the couch and always forget to clean it. And I am always the one who gotta pick it up and clean it after you. You hate me using ALWAYS in all of my statements because we both know it is not true.Β  My apology for always leaving coffee cups around the house and make you wash them because we run out of cups. I promise to clean after it and use only one coffee cup and wash it immediately. Pinky promise.

Thank you for always be there for me, for hearing my erratic rants and puttingΒ  up with my mood swings. Cheering me up with your super delicious pasta and homemade pies, you really are a sweetheart. And if I am veeeryy lucky you will play the piano for me.

We have big dreams and this relationship is our journey to reach our dreams. I am ever so grateful to have met you and to share my life with you.

Here’s for our 8th year of relationship, and counting to more bad ass years ahead!






Hubungan Rumah Kinclong Sama Masuk Angin

Yang namanya pasangan suami istri pasti ada aja deh tingkah laku dan kejadian – kejadian yang bikin ngikik. Yang sebangsa aja pasti ceritanya segudang, apalagi yang lain bangsa. Kalo dibikin cerbung lumayan kayaknya ya, apa gak dibikin sinetron juga kali lucuk. Hehehe. Komersil bener ya gue?

Kebiasaan gue kalo tau ada tamu mau dateng pastilah sehari sebelum atau gak beberapa jam sebelum tamu datang pasti bebersih dan bikin atau beli cemilan. Di vacuum bentar lantai nya, atau gak dirapihin ruang tamu nya itu udah wajib. Kebiasaan dari rumah soalnya, nyokap selalu kayak gitu. Kalo ada saudara yang datang dari jauh malah dibela-belain ke rawa belong naek ojek buat beli bunga sedap malam. Lumrah lah ceritanya beres-beres buat tamu intinya sih menghormati tamu udah dateng jauh tapi kok yang disinggahin rumahnya bikin sakit mata. Kalau suami orangnya seadanya banget. Mau ada tamu, gak ada tamu ya rumah gue kayak gini ga usah dicakep-cakepin. Take it or leave it. Saklek. Trus ada satu kebiasaan gue juga kalau body nya gak delicious pasti uring-uringan dan maunya rumah tuh spotless. Kalo berantakan tuh kayaknya bikin tambah puyeng dan gak sembuh-sembuh. Rika pernah cerita di blog nya kalo doi punya masalah yang sama. Ternyata akika ga sendiriaaann!!! Suami dari dulu gak ngerti apa coba hubungannya antara masuk angin sama rumah berantakan mengakibatkan selain masuk angin ra wisuwis dan darting…

Terakhir gue stress dewa banget karena salah satu project di kantor ga kunjung selesai. Pengen nge-launch tool buat reporting eh kayaknya ga nyambung aja otak nya gue sama konsultan brengsek itu. Sebelumnya juga sibuk belajar buat ujian Prince2 Foundation, yang alhamdulillah lulus maak!! Weekend yang ada badan meriang karena kerja kuli plus belajar sampe begadang segala. Ambruk. Akhirnya seharian pas Sabtu nya ya di tempat tidur aja bangun jam 9 trus jam 2 tepar lagi. Suami tercinta kucluk-kucluk bikinin espresso sama beliin tiramisu dari bakery di bawah apartemen. Ih manis buanget…kecup kecup..trus bobok lagi. Entah ya suami gue manis banget kalo bini nya sakit hehe.


Pas bangun udah jam 5 sore aja kebangun gara gara teriakan heboh suami lagi nonton bola di komputer. Gue nyusul ke ruang kerja nya dan omaigat…rumah keadaannya kinclooongg!!Bersih nya ampun-ampunan sampe dapur pun isi oven yang biasanya kumuh karena ceceran keju pun bersih ga ada noda nya. Ih, ada apa ini?! Cubit pipi, ih sakit..berarti ini bukan mimpi #lebay. Ternyata pas gue ngorok, suami gue gedubrakan beresin rumah, ngelap debu sampe pojok-pojok, ganti litter kucing dan kasih makan mereka, nyikat dapur dan oven, recycle, nyuci baju dan ngelipetin baju gue…semua dilakuin dengan diem-diem takut gue kebangun…ih jadi terharu 😦 Doi bilang supaya gue cepet sembuhnya. Huuu langsung mewek dong. Ternyata sugesti gue tentang rumah bersih bikin cepet sembuh tertanam di otaknya walaupun gue gak minta, suami gue pengertian banget ternyata…Dan iya dong, alhamdulillah udah seger lagi hari ini. Tuh kaaann ngaruh rumah bersih sama cepet sembuh hihihi πŸ˜€ Nah, kalo rumah dekil banget ntar di kemudian hari apa gue pura pura sakit aja ya? Huahahaha*kesempatan* !

Perfect Time for Cuddling

Hello there,

I have had a nice weekend. Started off with a workshop for young entrepreneurs on a Thursday afternoon. It is located in Amsterdam, I took a half day off so I could attend the workshop together with J. It was really fun, we met different kind of people and backgrounds. But all of us we had our dreams, and we were idealists. We wanted to contribute something good to the world with our business ideas.

J is an idea machine, he always has creative ideas and sometimes good too! Mine is not really a profit generating business but I would say, I would really love to make it come true someday. I cannot tell you much, but a part of it is a thing I am passionate about and another part is what I want people to be more aware of. It is always nice to meet other idealists and steal others’ creative minds. I have been to this kind of event more often than J, but this time it was more of making your ideas a bit real by discussing it with others, and write it down by simply following entrepreneurship steps to start off our own business.

And on Friday I went out with a dear friend of mine and went for a dinner in the city with her, stuffed myself with delicious pasta at Vapiano πŸ™‚ and spent the evening catching up with tiramisu on the side! And on Saturday J, my in-laws and I celebrated my father in-law’s late birthday dinner at an amazing all-you-can-eat Japanese/Thai/Chinese restaurant across our apartment. We cannot stop telling people we know how good this restaurant is! In case you are around the city where we live, please take a look at Judo. They have fresh sushi and delicious Chinese and Thai food. We’ve had such a cozy evening and went home with our big tummies. And on Sunday J and I went swimming at our local public swimming pool. Sundays are our swimming day, we usually walk together with our sport bags on our shoulders to the swimming pool and chat on the way there and back.Β  Yesterday we broke our own records. J swam 40 laps in 20 minutes, and me…errr, I swam 15 laps in 2o minutes hahaha! See, how sporty I am? Anyhow, we were proud of ourselves though πŸ™‚ I love our Sunday swims. Do you have any activities you usually do with your hubby/partner too? It can be a small thing but it is always cozy and sweet when you do it together.



Oh my, there are many exciting and fun events coming up. There will be Sinterklaas party, epic Christmas party from work and of course long holiday! πŸ˜€ I am pretty excited with this year’s festivities. I am no longer occupied by wedding planning or whatsoever! Nada πŸ˜€ … Jeez, and I just realize that this year goes utterly fast. It seems that it is just last month that we got married at the city hall.. and I can barely catch up with all the things happened after….


last month’s traditional wedding reception


J and I spend a lot of times snuggling on the couch and watching TV series lately. The weather is very conducive to snuggle, with heater on, candles, cups of hot coffee, and two spoiled cats beside us (or on our laps when they are in the good mood). It is the best thing in the world, I guess. Be at home, while it’s cold outside. Cuddled up with your cats and husband in a warm house, safe and sound…I cannot stop saying how gezellig it is up here now! πŸ™‚ I hope you are having good times too wherever you are now, and spread the love! xxx


Saying Goodbye to A Fabulous Summer 2013

The ugliest part of summer finally comes upon us. We have to say goodbye to a fabulous summer! I mean it, this year we had such a blissful summer. Finally, after so many years we all have to put up with lousy summers. The temperatures were really warm with a lot of sun. We often went to the parks, lakes and to the woods, and also to the city “beaches” (ie: Blijburg, industrial areas like NDSM and Roest). I also went to the cinema A LOT this summer and saw summer blockbusters, jeeezz so many good movies. My faves were The Heat, Mud, Behind the Candelabra and The Conjuring (whooaa!!it scared the hell out of me).

In August we attended our friends’ beautiful wedding ceremony in Haarlem. The civil wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Haarlem City Hall. And then the party continued to Bloemendaal beach not so far from the town Haarlem.  Wow, the bride looked like a fairy πŸ˜€ she was soooo pretty and flawless, and she had in total 3 wedding gowns for the day. WOW. We were so happy for them, and the day was a fantastic summer day, everything was so perfect!


On September 3, we celebrated our first marriage anniversary. It just keeps better and we cannot believe how fast time flies πŸ˜€ We had a date night, we did exactly the same things we did on our first date back then in 2006! First had drinks on one of cafes on Marie Heinekenplein in De Pijp (a district in Amsterdam) then we had a nice summer dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant nearby.


Humble dinner but the taste is amazing

This month my friend Diana and I threw a hen party for our dear friend, Lusi. She’ll get married next month and we wanted to give her a special night to remember. The wedding will be held in Jakarta, so a bunch of her church friends and me (not a gang of the church) went ballistic on a Sunday evening throwing her a hen party. We went for bowling sessions and set her up for some nasty challenges in the city. For instance; asked a man to give her a peck on the cheek wearing red lipstick/ asked her to sing national hymn in the Dam square/ Asked a man to sing for her and many of those crazy acts. Reminded me of my own hen party last year hahaha. After that we ended the evening by having dinner at Saigon, a nice Vietnamese restaurant near Leidseplein. We did not go for the tacky hen party like hiring a stripper, the idea itself grossed us out. We really had a ball! and it was really unforgettable. I was not allowed to put her pictures here, too bad hahaha!!

Last weekend I met up with mba Yoyen in the city, it was a perfect event to wrap up summer. This was our second meet up, we met for the first time a couple of months ago together with Teppy who was holidaying at that moment! Teppy we miss you too πŸ™‚ Mba Yoyen and I tried a newly opened Korean restaurant, Yokiyo in De Wallen (Red Light District). I have read good reviews about this restaurant so I thought we should try it out. Just look at our jumbo size lunch! It tasted really delicious too and the most important thing, it’s affordable (12  euros for this jumbo hot plate of Bibimbap Bulgogi). After that we went to De Drie Graefjes on Rokin to have some fancy desserts πŸ™‚ I chose a Red Velvet cupcake and mba Yoyen chose a carrot cake. I gotta say that the thing I loved the most from this place was the cake sizes. They were HUGE for the price. And the taste of all cakes here was just heaven! Oh did I say the kimchi from the Korean restaurant was excellent? hehehe.


bibimbap bulgogi

The summer is definitely over. It is raining almost every day now, the temperatures get cooler and it gets windier than ever. And I start feeling bleh in the mornings because it gets darker outside, and raining 😦  Buuuuttt, I am super happy to going back home to Indonesia ! We will be flying to Indonesia in like a couple of hours from now and will be staying there for about 3 weeks. Enjoying the food, sun and beaches. I will see my families, my dearest grandmother in Solo and my friends. It is just lovely, I need this badly!!! The most awesome part of this holiday is, my parents in-law are coming with us (this is their first visit to Asia) and our dear friends Stefan & Kim are also joining..HOW COOL IS THIS?!!!

So, goodbye for now Europe! I am not going to miss you πŸ™‚

PS: I am so going to miss my little children (kitties) though *cryyyy!*


Sweet Heat Wave

Dear blog, sorry for being lazy in updating this blog… I seem to be very busy with life. House cleaning, watching series with J, friends visit, crafting, gardening, blogwalking, but not blogging. I have nothing to write, and if there is something to write about it will sound cheesy and uninteresting (for me). I cannot type for too long now because I do not want my shoulder get hurt, but all I wanna say is that I have been intensely enjoying the sun for weeks now on my balcony.

I told J the other day, ” Hey, het was precies 7 jaar geleden dat wij zo’n hitte golf zomer hadden en dat was toen we net elkaar leren kennen, weet je dat nog?” {Eng= Hey it was 7 years ago when we had this heat wave summer, when we met each other}

Β … At least that is how I remember it!


Bang .. Pulang Bang..

Lagi nungguin si akang yang enggak pulang – pulang maen di rumah temen nya. Ampuunn, pasti dia maenan game deh. Ih bencik! Udah jam 12 teng tapi masih aja keberadaannya ga jelas (setan kali). Ikke kan musti tidur besok ngantor musti pagi – pagi nyampe kantor, hiks. Ga bisa tidur kalo suami belum pulang (sok mesra padahal sih takut tidur sendirian). Jadi kepikiran bikin postingan tentang suami…Yang bagus bagus aja deh πŸ™‚ hehehe *devil smirk.

Entah ya, sebenernya suami dan saya ini ga cuco dalam segi karakter dan hobi. Coba di simak ya.

Hobi istri : Nulis nulis, bersih bersih rumah, trus suka dengerin musik especially yang sendu sendu macem Obie Mesakh (atapiloh..jadul gilak) yaahh yang selow selow aja lah kayak Belle & Sebastian, Johny Cash, Feist. Trus demen piknik pa gak leyeh leyeh, ngubek ngubek pasar loak..daydreaming. Pokoknya asli nyelon bae anaknya. Anteng.

Hobi suami: Dengerin musik hip hop/rap trus jejumpalitan kayak ga cukup musiknya yang udah berisik dia juga musti ikut heboh, nonton serial tipi marathon kayak gak ada hari esok, bikin snack trus apapun itu pasti ada banyak banget keju nya (ieuwh), baca buku tebel banget trus ga makan dan ga minum kayak bertapa buat dapet togel.

Karakter istri: Jutek abis apalagi sama orang yang suka pamer, medit sama kata – kata males basa basi, suka sendu ga jelas (bukan seneng duit yak!kemplang nih..tuh kan jutek nya keluar lagi..aduh), ga realistis kadang suka ngimpi kejauhan sampe lupa balik ke bumi, pinter nabung, kalo udah di rumah ya amplop males keluar sukanya di rumah maenan sama kucing sama bersih bersih rumah, gak sporty blas alias males olahraga kalo gak kepepet.

Karakter suami:Β Terlalu ramah, suka basa basi sama orang di jalan, positip banget orangnya (yah lebih positif lah daripada sini), jujur abis dan gak bakat ngebo’ ong kalo bo’ong pasti matanya kedip kedip, royal banget serasa punya pohon duit, sangat realistis, ga bisa diem di rumah maunya keluar terus kayak anjing yang sehari mesti dikeluarin 3x. Kalo gak dikeluarin pasti dia bikin bete, alias jadi iseng dan nyebelin!

Intinya, kok bisa dua makhluk ini masih bersama setelah 7 tahun lamanya? KOK BISA?! Kok kalo ga ketemu sehari bisa kangen nya setengah matik, dan kalo ga denger suaranya sehari aja kok aku takut kalo dia jangan – jangan kenapa napa. Aneh ya? Oiya satu lagi, aku ini benci sama games dan suami gila games apalagi CANDY CRUSH! HAHAHAHA.

Kang…pulang atuh kang…hiks..hiks…kamana wae teh si akang!


{ oiya udah bilang belom kalo suami saya orangnya EDAN?}

Resident of Love

This week does not really have that up-lifting vibes at all. The weather is really crappy the whole week, raining, cold and grey. And my work seems so dull because I have to deal with administrative tasks a lot these days. Oh well..what am I complaining for? I am healthy, I have a job and go to work every day..so it has been a normal week for me. I even have the time to go to the gym !

Only one thing which is not a part of my routine. This week I will start completing paper works for my indefinite residence permit application! I never wrote this, but it would be nice to write about my story of how I end up in this country in a nutshell.


I came to the Netherlands for the first time in 2006, for vacation. I was still living in Germany that time. I was looking for a homestay and instead I got a family where I could babysit their daughter and lived in as Au Pair. Then I went back to Germany to sort out the paper works and was really sad because my initial plan did not go well. My initial plan was I wanted to go to Uni in Dortmund but they were not so helpful and I was running out of time and money due to my visa. Thus, I decided if the family in the Netherlands was nice I could stay there for a couple of months or maybe a year to seek any opportunities, before heading back to Indonesia to continue with further study. Well, the family in NL was really great and warm when I came there and they were really serious in having me in their house. So, a couple of months later I moved in to this young and loving family’s abode in the suburb of Amsterdam.


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