Playing Around the House

I am so excited right now because I am going to have my little brother at our place. He still has to work for 2 weeks at Tong Tong Fair in the Hague, after that we will play tourist together 🙂 I cannot wait to have him over here! Meanwhile the laziness is taking me over, and kinda procrastinating some house chores. Yes, we have a long weekend now and I am loving it. Here are some objects I capture around the house 🙂


wild flowers


lazy cat of mine 🙂


good morning! sunshine before the rain comes


my handsome cat 🙂


Chasing Shadow


Just another post about my silly cat, Rooie. I think I played chasing shadow like more than an hour with Rooie, I kinda fool him with my finger’s shadow on the wall and he chased the shadow like a mad cat! It was fun, and after that he got reaaally tired and joined his older “brother”  🙂 on the couch. What a life.


Tjakra the older cat, is slightly brighter than Rooie, more observant and over thinking, snob and a very clean cat. Rooie is 2 years younger than Tjakra and he’s really playful but timid, dumb and super innocent. If there’s some mess in the house we immediately know, OK Tjakra did this. He is such a demanding cat, if my husband forgets to clean their litter he will piss around the house or acting out! Or if his water gets warm he will meow like there is no tomorrow. Rooie is a chill cat compares to Tjakra. He will eat what is served, never complains, he just wants to be loved and plays. They have totally different characters and we love them 😀 and they are also very sweet to each other.

Dahlia is one of my favorite flowers (I have a lot of favorite flowers though hehehe)..but I never bought fresh red dahlias thus when I saw red dahlias I had to buy them. And look, how pretty and daring they are!


Meanwhile, I hope you like this music from a new Dutch singer Qeaux Qeaux Jones. Her new album will be released next month (finally!) Alright, I am wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Kitty Love!

I am busy busy busy! 😀 I just adopted a new kitty last week, a 9 month old red cat. He is a red tabby and he originally came from the shelter, but he was fostered by a couple who run a cattery (for Maine Coons), the place where we pick him up. So he has spent his life with 9 other huge cats and also kids. That’s why he is very energetic, friendly and playful.

When we pick him up he is so tiny and stinky, I think he is quite small for a 9 months old cat.  Though the owner love him to bits, and really take care of him, we notice that he doesn’t really get much of personal affection.

He is neutered and vaccinated too, so he is a healthy and definitely a happy cat.

At this moment, I am observing how this new cat gets along with Tjakra.. Is Tjakra accepting the new cat? Is he upset by his presence? Are they liking each other? So far, everything goes so great. Though the first two days Tjakra was acting like a diva though. But to my surprise, he is now behaving so nice ! I am so proud of him! Today I just got the chance to wash the new kitty, and luckily he was so cooperative and no scratch war like I have with Tjakra.

Pictures will follow, he is too (camera) shy 🙂 Welcome Monkey! you will get a lot of love and affection from all of us!!

EDIT (21/04/2012):

Monkey apparently suffered from upper respiratory disease, a week after we picked him up I noticed that he was sick..he had cold and could not stop sneezing and when he sneezed there was this yellow-ish mucus came out of his tiny pink nose. Together with J we brought him to the veterinarian that was only 4 blocks away.  He got antibiotics and thank God after 2 weeks he was much better than before. He is still camera shy, and he’s not used to men..So whenever J comes to pet him he’ll run off and hide under the dining table or just under the couch. Fortunately, he is used to me 😀 . Btw, I managed to snap some pics of Monkey! Below are the snapshots !