Libur Akhir Tahun

Sebelum tahun 2013 berakhir aku untungnya sempat ambil cuti. Sisa jatah cuti ada 14 hari libur. Cihuuyy! Nah sebelum libur aku udah bikin list hal apa aja yang pengen dilakuin selama liburan. Selain Natalan dan ngerayain Tahun Baru tentu nya ya.

Hari pertama dan kedua oh my God ikke tidur lamaaa banget. Ada kali 18 jam trus bangun makan, gosok gigi, nonton serial apa gitu deh lupa, eh tidur lagi sampe besokannya. Asli, tepar…energi abis. Nah hari Minggu tanggal 22 Des baru deh mulai beresin rumah, bersihin debu dan kotoran. Mulai gotong royong sama suami dari mulai belanja grocery tapi hampir pengsan di dalem karena rame banget sama orang sibuk belanja hari raya, ngelap kaca jendela dari luar (ya Tuhan cepet banget deh kotor nya gara gara ujan terus disini), nyuci baju (buset, baju hampir habis semua numpuk di hamper) dan undies karena yang tersisa di laci baju cuma undies melar melar segedha sprei yg muat sampe atas perut..hahaha. Lucu nya lagi ngeliat suami, dia pake kaos kaki kiri sama kanan beda corak, saking semua kaos kaki nya habis…hihihi. Sudah rumah bersih dan lemari baju kembali penuh, lanjutin deh tidurnya #kebo

Senengnya ternyata liburan pendek kali ini sukses. Akhirnya hal yang ditulis di to-d0 list dikerjain hampir semua nya 🙂 Selain jalan – jalan, makan – makan (dasar perut kadut), quality time sama suami sempet juga :

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Sweet Heat Wave

Dear blog, sorry for being lazy in updating this blog… I seem to be very busy with life. House cleaning, watching series with J, friends visit, crafting, gardening, blogwalking, but not blogging. I have nothing to write, and if there is something to write about it will sound cheesy and uninteresting (for me). I cannot type for too long now because I do not want my shoulder get hurt, but all I wanna say is that I have been intensely enjoying the sun for weeks now on my balcony.

I told J the other day, ” Hey, het was precies 7 jaar geleden dat wij zo’n hitte golf zomer hadden en dat was toen we net elkaar leren kennen, weet je dat nog?” {Eng= Hey it was 7 years ago when we had this heat wave summer, when we met each other}

 … At least that is how I remember it!


The Hangout: May

I am a bit late posting this due to the bad weather, laziness, other priorities when the sun finally came. So, last week I finally got the time to go to the “place” and took some snapshots.

This time I am going to write about a coffee bar in one of little cute streets in Negen Straatjes (Nine Alleys). The bar is situated on Reestraat 21, Amsterdam. 9 Straatjes is an up-scale neighborhood in one of the districts in Amsterdam, called De Jordaan. It is definitely a tourist magnet, populated with quirky expensive little shops and cozy and hip cafes, made this spot an interesting place to go to during your stay in Amsterdam. I “found” this coffee bar a couple of months ago when I came to a shoe store a block away to exchange boots I purchased.


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Resident of Love

This week does not really have that up-lifting vibes at all. The weather is really crappy the whole week, raining, cold and grey. And my work seems so dull because I have to deal with administrative tasks a lot these days. Oh well..what am I complaining for? I am healthy, I have a job and go to work every it has been a normal week for me. I even have the time to go to the gym !

Only one thing which is not a part of my routine. This week I will start completing paper works for my indefinite residence permit application! I never wrote this, but it would be nice to write about my story of how I end up in this country in a nutshell.


I came to the Netherlands for the first time in 2006, for vacation. I was still living in Germany that time. I was looking for a homestay and instead I got a family where I could babysit their daughter and lived in as Au Pair. Then I went back to Germany to sort out the paper works and was really sad because my initial plan did not go well. My initial plan was I wanted to go to Uni in Dortmund but they were not so helpful and I was running out of time and money due to my visa. Thus, I decided if the family in the Netherlands was nice I could stay there for a couple of months or maybe a year to seek any opportunities, before heading back to Indonesia to continue with further study. Well, the family in NL was really great and warm when I came there and they were really serious in having me in their house. So, a couple of months later I moved in to this young and loving family’s abode in the suburb of Amsterdam.


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Chilling in Loosdrecht

It has been quite warm for the last past week, though the wind seems aggressive occasionally, we really cannot complain. We decided to get out of the city last week, and drove to the neighboring villages and found this little castle in Loosdrecht.

The trees started having green leaves and the flowers started blossoming too.

IMAG0448 IMAG0449

The castle was built around 1500. The castle has a lovely garden and a small canal or maybe more like a ditch, it is pretty! It will be much prettier in the summer with all the greenery and the sound of birds chirping . It also has a museum and a small cafe with a cute terrace facing the garden. We sat at the terrace and enjoyed the sun..with bubbles and beers 🙂


I think this is one of many things I love living here. Finding little castles in villages or little towns I visit. Every castle has an interesting history of ownerships.


Have a nice weekend y’all 🙂

The Hangout: April

I thought a few days ago that I’d like to add a new category in this blog, to make it more fun to read and also to give you more info about the Dam and what this city has to offer. I have been thinking of random ideas, and I eventually choose a topic which I will enjoy so much to share it with you. I am a coffee enthusiast and I’ve attempted in describing it in a blog post a while back. You can check the story behind why I love drinking coffee, here.

I share my coffee experience with people who share the same interest; friends, colleagues and acquaintances..and I feel that I should write this information in my blog, so I am able to share it to a bigger public, and why not starting it right here right now. Amsterdam…This little city is a melting pot, an oasis of entertainment and hotspots! There’s always new hotspots in town so I decided to write a modest review which I am going to publish once a month. I will write about coffee shops/bars I like, or a (not so) newly opened coffee shop in town (Be aware: a coffee shop in Dutch means a place where you can buy and smoke some pots :p so in Dutch, a place where you can hang out and sip coffee is a koffiehuis) Perhaps it will be discontinued after a couple of months because in the future, I want to change it with another more interesting topics. For now, I hope you like it.

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Ballads of the Lowlands

Since I am living in the Netherlands, I am thinking to share some great Dutch music or artists in my blog from time to time. To start off, I will introduce you to a bad ass rock chick, Anouk. She is I believe, the most well-known (female) rock singer in NL. She started her music career in the 90’s and has been rocking the lowlands ever since. Apart from her over-exposed / intense love stories, her music is absolutely genius! She sings with her soul, especially when she sings ballads… Respect!He blew off her world recording deal in the US somewhere in 2007, because of her “attitude” .. (I’ve told you she is a bad ass rock chick!). I was not a fan of her music, but soon after I changed my mind :p

Here are some of my favorite songs from Anouk (read: Anuk), a hot female rocker from the lowlands  :

A soundtrack for a Dutch drama movie De Gelukkige Huisvrouw (The Happy Housewife).

A delighted pop-rock song

I just loved these tracks I can play them over and over while I am doing chores 😛

This one is sort of a homemade single from her, but it hits Youtube and it goes viral from there. We’ll wait for her to launch the album!

There are more songs from her, but I will leave these as an introduction. I hope you like some new foreign artists from the Netherlands. And maybe in the future I can show some underground bands or singers !