There are 3 pop female singers I really like for the last 5 years, they are Lykke Li, Sia and Feist. I am not a top 40 – charts – kind of person but for these lovely women I always kinda stalk them .. So when Peugeot uses Lykke Li’s song, Gunshot for their ads I am surprised. Finally they are using a good song 🙂

Just less than 4 hours away from World Cup’s semi final match The Netherlands vs Argentina….I reckon it would feel like a gunshot if they had to go home tonight …

Noooo!! I really root for Oranje and hope they will win tonight!! Fingers crossed. Hup Holland Hup!!!


Mini Holiday from Blogosphere


Not feeling like writing or bloghopping right now. After super busy months, attended a wedding in Cologne, a (half) business travel to Hannover and a departmental party I got sick. Nothing beats a healthy breakfast when you are feeling unwell. Gives me the natural boost I need. Hoping to write more in upcoming month though.


I admit that I am hooked on my iPad mini. I take this small device wherever I go and use it all the time (I even neglect my phone and laptop). I love it. Got this from my work as a xmas gift I firstly despised it because we got iPad (the real ones not mini) just 2 years ago. I thought who the heck needs an iPad mini when you already have an iPad?! Well..i do. The joke is on me. It is compact, much simpler to carry than iPad and it has Netflix in it (subscription) I watched a lot of nice and easy movies on Netflix and will write a separate post about that 🙂 some are highly recommended feel good movies! Do you like iPad mini better than the regular iPad like me?

I am leaving you with my (not so) current fave get-up-and-go song 🙂 MACKLEMORE and Ryan Lewis yoo! 😀

Wishing you all a lovely day !

Chasing Shadow


Just another post about my silly cat, Rooie. I think I played chasing shadow like more than an hour with Rooie, I kinda fool him with my finger’s shadow on the wall and he chased the shadow like a mad cat! It was fun, and after that he got reaaally tired and joined his older “brother”  🙂 on the couch. What a life.


Tjakra the older cat, is slightly brighter than Rooie, more observant and over thinking, snob and a very clean cat. Rooie is 2 years younger than Tjakra and he’s really playful but timid, dumb and super innocent. If there’s some mess in the house we immediately know, OK Tjakra did this. He is such a demanding cat, if my husband forgets to clean their litter he will piss around the house or acting out! Or if his water gets warm he will meow like there is no tomorrow. Rooie is a chill cat compares to Tjakra. He will eat what is served, never complains, he just wants to be loved and plays. They have totally different characters and we love them 😀 and they are also very sweet to each other.

Dahlia is one of my favorite flowers (I have a lot of favorite flowers though hehehe)..but I never bought fresh red dahlias thus when I saw red dahlias I had to buy them. And look, how pretty and daring they are!


Meanwhile, I hope you like this music from a new Dutch singer Qeaux Qeaux Jones. Her new album will be released next month (finally!) Alright, I am wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Ballads of the Lowlands

Since I am living in the Netherlands, I am thinking to share some great Dutch music or artists in my blog from time to time. To start off, I will introduce you to a bad ass rock chick, Anouk. She is I believe, the most well-known (female) rock singer in NL. She started her music career in the 90’s and has been rocking the lowlands ever since. Apart from her over-exposed / intense love stories, her music is absolutely genius! She sings with her soul, especially when she sings ballads… Respect!He blew off her world recording deal in the US somewhere in 2007, because of her “attitude” .. (I’ve told you she is a bad ass rock chick!). I was not a fan of her music, but soon after I changed my mind :p

Here are some of my favorite songs from Anouk (read: Anuk), a hot female rocker from the lowlands  :

A soundtrack for a Dutch drama movie De Gelukkige Huisvrouw (The Happy Housewife).

A delighted pop-rock song

I just loved these tracks I can play them over and over while I am doing chores 😛

This one is sort of a homemade single from her, but it hits Youtube and it goes viral from there. We’ll wait for her to launch the album!

There are more songs from her, but I will leave these as an introduction. I hope you like some new foreign artists from the Netherlands. And maybe in the future I can show some underground bands or singers !

Week Highlight

I re-discovered Neon Bible in my iPod a week ago which became my week highlight so far. Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible is intense, dark ( I think now you have noticed how I like dark atmosphere element in bands/artist’s music composition ), grandiose because it is enriched by many music instrument, deep lyrics and for me, whimsical. One of my faves from this album is definitely Ocean of Noise; and The Well and The Lighthouse. Enjoy your weekend peeps!

Week Highlight

It has been a super busy week for me..but I amazingly enjoyed every bit of it. There have been many deadlines, workshops, meetings and tasks I must finish but, this week has been wonderful!

On Thursday, some ex-colleagues (who have become good friends, after all of us left the company) and I went to see THE girls’ movie of the year (does it sound too exaggerating?)..Bridesmaids. And I am telling you, the movie was so hilarious. Yet makes sense, not like typical Hollywood movies if you know what I mean. Well, in some parts they’d probably made it too funny like the part where those girls got food poisoning. Reminded me of the scenes of The Hangover 😀 .. I really recommend this movie for all girls who like to see a comedy about friendship. Easy and entertaining. Btw, I love Wilson Phillips as well!!!!

It is just so nice to hang out with good friends. Though it was a short one, but we really had a nice evening together!

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