About My Happy Bowl – 2 – Happy Ending!

*This is my update from the 1st part, please click here to read.

I tend to think that since I am jobless I can do whatever I want and be lazy all day wearing PJs. Partly is correct, but not entirely true though hehehe. The PJs part is true. After I drop off T at the daycare (wearing PJs) I can do the heck I want in my PJ. ALL DAY LONG!!!


A lot of articles I read, there all corroborate that becoming a mother has its down side, i.e. being isolated. I totally can relate to that. First year was gruesome…I only could talk about diapers and shite. Like what to do when a poo is white, or red or green and when I must pump. Numbing. But then, a year has passed, I want to get my groove back. I want to be able to use my brain again! I feel that I must change something in my life. I have this urge to get out of my cocoon, and do something with my life.

Since September last year I have been attending a professional massage school. I love massage, and have done some workshops in the past. I’d saved up money to be able to get a certification as a pro massage therapist and wished I could open my own practice in the Netherlands in the future. Time has always been the only main problem, but now since I am jobless I have times to do it.  It is a one year program, a part-time study so it is easy to combine with family commitments. The massage school helps me a lot. It may not be a quantum physics study..so it is not that complicated. I learn about anatomy, physiology, reanimation, meridian system and classic massage techniques in the classroom. But still, it helps me in terms of using my half dead brain. It forces me to de-frost that part of the brain that I think never exist. In fact, I just did my theory exams over the weekend. I am not sure I will pass all of them though. I am OK if I had to re-do them, no biggy. My main struggle is definitely the language (the study, thus inclusive the theories are taught in Dutch). Especially for Anatomy I have difficulties in grasping all the medical terms that are written both in Dutch and Latin. I pass my Reanimation test today, and I am glad at least I have one certificate in the pocket LOL!

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Holistic Weekend

I have been wanting to write a post about my holistic weekend since 2 weeks ago but I’ve never had a chance because we were too excited planning the weekend getaway.

Oh well, let me start this! I had been wanting to attend a massage course but found the course fee was always too expensive. I could save up but since we were busy first with searching for a new place and then all the wedding shebang, I never got back into it anymore. When all things finished, I started doing some research to look for the best massage school/academy..oh well, a reliable and a reputable massage academy in Amsterdam. I found several that were interesting for me. Jeezz, there were so many course offers in Amsterdam and the more I looked into it, the more overwhelming it was. I saw that every 20 meters in the centrum itself, there was a massage practice opened. They offered shiatsu, ayurveda, relaxation, hot stone, Swedish massage, Thai massage, classic chinese massage, lomi-lomi massage….you name it. We have all sort of massages in this city. But all of them were expensive and often just a rip-off.

But after reading so many massage course offers I ended up choosing a holistic massage course offered by a reputable massage school in Amsterdam. The idea of holistic really fascinates me. Holistic derives from Holos means ” whole ”  in Old Greek. A holistic practitioner treats the client as a whole, taking into account their emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as their physical body. I enrolled for a two-day-course so in total 16 hours lessons. J saw how enthusiastic I was with this course and he offered to pay the course, I was over the moon!


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