Wrap With Love

Achtung: This post is very ibu-ibu themed.

I wanted to write something about a thing I loved when baby T was still small. I know it is way too late, seeing that T is not a baby anymore. In fact, he is now a toddler who loves to destroy everything!Indeed. A destroyer. A very cute one.

I was soooo determined to babywear T..it felt like home for me. my grandmoms and aunties carried us and their munchkins with slendang/jarik. So, I wanted to do the same, but with my own version. Long before I got pregnant I’d taken weaving workshops and then on got introduced to baby woven wraps. There are many beautiful wraps out there with different kind of blends and textures. I am a sucker for beautiful fabrics and textiles so I got curious about baby woven wraps that I did my research on it.

Firstly, I bought a tricot slen from Babylonia brand, click here. It was a stretchy wrap, very fool-proof, cool for the summer and ideal for a newborn. I was happy with my purchase and even took a short workshop for how to wrap your baby. He lived in that wrap from he was just wee 2 months old until he was 4 months old. He took his naps and when he was awake I took him with me grocery shopping in it. As T was 5 months old he got heavier, he weighed around 6-7 kg. The tricot slen I used  became somewhat uncomfortable, and it was not grippy enough for this squirmy T and my shoulders hurt so much if I wore him more than 30 minutes. Eventually, I switched to baby woven wraps. This time I purchased a second hand one off a group on Facebook. It was called “draagdoekenmarkt” (a closed group but you can ask to join). My new -not-so-new wrap was from Oscha (Edinburgh-based brand). It was from the range Orion Skara Brae sized 7 which meant 5,2 metres long, with mixed blends (made from: linen/hemp/cotton yarns). I love products from Oscha so much, so beautifully crafted and ethical too. That is why their products are pricey but still affordable. I chose this below, because the colors were stunning and looked very nice on T.

Woven wraps are best second hand. Why? If you buy a brand new wrap you will get a stiff and rigid piece of cloth even when it is 100% cotton. It needs to be broken in. How? By using it constantly. And that is why second hand woven wraps are much softer and some are even buttery soft and yet grippy.

I admit, after my Oscha I became addicted. I wanted another one with different blends with a darker colour that suited my complexion. A dear friend was selling her stash, and then I bought one from her. It was from Dydimos (linen and cotton blends, German brand) This one was very different from Oscha I had. Because the blends were mostly linen and cotton, and this one had been broken in too, it felt softer and more elastic/bouncier but still strong. The one from Oscha was thicker and not so bouncy, so it was perfect to “encapsulate” a wriggly baby.

I call my Oscha, my “baby prison” wrap he he he. I think it’s because of the hemp yarns that make it cushy yet strong.

Processed with MOLDIV

Dydimos indio

Then the third one, I wanted to practice with a shorter wrap so I could carry Tarou (then already 9 months old) on my hip. I bought size 4 Tulipa Aer, a beautiful 100% cotton wrap from a Dutch brand called Doeck, click for info!This one was a failure though. I couldn’t manage to do it right, and Tarou had grown into a very wriggly baby, so it made me nervous everytime I practiced because he would turn into a wriggly worm. And because it was 100% cotton it did not feel elastic or flexible enough for that weight. It must have been a perfect wrap for a smaller or less heavy baby. I now think I must sell that wrap though…such a waste…it is a very beautiful one. Anyone interested? I am selling this he he he.

See below:


Tarou,  the wraps and I had good times together. I have carried him everywhere with baby wraps. He loved and still loves it when being carried (now) in baby carriers. When we were in Indonesia for example, I carried him on my back with an ergonomic baby carrier (I have the one from Beco, and I love it!). He is too heavy now to be carried with baby wraps/slings, so I occasionally carry him in a baby carrier. I still could though but only if I carried him on my back but he hated it if he could not see my face. He can walk now so it is way more interesting than to be carried, I think.

I love our wrap moments so much I become very quite religious about it, and I advocate a lot of my mama friends about it, but of course not all mamas like it. It is a choice. Most of mamas love to have another options like a baby bouncer or a cot to put the baby away when you need to do chores at home. But personally, I loved carrying T everywhere and so did he 🙂  It was really practical and I bonded with my baby even when I had to juggle with other bunch of things. Sometimes when I carried him outside I told him stories about the trees or when I did some chores inside of the house I pointed him the washing machine and how it worked (LOL, see..never a dull moment). There are many babywearer clubs in the world and regionally. In Amsterdam, we have Amsterdam babywearers and they have a Facebook page. There are also many swap groups around the world, Dutch-speaking pages are also available on Facebook! I for instance, always encourage new mamas to have a consultation with a Draag consulent near the place you live (a professional coach for babywearing and its techniques).

The Netherlands has many amazing woven wrap producers. There is this high-end brand called Artipoppe which has fantastic wraps, almost all of them are collectors items and the prices are..enough to buy holiday tickets 🙂 Kokoro is one that I really like because it has cute designs but oh so expensive. They usually make a partnership with other brands or independent weavers, sadly, I don’t know about the feel because I still do not have the chance to buy it. Then Doeck, and Yaro, the last one is an affordable brand but with a good quality. You can buy them online on many web-shops that sell ergonomic carriers or slings.

Thank you for reading!



About My Happy Bowl – 1

There were crucial moments this year where I thought, “Screw with this, I want to have something else”. I had an OK job for the past 5,5 years and even it was not my dream job or my passion it was a nice job and I had nice colleagues or thought that they were. When I was back from my maternity leave, I’d really tried my best to adapt again but somehow it did not work out well. Too many changes and lack of support, and after 10 months I finally said…fuck this, i quit. I don’t deserve this, I deserve something better!

Of course, there were mediation and discussion before i said i quit. And, also a lot of tears and heartaches. It has been a learning curve for me and i am glad i was brave to say enough is enough and i was not afraid jumping into an oblivion, called unemployment.

I strongly believe that i always have  an option. My option were two, either to be in a shit hole and mop the entire time and feel pity to myself but get money, OR, embrace the freedom take control in my hands and get creative. I don’t want to be sad anymore, because my life is a JOY. My baby is so cute and healthy, and I have a supportive and handsome husband who believes in my capacity as a clever and creative woman. I am blessed! So, this spiral of negativity is really an unnecessary burden I need to get rid of.

I am now in a process of getting my shit together, and slowly I am feeling my old self again and..but I really take my time. I don’t want to force myself at all, and just go with the flow.

Let's have a cake and a cup of good coffee :)

Let’s have a cake and a perfect cup of coffee 🙂


Someone sent me this video, my heart got all warm from watching it. I want to dedicate this video to all of you supermoms and superwomen out there who feel miserable in your current situation, don’t know the meaning of all the shitty things that happen in your life at this moment, or that you feel you are stuck in a rut. But you are not! believe me, you always have a choice. And now those things are shitty but in the future maybe they are not at all, we just need to open our eyes wider and be positive about it.

Enjoy the video ladies xx

A Short Story of Corfu

I did not imagine that I’d get so many sweet comments on my previous blog post (sorry it’s in Bahasa Indonesia). Thank you all so much for your sweet and lovely comments, it has made my week and put a big smile on my face! I wrote a little bit about my short holiday in a Greek island, Corfu. Although the big news on the post was about my pregnancy 🙂 Thus, I’ve spilled the beans already, now I want to share a bit some holiday pictures from Corfu, a beautiful Greek island that is located in Ionian Sea.

It has so many beautiful sights and it has been a tourist magnet since the 70’s. I really do not mind to go holidaying to a touristic place since I am a tourist too and I have not been to ALL OF TOURISTIC PLACES in Europe. Corfu is the second Greek island I have ever been to. I went to Kos island with my then-boyfriend (now my husband..ahem!)  6 years ago and we did some island hopping to the nearest country, Turkey. Greece has so many amazing islands, and I fell in love with the country and the hospitality since my first holiday in Kos years ago. We finally came back after so many years and definitely loved it.

Corfu (in Greek: Kérkyra), is unlike the rest of Greece, never fell under the Ottoman oppression. Due to the successive domination of the Venetians, the French and the British over the centuries, leaving an evident mark on the local culture. That’s why the island looks more European than the rest of other Greek islands. Corfu is also one of the greenest of the Greek islands – thanks to intermittent but torrential rains from September to May, and the thousands of olive trees that carpet the land­scape. On the north coastline- separated only by straits-is the nearest neighboring country, Albania. You can see many excursions are offered to hop on a ferry for a one-day trip to Albania. It costs €19 (low season) or €23 (high season) per person.


Italian architectures in Old Town


Corfu has a hot summer Mediterranean climate, the temperatures at its highest during July-August (30+ degrees Celsius). It is a different kind of hot than Indonesian’s hot temperatures. In Greece, it is very dry and HOT. While back home, it is hot and very humid. So when we were there in September it was perfect temperatures, ranging between 26-30 degrees Celsius. When it was too hot to be on the beach, we would go with our rented scooter and went to other towns and just relax at a restaurant and reading books. We only had 1 day of rain during our stay there. Lucky us! There are many things you can do there besides hanging out at the beach or by hotel’s pool. For instance, you can go hiking like we did. The island is very green, it’s very comfortable for hikers because there are many small paths for hikers. Then of course, you can go to the castles, museums, visiting the ancient ruins, old fortresses at the Old Town, and shopping also in Old Town. It is a perfect destination for people who prefer to be lazy and people who love cultures. In my opinion, it is quite affordable to go shopping here.


The blue sea


Old Fortress

We stayed at a small hotel that was located on a cliff. It is a family-run hotel, with friendly service, very affordable and comfortable. We enjoyed our stay in this hotel 🙂

0Above is a picture from this site, I don’t own it just borrow it


I did not shop much, I only bought some pots of body lotion made from organic olives and olive oils for our friends and my in-laws. I was really excited to find Korres products at the airport’s duty free shop that were sold cheaply. Korres is a cosmetic brand from Greece that is known for their products that are made from 100% natural ingredients and sustainable approach.

Indonesians are pretty obsessed with Santorini, but believe me, there are many other amazing islands in Greece besides Santorini 🙂 which I think it has become super expensive from the rest of Greek islands’ price standards.


All in all, we’ve had a great summer holiday and we came back home with happy smiles (and quite tanned too). Thanks all for reading. Wish you a great weekend!

First Post in 2015 .. Whaatt?! :)

Postingan pertama di tahun 2015! Halooo apa kabar bloggers?  Telat ya kalo mau ngucapin happy new year hehehe…

Pertama, break dari blog kemaren di isi dengan liburan singkat ke Yunani selama 6 hari di musim panas (akhir). Lumayan bisa leyeh-leyeh di pantai, keliling pulau naek scooter dan gosong. Hiking sampe mau pengsan ke atas bukit trus digonggongin anjing, dan lari terbirit-birit. Makan seafood sepuas nya, dan memanjakan mata dengan indah nya laut biru turkis dan alam yang indah. Baca buku di pinggir pantai sambil minum limun dingin…sedaaaap.


{ pemandangan dari balkon hotel mungil kami }

Sepulangnya dari Yunani, kita punya banyak banget rencana. Antara lain rencana nabung buat ngewujudin cita-cita petualangan kita dan nyari kerjaan baru. Sejak awal summer kita sudah mulai rajin hiking walau medan hiking cemen, tapi kita niat buat meneruskan hobi baru kita dan berpetualang ke Asia tahun depan. Destinasi masih ragu antara ke Bhutan-Nepal atau malah ke Mongolia. But one thing for sure, kita udah siap fisik dan mental juga buat pergi lama. Ninggalin kucing-kucing nakal kita ke mertua dan hotel kucing kalo perlu. Petualangan kita kalo semua diijinkan bakal terlaksana di 2015.


{ desa nelayan }

Sebulan berlalu dan kita makin excited with the idea. Until one day, 2 hari setelah ulang tahun gue yang ke 31…kita dikejutkan oleh hasil test pack yang positif. Bener bener kado ultah yang terindah!

Reaksi pertama KAGET…TAKUT..lalu nangis emosional, ya ampun beneran nih? Buat gue ini sesuatu yang amazing banget. Gue kira ini bakal lagi-lagi harapan kosong dan buang-buang duit beli test pack kayak bulan-bulan dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya…Kirain gue bakal susah banget dapet baby karena udah nyoba 2 tahun lebih kok ga jadi jadi adonannya ya. Dan akhirnya jadi cuek aja dan enjoy my life as it is. Males juga ngoyo bikin stress. Suami gue juga 11-12 dan bahkan lebih cuek dari gue, tapi entah beberapa minggu sebelum kita liburan ke Yunani dia bilang sama gue..sayang, gue pengen deh kita punya anak. Gue rasa kita bakal jadi orang tua yang baik buat anak kita. Oke lah mas suami, jangan berharap terlalu banyak ya. Dia bilang lagi, well..gue juga mau adopsi anak kalo kita emang gak beruntung untuk bisa bikin anak sendiri kok. Ternyata Tuhan denger doa kami and now I am 18 weeks pregnant. I am so blessed and I can’t stop smiling !

Gak lama kita berdua disibukkan sama urusan dedek bayi, seperti ke bidan, kasih tau ortu ttg berita bahagia, control ke rumah sakit buat cek darah, cari daycare buat dedek sejak sekarang, dll. Lalu suatu siang ketika kita berdua lagi weekend away di Jerman, gue bilang sama suami…yak, tampaknya petualangan kita tahun depan bakal diganti sama petualangan hidup beneran ya, schat? Gak jadi ke Mongolia tapi diganti dengan sesuatu yang lebih lagi, lebih rollercoaster, lebih butuh tanggung jawab…yakni, be parents.

Minggu depan adalah USG terakhir kami (jatah dari asuransi) dan saat dimana kita tahu gimana kondisi medis dan if we’re lucky, gender si baby ini. Exciting! Selama gue hamil gue gak kasih tau banyak orang tentang kehamilan gue. Dan gue cenderung jadi hermit alias jadi sangat tertutup. Gak banyak cerita dan males ngasih tau orang kalo gue hamil. Kayaknya jadi protektif gitu.

Lalu soal nyari kerjaa baru pun harus ditunda, karena hamil. Ga praktis aja sih, mending stay di kerjaan ini dan manfaatin maternity leave gue. Sebenernya, gue juga gatau musti nyari job apa juga. Yang jelas gue ngerasa kayaknya karir gue udah stuck. Sempet interview di sebuah stasiun televisi tapi kok kayaknya kerjaannya ya sama aja. Untungnya gue belum dapet job baru, sehingga gue bisa dengan mudahnya merencanakan cuti dan asiknya lagi tetep dibayar selama cuti 😀

Kehamilan gue biasa aja, mual kayak kebanyakan ibu hamil…MUAL BANGET.  Gue juga sering banget bobok, capek muluk, makan angot-angotan. Soal makan ini kadang bikin sedih banget karena pengen banget makan masakan Indonesia aseli, dan selera sama siomay tiba-tiba melonjak tajam dan gue jadi homesick abis-abisan. Selidik punya selidik gue suka banget sama kentang selama kehamilan ini, selain kentang, kesukaan gue makan sambel karena kayaknya makin menggila karena sambel tuh bikin gue “hidup”. Segala macem kentang pasti ludes kecuali kentang goreng dari restoran fast food,  karena mengandung MSG bikin gue sakit kepala. Alhasil suami rajin banget masak potato dishes 🙂

Selain makan, problem kehamilan lainnya adalah bergerak. Karena bawaannya capek, lesu dan ngantuk, gue ga pernah lagi olahraga. Tapi semenjak minggu lalu gue akhirnya muak sama ke non-mobilitas-an gue, hehehe. Akhirnya ikut kelas prenatal yoga deket kantor. Seminggu sekali ikut kelas nya setelah pulang kerja, dan 2x seminggu practice di rumah. Selain yoga, gue jadi sering juga power walk setelah lunch di Vondelpark yang letaknya persis sebelahan sama kantor gue. Senengnya kerja di pusat kota adalah semua praktis dan mau kemana aja gampang! 😀 .. Soal ngidam gue gak ngidam juga sih. Paling kebayang pengen makan ketoprak, bubur ayam abang-abang atau bubur ayam Cikini, atau mie ayam. Kalo pengen ketoprak gue tau tempat dimana bisa beli ketoprak lumayan enak di Amsterdam…nah kalo bubur ayam abang-abang/Cikini gue nyerah deh…hehe..Mie ayam gampang lah bikin sendiri. Alhamdulillah si dedek ga nyusahin mama papa nya. Tapi gue rasa sih masalah ngidam ini bakal berkelanjutan di bulan berikutnya hehehe…

Pengennya sih sering update-update blog. Cuma lagi hamil gini dan kerja full-time, kayaknya udah sukur gue bisa update sebulan sekali :((( . Pulang kerja, belanja, masak, istirahat, yoga (kalo masih ada nyawa), abis itu mandi trus bobok. Repeat 5 times ! tapi kalo ada waktu gue pengen sempetin deh ngeblog tentang kehamilan gue, supaya bisa dibaca-baca lagi nanti, ya kan 🙂 So far itu aja kali ya berita nya. See you in next post yah…

The Greatest Virtue

Sometimes when you want to make your point obvious to someone else you just have to show them in your own way. The way you feel it’s right, a way which you are comfortable with. It’s also true what they say, patience is the greatest virtue. No doubt. So when I perused a note given by my boss, the heavy burden was lifted off me instantly and I was really proud of myself. To celebrate the joy and the true revelation of the greatest virtue I’ve made a pact to myself that I am allowed to treat myself some nice little things.


Grandmother’s health tips book, a bundle of woven ribbon (always handy for craft projects), a magnet and 2 scented sachets Jacob Hooy. Bought all of them from Dille en Kamille . This place is my sort of sanctuary, always end up buying stuff from this store. My husband likes the store as well. Well, double trouble…hehe.


Two skeins of yarns from a yarn walhalla, Weldraad. The store has fabulous choices of organic yarns..I want it all! I choose one skein of yarn from 100% organic cotton and the other one is 40% cotton and 60% wool. I am going to use them for my summer project 🙂

Mini Holiday from Blogosphere


Not feeling like writing or bloghopping right now. After super busy months, attended a wedding in Cologne, a (half) business travel to Hannover and a departmental party I got sick. Nothing beats a healthy breakfast when you are feeling unwell. Gives me the natural boost I need. Hoping to write more in upcoming month though.


I admit that I am hooked on my iPad mini. I take this small device wherever I go and use it all the time (I even neglect my phone and laptop). I love it. Got this from my work as a xmas gift I firstly despised it because we got iPad (the real ones not mini) just 2 years ago. I thought who the heck needs an iPad mini when you already have an iPad?! Well..i do. The joke is on me. It is compact, much simpler to carry than iPad and it has Netflix in it (subscription) I watched a lot of nice and easy movies on Netflix and will write a separate post about that 🙂 some are highly recommended feel good movies! Do you like iPad mini better than the regular iPad like me?

I am leaving you with my (not so) current fave get-up-and-go song 🙂 MACKLEMORE and Ryan Lewis yoo! 😀

Wishing you all a lovely day !

Around the House

I took the pic in the weekend, when I finished with weekly clean up and before our friends came over for some tea and homemade pie! We finally have curtains for the windows in the living room 😀 ! After 2 years without curtains I came to the point that I wanted it so badly. Every time I got the money to buy curtains, I somehow always used it for something else (another priorities).

And then, one day I got it for my birthday present in November…My husband hung it up there and my parents in law were hiding in our living room. When I came inside, I was so surprised. Our jungle living room is now perfect 🙂 Oh my, I know…they spoil me!