About My Happy Bowl – 2 – Happy Ending!

*This is my update from the 1st part, please click here to read.

I tend to think that since I am jobless I can do whatever I want and be lazy all day wearing PJs. Partly is correct, but not entirely true though hehehe. The PJs part is true. After I drop off T at the daycare (wearing PJs) I can do the heck I want in my PJ. ALL DAY LONG!!!


A lot of articles I read, there all corroborate that becoming a mother has its down side, i.e. being isolated. I totally can relate to that. First year was gruesome…I only could talk about diapers and shite. Like what to do when a poo is white, or red or green and when I must pump. Numbing. But then, a year has passed, I want to get my groove back. I want to be able to use my brain again! I feel that I must change something in my life. I have this urge to get out of my cocoon, and do something with my life.

Since September last year I have been attending a professional massage school. I love massage, and have done some workshops in the past. I’d saved up money to be able to get a certification as a pro massage therapist and wished I could open my own practice in the Netherlands in the future. Time has always been the only main problem, but now since I am jobless I have times to do it.  It is a one year program, a part-time study so it is easy to combine with family commitments. The massage school helps me a lot. It may not be a quantum physics study..so it is not that complicated. I learn about anatomy, physiology, reanimation, meridian system and classic massage techniques in the classroom. But still, it helps me in terms of using my half dead brain. It forces me to de-frost that part of the brain that I think never exist. In fact, I just did my theory exams over the weekend. I am not sure I will pass all of them though. I am OK if I had to re-do them, no biggy. My main struggle is definitely the language (the study, thus inclusive the theories are taught in Dutch). Especially for Anatomy I have difficulties in grasping all the medical terms that are written both in Dutch and Latin. I pass my Reanimation test today, and I am glad at least I have one certificate in the pocket LOL!

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My Interview Stories

Jobs, how can we live without it? 🙂

Whenever I meet fellow Indonesians here we use to talk about our job quest. Either they are now jobless and searching for one , or, they want to quit and now want to search for a new one. I hate it when people say, you are so lucky to have a nice job at a nice company blablabla. Believe me, in my case, it was not like a job went onto my lap out of nowhere. I really did my best to get one. I wrote over 50 applications in 3 month time. And I went to many job interviews.

I came to live in the Netherlands in 2007, although I had stayed a year before to becoming Au Pair. I went back home briefly after. I have had many job interviews since then. Like, MANY! Of course I felt really uneasy and did not  feel confident because I didn’t speak Dutch, but soon I understood a little bit of Dutch it was unstoppable. My first ones were when I was a student at the VU, I needed a part-time job. Sometimes two jobs to make ends meet. I gained it through a student job agent, sometimes the jobs were really odd, like the time I had to work at a chocolate factory. Or the time I worked at the zoo behind the till machine. Sometimes I worked at a cafeteria prepping food, or at De Bijenkorf as sales assistant. Outside the jobs I got from the agency, I also worked as a babysitter occasionally and I liked it because I earned good money and it was an easy job. I pretty much accepted all offers from the job agency except waiting tables, I sucked at it. From all those odd jobs the only one that I hated was when I worked at the zoo. Had a male supervisor who was a control freak and he corrected me all the time. After I passed my exams I was finally brave enough to apply for office jobs.

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About My Happy Bowl – 1

There were crucial moments this year where I thought, “Screw with this, I want to have something else”. I had an OK job for the past 5,5 years and even it was not my dream job or my passion it was a nice job and I had nice colleagues or thought that they were. When I was back from my maternity leave, I’d really tried my best to adapt again but somehow it did not work out well. Too many changes and lack of support, and after 10 months I finally said…fuck this, i quit. I don’t deserve this, I deserve something better!

Of course, there were mediation and discussion before i said i quit. And, also a lot of tears and heartaches. It has been a learning curve for me and i am glad i was brave to say enough is enough and i was not afraid jumping into an oblivion, called unemployment.

I strongly believe that i always have  an option. My option were two, either to be in a shit hole and mop the entire time and feel pity to myself but get money, OR, embrace the freedom take control in my hands and get creative. I don’t want to be sad anymore, because my life is a JOY. My baby is so cute and healthy, and I have a supportive and handsome husband who believes in my capacity as a clever and creative woman. I am blessed! So, this spiral of negativity is really an unnecessary burden I need to get rid of.

I am now in a process of getting my shit together, and slowly I am feeling my old self again and..but I really take my time. I don’t want to force myself at all, and just go with the flow.

Let's have a cake and a cup of good coffee :)

Let’s have a cake and a perfect cup of coffee 🙂


Someone sent me this video, my heart got all warm from watching it. I want to dedicate this video to all of you supermoms and superwomen out there who feel miserable in your current situation, don’t know the meaning of all the shitty things that happen in your life at this moment, or that you feel you are stuck in a rut. But you are not! believe me, you always have a choice. And now those things are shitty but in the future maybe they are not at all, we just need to open our eyes wider and be positive about it.

Enjoy the video ladies xx

Saya Butuh Liburan Banget!

Semakin lama kayaknya aku makin males ngantor. Rasanya ih, mau bangun dari tempat tidur aja tuh susanto banget. Susaaahh maksudnya hehehe :p Males..les..les..Don’t get me wrong, I like my job. Cuman kayaknya cape banget deh ngantor. Akika butuh liburan. Titik. Puspa. Bukannya cengeng dan sok manis manja grup nih ya, cuma bayangin ajah aku ga liburan udah 2 taun loh. Maksudnya liburan yang bener-bener liburan, ga ngapa-ngapain, males-malesan dan gegoleran aja. Ga mandi, suka suka dong. Ga masak. Ga ada kewajiban. Udah dua tahun! Wih. Liburan terakhir yang kayak saya sebutkan diatas tuh pas 2011. Kita ke Portugal, dan disanalah aku dilamar ihik ihik *tersipu malu*

Dan semenjak itu pun kegiatan weekend away, liburan apalagi, belanja-belanja yang gak penting semua dihentikan demi penghematan dan tentunya nabung wat kewong. Setahun bener-bener strict banget, gajian masuk, preettt, duit langsung masuk tabungan. Cuma bisa dadah-dadah aja sama gaji. Terpaksalah yang baru aja pindahan rumah, ngisi rumahnya juga disetop karena ga ada dana. Sampe detik ini aku gak punya gorden lho di rumah. Hahahaha. Baru mulai nyicil beli perintilan yah abis nikah kemaren…Gorden sabar yah, giliran kamu bentar lagi kok 😀 Aku gak ngeluh kok..karena emang prioritas nya bukan liburan beberapa tahun ini, yah udah bersyukur aja ya prioritasnya udah terlaksanakan.

Tahun 2012 cuti semua diambil buat nikahan dan dipake buat jadi guide (baca:kacung) nya ortu pas mereka disini. Sempet ke Turki seminggu setelah bonyok balik ke Indo, buat hanimun cuma pas disana yanga ada kita berdua tepar dan si J sepanjang hanimun kena infeksi telinga aja dong! Cuma bisa di tempat tidur doang. Dan udaranya juga gak gitu asik, sering ujan! Sial banget deh. Akhir tahun 2012 sih sebenernya ada liburan pendek yakni pas Natal dan tahun baru, kita pake buat ke Jerman. Tapi yah bareng mertua jadi ya musti bangun pagi, musti ikutan kesono kemari..ga gitu nyante coy!

IMAG0605_1{dikasih crisp sm kolega krn bentuknya lope lope..baik ya?}

Oh iya balik ke soal males ngantor barusan.. Iyah, padahal bos aku tuh bos yang paling baik yang pernah aku punya di sejarah persilatan eh di dunia kerja..jadi, masalah bukan terletak pada pak bos. Intinya cuma satu kenapa aku males dan jenuh di kantor. Eh dua ding. Satu, akika butuh liburan panjang. Titik. Dua, kayaknya aku harus menghadap pak boss karena fungsi yang sekarang udah gak terlalu menantang. Emang bisa? Ya eya lah. Daripada ga produktif, jadi rencananya sebelum mudik aku kayaknya harus ngatur strategi bijimana caranya supaya kerjaan dibikin more challenging. Ikut kursus spesialisasi? Minta kerjaan baru? Nyumbang ide apa aja yang bisa dibenerin di departemen ini? Yah gitu-gitu deh. Pro aktif aja. Sukur sukur gaji baru. Hehehe <–ditoyor pake gergaji. Ya kalo gak gitu kayaknya sayang aja toh, daripada nyari kerjaan baru lagi diluar sana mana krisis begini. Aku juga males, kayaknya udah pewe banget kerja disini. Gila ya? Padahal aku ini kutu loncat loh kalo dalam soal job. Tapi semenjak kerja disini, udah deh males aja nyari-nyari yang laen. Faktor umur juga deh kayaknya…udah settle ajah. Doakan semoga sayah gak gelagapan pas menghadap pak boss ya? Hahaha. Cemen.

Adakah yang diluar sana mantan kutu loncat yang udah insaf kayak aku ini? Angkat rok nya yaaa angkat tangannya yaaaa!