The Hangout: Summer Edition (Part 2-Finished)

My office is situated between the Center district and Oud-West district and in this area there are many cool coffee hangouts. Though we have sleek and fancy coffee machines in the office (yes we have super fancy ones! also using good quality coffee beans) I still like to get my coffee elsewhere šŸ™‚ sometimes.

This time I am going to wrap up the Hangout – Coffee edition, and I will put posts about coffee hangouts later more you will not get bored šŸ™‚ because trust me, there are still a bunch of coffee hangouts in this city so I still have plenty materials to share! This time I will write about 2 different places.

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The Hangout: Summer Edition (Part 1)

It is Summer peeps!! we are blessed with the abundance of sun and great weather this summer. To celebrate that, let’s enjoy the sun and roll to nice places outside of the center of Amsterdam. I honestly dislike Amsterdam in the summer. It is crowded with tourists and they drive me crazy! They walk in fietspad, they cycle like idiots, and they stop whenever they want and take pictures in the middle of the streets…arrggh! so frustrating. This modest review has been sitting in my draft folder for, there you go. Happy reading šŸ™‚

Thus, I’ve chosen a place outside the city center to have some peaceful moments. I am a fan of non-pretentious places with relax ambiance and nice music. There are not so many hangout places in Amsterdam that offer live music. So whenever there’s one offers all aforementioned things, I am game. If you read my post this one then this place I am going to write about is located in the same area with the flea market. The venue called Pllek and it is a really cool one, it is situated by the water and it has occasionally live music from new (indie) bands/artists. Pllek is a new creative hang-out at the NDSM wharf with a fantastic view over Het IJ. The place consists of industrial raw materials with old shipping containers piled up as the main building blocks.

I ordered one cup of Doppio (double espresso, 3 euro something) and a glass of water on the side, to numb the pain in my shoulder (yes I was still suffering from it and taking medication) ! we brought books and J did not forget to take two towels so we could lay on it and chilled out. The coffee itself was okay, though it was pretty mild for my taste (yes, I like strong taste) I was not sure what kind of coffee beans the barista used but it was a fair trade product, and I was happy.


We enjoyed the warm weather very much, the sunbeams fell on our faces while we wereĀ  reading our books … so lovely.

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The Hangout: May

I am a bit late posting this due to the bad weather, laziness, other priorities when the sun finally came. So, last week I finally got the time to go to the “place” and took some snapshots.

This time I am going to write about a coffee bar in one of little cute streets in NegenĀ StraatjesĀ (Nine Alleys). The bar is situated on ReestraatĀ 21, Amsterdam. 9 StraatjesĀ is an up-scale neighborhood in one of the districts in Amsterdam, called De Jordaan. It is definitely a tourist magnet, populated with quirky expensive little shops and cozy and hip cafes, made this spot an interesting place to go to during your stay in Amsterdam. I “found” this coffee bar a couple of months ago when I came to a shoe store a block away to exchange boots I purchased.


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The Hangout: April

I thought a few days ago that I’d like to add a new category in this blog, to make it more fun to read and also to give you more info about the Dam and what this city has to offer. I have been thinking of random ideas, and I eventually choose a topic which I will enjoy so much to share it with you. I am a coffee enthusiast and I’ve attempted in describing it in a blog post a while back. You can check the story behind why I love drinking coffee, here.

I share my coffee experience with people who share the same interest; friends, colleagues and acquaintances..and I feel that I should write this information in my blog, so I am able to share it to a bigger public, and why not starting it right here right now. Amsterdam…This little city is a melting pot, an oasis of entertainment and hotspots! There’s always new hotspots in town so I decided to write a modest review which I am going to publish once a month. I will write about coffee shops/bars I like, or a (not so) newly opened coffee shop in town (Be aware: a coffee shop in Dutch means a place where you can buy and smoke some pots :p so in Dutch, a place where you can hang out and sip coffee is a koffiehuis) Perhaps it will be discontinued after a couple of months because in the future, I want to change it with another more interesting topics. For now, I hope you like it.

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For All Coffee Lovers

Coffee. Oh, I love drinking coffee and love talking about coffee. If I think back, what my first introduction was to coffee, I think back to the time when I was a child. As a little child, I was often left home alone during the day with nannies and with my grandmother since both of my parents worked full-time. I was practically raised by my grandmother, who was not only a kretek smokerĀ  (some years later she quit both of it ), she also often indulged herself with kopi tubruk (it is Indonesian style of drinking coffee, where the coarse ground coffee is mixed with hot boiling water and added with generous amount of sugar). She loved Torabika* coffee, drank it at least thrice a day. She enjoyed that rituals with all her heart…I always sat next to her as a little kid, obeyed her when she told me not to drink the big mug of kopi tubruk in front of us. But, I was just too curious seeing my nana enjoyed that forbidden beverage everyday very much, I stole a sip or two from her one day when she was not around. And I thought, hmmm..this is not too bad.

My fondness for coffee continued when I moved to another continent. I drank more and more coffee than I did back home when I was living in Germany. Due to the cold temperatures I drank more coffee than I wanted to and before I knew, I became addicted to it. I drank more of cappuccino instant coffee that time (so pathetic..). Because that was the kind of coffee I could afford. However, whenever I have some extra money I would treat myself some good coffee at the local cafe or Konditorei.

For my 26th birthday, J bought me a cute espresso machine from DeLonghi which I am still using until this very moment.

Ā  DeLonghiBAR14

Ever since, I have been learning about the history of coffee, and have been reading quite a lot about coffee industry in the world. I learned that Indonesia was the fourth biggest coffee-producing nation in the world (2010-2011 crop year). Brazil took the first spot followed by Vietnam and the third place was taken by Colombia. Do you know that there is no national association of coffee growers in Indonesia?! In Colombia they have FederaciĆ³n Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia. Not only they regulate the industry, the federation also supports research and development in the production of coffee through grants to local universities and through federation sponsored research institutes. The federation also monitors production to ensure export quality standards are met. Admit it, Indonesians do not really consume coffee religiously like people in Colombia. But why? we have darn good coffee beans we export throughout the world and we are not drinking it, instead we are drinking Starbucks coffee which uses the crappiest coffee bean there is šŸ˜¦ Shame on us.

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