Our Little Playground

As we grow older we forget how to play. We are occupied with other grown up stuff, like build a career, fix troubled romances, emotional love storms, kids, relocation, etc. What is playing? Playing is for kids only..adults don’t play, we work. We must earn our degrees and money, pay mortgages, pay off our debts and study loans. We become really serious, and forget to have fun in a normal way. They say having some drinks with friends and going to the clubs are the normality for adults to have fun. But, really? Do you really feel at ease afterwards and happy. Sometimes you just feel even more knackered than before. And you hate it when your wallets become thinner after you have some fun at the posh clubs with a bunch of friends you don’t even know that well. If you get tired of it then you should probably switch the game.

Playing for adults it’s not the same like it was when we were kids. It is more about competition sometimes and becomes less innocent. The first time you meet a new person, first questions will be:

Where do you work? or what is your job? why did you end up here (mostly expats’ questions)? how old are you?

Do you remember, when we were kids when we met new potential playmates, we did not question them those questions. We just asked them, hey do you want to play with me? And that was it.

Why can’t we just put those template questions aside, and just play with friends? I’ve noticed that from lack of playing for adults can lead to stress, isolated feeling, shortage in creativity .



Here is my story… I am lucky to be surrounded by creative creatures around me and there’s always something interesting peeking at the door. One of my best friends, Lu, came up with a brilliant idea early this year when she opened a playground for adults. Her profession as an actress is obviously a “license” to become a qualified facilitator of an adult playground. I am so proud of her that she manages to create her own start-up from scratch out of a thing she is passionate about. Originally from Buenos Aires, she moved to Amsterdam for love and at first she was like me. Clueless. Struggling to fit in. Fast forward 4 years later, she has found her place, and has created her own  beautiful family.

I came to one of her sessions, and found myself playing and connecting with other people whom I never met before in an inspiring, non-competitive and non-judgmental environment. We danced, we did crazy acts, we sang, we screamed, we joked with each other. I came home with a big smile from ear to ear. It was definitely a really good time and perfect way to break from routines. This was not my first time playing, I have been to many other “playgrounds” since I live in Holland. It does not matter what kind of playground you choose, as long as you feel happy, stimulated and welcomed.

We went to her theater play on Sunday evening. She is taking part in Argentinian theater festival at this moment and has got herself a gig in the festival, and although the play that night was in Spanish (well.. Argentine Spanish which has slightly different accents and they use sometimes different words than the Peninsular Spanish) I understood a tiny tiny bit of what she was saying (also with a help of another Argentinian friend to translate the dialogues)! The theater play was performed and broadcasted live through Skype, and it was double performed by her in Amsterdam and by her best friend – also an actress – in Buenos Aires, it was all synchronized with Skype. It was a very cool and authentic performance,  I was and still am immensely proud of her! and it’s always nice to witness your best friend’s success 🙂

me, the actress, another dear friend who came to support her


Enough about my story…that is kinda longer than I thought. Tell me, what games do you fancy to play? What makes you excited and happy? Would you like to share your story with me?

Thanks for reading!


Museum Card

Pas Sinterklaas tahun kemarin kita berdua dikadoin Museumkaart sama mertua. Sebenarnya pilihannya ada dua, apakah kita mau dikadoin sm Sinterklaas (ahemm..mertua) abonemen bibliotheek selama setahun (baca: kartu anggota perpustakaan) atau Museumkaart? Nah J mau nya kartu anggota perpus karena punya nya di cancel 2 tahun yg lalu dan dia kan kutu buku banget, jadi dia kangen lama lama di perpus dan minjem minjem buku dr sana. Kalo aku mah udah jelas, pengennya kartu Museum lah..biar bisa bebas ke semua museum…Perpus sih oke cuma..emm, ada cuma nya nih.

Setelah di pikir-pikir, kalo kita milih kartu tahunan anggota perpustakaan kita nih slebor banget sama barang pinjeman dari perpus. Selalu telat ngembaliin buku karena malas jalan. Sudah berkali – kali kita bayar denda sampai 30 euro untuk beberapa buku. Parah banget. Nah karena udah pengalama sama perpus yaitu tekor mulu kalo minjem dari perpus (tapi dikarenakan salah kita sendiri yeee..)

Nah opsi yang kedua adalah Museumkaart; ini adalah free pass untuk mengunjungi ke lebih dari 400 museum di Belanda. Kartu ini sistem keanggotaannya dihitung per tahun. Per tahun diwajibkan membayar sebesar € 49,95 dan untuk remaja usia sampai dengan usia 18 tahun, cukup bayar € 25 saja per tahun. Dan bisa di perpanjang lagi setelah 1 tahun. Akhirnya kita pilih ini aja deh. Beberapa tahun yang lalu kita juga sempet punya kartu ini selama 2 tahun tapi akhirnya di cancel karena mau nabung wat kewong. Jadi semua pengeluaran yang jenisnya hura hura walaupun berguna musti diharamkan..cieehh..haram euy!

Buat yang suka ke museum dan tinggal di Belanda aku anjurin mending beli kartu museum tahunan ini deh. Lebih irit, ekonomis dan plus nya lagi bisa bikin tambah pinter. Kenapa irit? Iya soalnya di Belanda ya sistem nya gak kayak di negara-negara Eropa lainnya yang mau mana tiket masuk museum gratis. Disini lumayan mahal deh karena semenjak terjadi krisis ekonomi di EU, subsidi pemerintah untuk sektor budaya dikurangin (dan juga sektor-sektor lainnya), dan berakibat pihak museum harus cari akal untuk investasi sendiri agar pengunjung gak surut. Nah investasi ini gak kecil, akibatnya harga tiket museum pun jadi mahal. Buat gambaran kasar aja ya aku ambil tiket masuk museum di Amsterdam. Tiket masuk museum Van Gogh yang kondang itu per kepala adalah 15 euro. Tiket masuk Anne Frank House yang seuprit itu € 9 dan tiket masuk nya Rijksmuseum adalah € 15 belum kalo mau sewa alat/tur multimedia masih harus tambah sekitar € 5 lagi. Bayangin kalo kamu mau seharian ngunjungin museum-museum ini kamu harus nguras kocek sekitar € 39- € 45. Nah untuk Rijksmuseum, aku sih gak sanggup seharian ngublek disana jadi biasanya setengah hari aja udah cukup karena selain banyak banget koleksi nya, di dalem pun selaluuu aja rame sama pengunjung dari berbagai belahan dunia.

Mahal kan?…hehehe…

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Perfect Time for Cuddling

Hello there,

I have had a nice weekend. Started off with a workshop for young entrepreneurs on a Thursday afternoon. It is located in Amsterdam, I took a half day off so I could attend the workshop together with J. It was really fun, we met different kind of people and backgrounds. But all of us we had our dreams, and we were idealists. We wanted to contribute something good to the world with our business ideas.

J is an idea machine, he always has creative ideas and sometimes good too! Mine is not really a profit generating business but I would say, I would really love to make it come true someday. I cannot tell you much, but a part of it is a thing I am passionate about and another part is what I want people to be more aware of. It is always nice to meet other idealists and steal others’ creative minds. I have been to this kind of event more often than J, but this time it was more of making your ideas a bit real by discussing it with others, and write it down by simply following entrepreneurship steps to start off our own business.

And on Friday I went out with a dear friend of mine and went for a dinner in the city with her, stuffed myself with delicious pasta at Vapiano 🙂 and spent the evening catching up with tiramisu on the side! And on Saturday J, my in-laws and I celebrated my father in-law’s late birthday dinner at an amazing all-you-can-eat Japanese/Thai/Chinese restaurant across our apartment. We cannot stop telling people we know how good this restaurant is! In case you are around the city where we live, please take a look at Judo. They have fresh sushi and delicious Chinese and Thai food. We’ve had such a cozy evening and went home with our big tummies. And on Sunday J and I went swimming at our local public swimming pool. Sundays are our swimming day, we usually walk together with our sport bags on our shoulders to the swimming pool and chat on the way there and back.  Yesterday we broke our own records. J swam 40 laps in 20 minutes, and me…errr, I swam 15 laps in 2o minutes hahaha! See, how sporty I am? Anyhow, we were proud of ourselves though 🙂 I love our Sunday swims. Do you have any activities you usually do with your hubby/partner too? It can be a small thing but it is always cozy and sweet when you do it together.



Oh my, there are many exciting and fun events coming up. There will be Sinterklaas party, epic Christmas party from work and of course long holiday! 😀 I am pretty excited with this year’s festivities. I am no longer occupied by wedding planning or whatsoever! Nada 😀 … Jeez, and I just realize that this year goes utterly fast. It seems that it is just last month that we got married at the city hall.. and I can barely catch up with all the things happened after….


last month’s traditional wedding reception


J and I spend a lot of times snuggling on the couch and watching TV series lately. The weather is very conducive to snuggle, with heater on, candles, cups of hot coffee, and two spoiled cats beside us (or on our laps when they are in the good mood). It is the best thing in the world, I guess. Be at home, while it’s cold outside. Cuddled up with your cats and husband in a warm house, safe and sound…I cannot stop saying how gezellig it is up here now! 🙂 I hope you are having good times too wherever you are now, and spread the love! xxx


Saying Goodbye to A Fabulous Summer 2013

The ugliest part of summer finally comes upon us. We have to say goodbye to a fabulous summer! I mean it, this year we had such a blissful summer. Finally, after so many years we all have to put up with lousy summers. The temperatures were really warm with a lot of sun. We often went to the parks, lakes and to the woods, and also to the city “beaches” (ie: Blijburg, industrial areas like NDSM and Roest). I also went to the cinema A LOT this summer and saw summer blockbusters, jeeezz so many good movies. My faves were The Heat, Mud, Behind the Candelabra and The Conjuring (whooaa!!it scared the hell out of me).

In August we attended our friends’ beautiful wedding ceremony in Haarlem. The civil wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Haarlem City Hall. And then the party continued to Bloemendaal beach not so far from the town Haarlem.  Wow, the bride looked like a fairy 😀 she was soooo pretty and flawless, and she had in total 3 wedding gowns for the day. WOW. We were so happy for them, and the day was a fantastic summer day, everything was so perfect!


On September 3, we celebrated our first marriage anniversary. It just keeps better and we cannot believe how fast time flies 😀 We had a date night, we did exactly the same things we did on our first date back then in 2006! First had drinks on one of cafes on Marie Heinekenplein in De Pijp (a district in Amsterdam) then we had a nice summer dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant nearby.


Humble dinner but the taste is amazing

This month my friend Diana and I threw a hen party for our dear friend, Lusi. She’ll get married next month and we wanted to give her a special night to remember. The wedding will be held in Jakarta, so a bunch of her church friends and me (not a gang of the church) went ballistic on a Sunday evening throwing her a hen party. We went for bowling sessions and set her up for some nasty challenges in the city. For instance; asked a man to give her a peck on the cheek wearing red lipstick/ asked her to sing national hymn in the Dam square/ Asked a man to sing for her and many of those crazy acts. Reminded me of my own hen party last year hahaha. After that we ended the evening by having dinner at Saigon, a nice Vietnamese restaurant near Leidseplein. We did not go for the tacky hen party like hiring a stripper, the idea itself grossed us out. We really had a ball! and it was really unforgettable. I was not allowed to put her pictures here, too bad hahaha!!

Last weekend I met up with mba Yoyen in the city, it was a perfect event to wrap up summer. This was our second meet up, we met for the first time a couple of months ago together with Teppy who was holidaying at that moment! Teppy we miss you too 🙂 Mba Yoyen and I tried a newly opened Korean restaurant, Yokiyo in De Wallen (Red Light District). I have read good reviews about this restaurant so I thought we should try it out. Just look at our jumbo size lunch! It tasted really delicious too and the most important thing, it’s affordable (12  euros for this jumbo hot plate of Bibimbap Bulgogi). After that we went to De Drie Graefjes on Rokin to have some fancy desserts 🙂 I chose a Red Velvet cupcake and mba Yoyen chose a carrot cake. I gotta say that the thing I loved the most from this place was the cake sizes. They were HUGE for the price. And the taste of all cakes here was just heaven! Oh did I say the kimchi from the Korean restaurant was excellent? hehehe.


bibimbap bulgogi

The summer is definitely over. It is raining almost every day now, the temperatures get cooler and it gets windier than ever. And I start feeling bleh in the mornings because it gets darker outside, and raining 😦  Buuuuttt, I am super happy to going back home to Indonesia ! We will be flying to Indonesia in like a couple of hours from now and will be staying there for about 3 weeks. Enjoying the food, sun and beaches. I will see my families, my dearest grandmother in Solo and my friends. It is just lovely, I need this badly!!! The most awesome part of this holiday is, my parents in-law are coming with us (this is their first visit to Asia) and our dear friends Stefan & Kim are also joining..HOW COOL IS THIS?!!!

So, goodbye for now Europe! I am not going to miss you 🙂

PS: I am so going to miss my little children (kitties) though *cryyyy!*


The Hangout: Summer Edition (Part 2-Finished)

My office is situated between the Center district and Oud-West district and in this area there are many cool coffee hangouts. Though we have sleek and fancy coffee machines in the office (yes we have super fancy ones! also using good quality coffee beans) I still like to get my coffee elsewhere 🙂 sometimes.

This time I am going to wrap up the Hangout – Coffee edition, and I will put posts about coffee hangouts later more sporadically..so you will not get bored 🙂 because trust me, there are still a bunch of coffee hangouts in this city so I still have plenty materials to share! This time I will write about 2 different places.

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Postingan Suka Suka

Mumpung masih dalam suasana Lebaran, aku mau mengucapkan Minal Aidin wal faidzin ya para pembaca yang merayakan Lebaran 🙂 Alhamdulillah masih bisa merayakan Lebaran, masih diberi umur sama yang di Atas. Dan semoga kita memulai babak baru dengan hati yang bersih.

Postingan kali ini suka – suka..Udah hampir sebulan ini (3 minggu lebih) aku tersiksa dengan cedera otot bahu yang tidak kunjung sembuh. Dimulai dari capek biasa kalau kebanyakan kerja (dengan komputer) Tapi setelah beberapa bulan keluhan semakin menjadi – jadi sampai suatu hari lengan kanan aku tidak bisa digerakkan sama sekali. Setelah check ke dokter umum dan fysioterapis, ternyata aku kena bursitis. Setelah absen sakit selama 2 minggu dari kantor tetap saja masih sakit kalau kerja lama – lama….Stress banget! Makanya jadi malas ngeblog. Pekerjaan rumah pun terbengkalai, dan untungnya suami yang ambil alih semua (kecuali ngelipet baju, duh suami gak bisa banget ngelipet yang ada malah kusut semua..). Walau kadang sakitnya tidak terasa, tapi setiap malam pasti sakit nya menjadi – jadi dan kadang sakit luar biasa sampai pernah jatuh pingsan….Gak enak banget.

Untungnya di kantor semua pengertian dengan kondisi aku sekarang. Pak bos sampai bos nya bos (VP) sampai bilang, mereka akan bantu kerjaan aku. Yang gak bisa yang mana mereka yang akan handle untuk sementara ini….Pengen meluk mereka rasanya! Ah ya, sekarang aku gak mau forsir kerjaan karena gak bakal sembuh kalau terus menerus kerja full time. Dan aku sekarang juga sedang mencari pengobatan natural saja karena obat yang diberikan dokter tuh bikin aku ngantuk, high, dan gak nyaman banget…Kayak orang bego! Mana pula dosis nya tinggi sehingga harus minum obat pelindung maag karena tanpa itu maag aku pasti akan bocor.

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Circus Time!


I got the chance to spend a wonderful Friday afternoon to play with a bunch of kids and give fun (circus-y) workshops to elementary school kids at the circus Elleboog in Amsterdam. These kids are from elementary schools in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. They do not have the opportunity to have fun outdoor activities that often, because the schools do not have sufficient funds to accommodate extra curricular activities, and most of these kids are from not so well – off families. Thus, our employer worked together with one of the NGO’s based in Amsterdam to create a fun day for the kids so they would have an unforgettable summer activity :). It was such a blast, and it was precious to see how happy these kids were with our workshops and the greatest part was, at the end of the day they represented us with their cool acts they’ve learned from the workshops. Bravo, kids!