About My Happy Bowl – 2 – Happy Ending!

*This is my update from the 1st part, please click here to read.

I tend to think that since I am jobless I can do whatever I want and be lazy all day wearing PJs. Partly is correct, but not entirely true though hehehe. The PJs part is true. After I drop off T at the daycare (wearing PJs) I can do the heck I want in my PJ. ALL DAY LONG!!!


A lot of articles I read, there all corroborate that becoming a mother has its down side, i.e. being isolated. I totally can relate to that. First year was gruesome…I only could talk about diapers and shite. Like what to do when a poo is white, or red or green and when I must pump. Numbing. But then, a year has passed, I want to get my groove back. I want to be able to use my brain again! I feel that I must change something in my life. I have this urge to get out of my cocoon, and do something with my life.

Since September last year I have been attending a professional massage school. I love massage, and have done some workshops in the past. I’d saved up money to be able to get a certification as a pro massage therapist and wished I could open my own practice in the Netherlands in the future. Time has always been the only main problem, but now since I am jobless I have times to do it.  It is a one year program, a part-time study so it is easy to combine with family commitments. The massage school helps me a lot. It may not be a quantum physics study..so it is not that complicated. I learn about anatomy, physiology, reanimation, meridian system and classic massage techniques in the classroom. But still, it helps me in terms of using my half dead brain. It forces me to de-frost that part of the brain that I think never exist. In fact, I just did my theory exams over the weekend. I am not sure I will pass all of them though. I am OK if I had to re-do them, no biggy. My main struggle is definitely the language (the study, thus inclusive the theories are taught in Dutch). Especially for Anatomy I have difficulties in grasping all the medical terms that are written both in Dutch and Latin. I pass my Reanimation test today, and I am glad at least I have one certificate in the pocket LOL!

Besides that, I keep myself busy with women network meetings, job coaching sessions, I brainstorm some great ideas with a new theater production in Amsterdam, and I exercise. I mean, yes I just wrote EXERCISE. Hahaha. No kidding. I work out regularly but it has never been in my schedule and something routine in my life. I do it when I like it. I did yoga occasionally. Or swimming when I like it. Since T was born I picked up a new habit. I go to the gym once a week with my MIL. And then I continue to do one session more during the week, never thought I could like it though but yes, I’m actually doing it. It feels really refreshing! 🙂 Also now that T is really an energy ball I need to improve my stamina so I can keep up with his energy and activities. Climbing, running, dancing….he is a living Energizer bunny.

As an addition, I change my lifestyle. I try to eat very healthy, most of it organic, I reduce my sugar intake significantly ( I only use sugar once a week now only on Sundays and pay attention to food that contains high sugar), and I eat less white grains. I now consume: whole grained rice and pasta, quinoa, buckwheat, or oats). All in all, things are great! I feel really fit and I am loving my new routine. But something is missing… after a couple of months at home I miss going to work. Thus I have been applying for jobs since end of January. Got some interviews where I can implement and practice my new skills I’ve gained from my job coaching sessions. I gain my self-confidence back from it, and slowly I am getting back to my old self again.


Sunday treats, flat white with (brown) sugar and a cookie on the side!!!


But if I need to be honest, I am not feeling it. I mean applying for jobs-thing. So far, there is no chemistry at all. Or when there is a chemistry the salary is super crappy. So frustrating!!I get the feeling that I have to “sell” myself very badly during interviews, while I know what I have in terms of skills and qualifications. To my disappointment, those interviewers are not very convincing, they do not even try their best to get me over. It just a one-way sales (more from my end) Come on!!! Or maybe I am just so FED UP with big corporates. Or maybe again, because I came from the biggest high-end retail company in this country. I have seen it all…the flashy offices and frivolous lifestyle you name it, and you know what? I could not care less, I don’t want it and it tires the hell out of me. I do not need all those glitters.

Until I receive a phone call from an NGO in translational science/research. I had applied for another post last year, I was invited but had to decline the interview last year because I was assigned a new task by (ex) work. But this time they approach me again whether I am looking. Hell yeah I am looking. I am then invited to an interview and it goes really well. Apparently the organization has a new opening but has not posted it yet on their website, on any social media or anywhere else. They see my CV in their database and it seems that I am a good match. Surprisingly again, they offer me the job immediately, and I say yes! Say whaat? am really glad they invited me, because I got tired from applying for jobs and going to interviews at those big companies, at those fancy offices. I honestly cannot be bothered with corporates anymore.

So people, yes…I have a new job and will start at the end of this month 🙂 I am so happy the search is over. This job cannot be more perfect for my current situation. It is a small team and office – nothing fancy, they are doing for a good cause, and what most important is they offer me what I need at this moment and I have a good feeling about it. I am very lucky I get a new job while I never apply for it. It literally comes out of nowhere, this thing only happens in a movie .. or so I thought. But yeah it happens in a real life..to me! So don’t give up just yet, for you who are now also looking for jobs. Just be patient maybe your luck is really just around the corner! 😀

This past year has been a roller coaster for me.. I was hurt and discriminated. But I am proud of myself because I got through all that. I am glad I have had a bad encounter with my ex-employer, otherwise I wouldn’t get out from that toxic environment. I am glad I took those job coaching sessions, now I am a confident person and I am employed by an organization that really wants me. I am glad I went to those network meetings while I could have just stayed at home and did my endless laundry then cried again on the couch while eating chips. I am happy how things turn out and now I am ready for my next challenge and adventure 🙂 I just hope my new colleagues will like me :p

As you can read, there are many exciting things going on in my life right now. I feel like I am going forward into a new era (sorry if that sounds lame..hehe) I am finally in a place where I take the full control of my life, I haven’t felt this good about myself since a very long time, I am content, feel empowered and I know darn good what my priorities are. I just met with a new me, and I like her so much! I have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline and sadly, those do not suit with bucketofcherries blog. Now my dear I want to say goodbye to this blog but not for the readers. I am going to focus on my new adventure, and it is time to leave the “nest”. I might still be prowling in the blogsphere but definitely not with bucketofcherries anymore😉

Thank you very much for reading my blog folks and for all your comments, I have met nice people thanks to this blog. Bucket of Cherries was my project that has turned into a great tool and an outlet for me, now I have found another tool and outlet that suits with my new life, so thank you bloggie ! 🙂

Have a nice week people!!


-Bucket of Cherries-


26 thoughts on “About My Happy Bowl – 2 – Happy Ending!

  1. Reading this post makes me feel happy…happy thay you get ur new job, you find your true self..a new oppue again. But sad that you are not going to post anything anymore here.
    Well good luck oppie…wish u all the best in life

  2. Am soooo happy to hear that, kakak! Really can feel the excitement from your writing! 😊 Good luck for the new job and new life ya.. Anyway kalo bisa kasih tau blog barunya boleh kali 😂 yes, please!

    • Ge!gw selalu suka baca blog dan komen kamu, kritis dan lugas, jg lucu,hehehe. Thanks Ge yaaa! unfortunately I quit blogging Ge. So no blog for the near future, maybe a website 🙂

  3. Congrats and good luck! I was also headhunted for my current job and it was wonderful to come out from toxic work environment. I didn’t know how bad it was / made me feel until I got into a new one that makes me feel so much better

    • Thanks a lot Va! 🙂 good for you dear. For me I knew it was a toxic environment but I was so foolish I thought I could change, oh how naive I was, hehehe.

  4. Happy for you, kak oppie!! Sukses ya d kerjaan barunya. Aku dapet kerjaan yang ini juga karena ditawarin sama perusahaannya, bukannya ngelamar sendiri. Rasanya emang beda… hehe… Sedih deh nggak bisa baca blognya lagi… Semoga suatu hari nanti ngeblog lg ya 🙂 🙂 Take care kak…

    • Hi tha iya gw baca2 jg sorry ga sempat ninggalin komen kalo BW 😦 semoga kamu betah disana ya, memang klo keluar dr tempat yg udah nyaman butuh waktu lama untuk adaptasi. Kalau boleh tinggalin saran..Just focus on things that made you moved in the first place 🙂 hope that will make the adjustment process easier! Gw suka sm blog kamu soalnya I really can relate to your stories, sesama merantau ya tha hehehe. Vielen Dank x

  5. so happy for you and so proud of you beyond words, Oppie! *hugs*
    but i am also very sad to see you go away from blogging. the day i found your blog was one of the nicest things that happened in my adult life. 🙂 please let me know if there’s a way for us to keep in touch?
    but know that wherever you are going in life, i wish you nothing but happiness & success! ❤ ❤

    • Kiitos!!!!Oh wow Puni what a sincere comment and what a kind compliment! Me too, I felt like after I found your blog that we somehow share the same interest in life and have similar sense of humor ☺️! I will add you on Facebook? Is that an idea? It’s sad for me too to quit with Bucketofcherries, but I knew that someday this moment would come and this is it then:( I will still visit your blog Puni, love to read everything you write and to see your new unique pieces!!! XO

      • yaay, let’s meet on Facebook! 😀 security level gue di FB super ketat, kalo susah nyarinya email aja dulu ya ke saxsilverain(at)yahoo(dot)com namamu di sana siapa, hihi… (gue males nyebut nama akun FB di wordpress, harap maklum yah) jadi biar nanti gue yg add duluan. 🙂

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