About My Happy Bowl – 1

There were crucial moments this year where I thought, “Screw with this, I want to have something else”. I had an OK job for the past 5,5 years and even it was not my dream job or my passion it was a nice job and I had nice colleagues or thought that they were. When I was back from my maternity leave, I’d really tried my best to adapt again but somehow it did not work out well. Too many changes and lack of support, and after 10 months I finally said…fuck this, i quit. I don’t deserve this, I deserve something better!

Of course, there were mediation and discussion before i said i quit. And, also a lot of tears and heartaches. It has been a learning curve for me and i am glad i was brave to say enough is enough and i was not afraid jumping into an oblivion, called unemployment.

I strongly believe that i always have  an option. My option were two, either to be in a shit hole and mop the entire time and feel pity to myself but get money, OR, embrace the freedom take control in my hands and get creative. I don’t want to be sad anymore, because my life is a JOY. My baby is so cute and healthy, and I have a supportive and handsome husband who believes in my capacity as a clever and creative woman. I am blessed! So, this spiral of negativity is really an unnecessary burden I need to get rid of.

I am now in a process of getting my shit together, and slowly I am feeling my old self again and..but I really take my time. I don’t want to force myself at all, and just go with the flow.

Let's have a cake and a cup of good coffee :)

Let’s have a cake and a perfect cup of coffee 🙂


Someone sent me this video, my heart got all warm from watching it. I want to dedicate this video to all of you supermoms and superwomen out there who feel miserable in your current situation, don’t know the meaning of all the shitty things that happen in your life at this moment, or that you feel you are stuck in a rut. But you are not! believe me, you always have a choice. And now those things are shitty but in the future maybe they are not at all, we just need to open our eyes wider and be positive about it.

Enjoy the video ladies xx


31 thoughts on “About My Happy Bowl – 1

      • resign nya kenapa noni? iya if that makes you a happier person then it is the best decision for you. semoga kamu sehat2 ya dan matt jugak. kita ni cem selebriti sibuk ya non hehehe . biar jauh di mata tapi dekat di hati, saaahhh e laahh.

  1. Aloha….you’re back! 🙂

    Well, thanks for sharing this Pie, I am at the moment in the kinda same situation. I want to quit my job but I’m scared that I won’t have my own money anymore, to be honest. Also, at the moment here in Western Australia, the rate of unemployment is very high, so all those bothering me so much that I still can’t make a decision. So, thanks for sharing this. You’re brave.

    Take your time and I believe you’ll get where you want to be.


    • Aw tak kira ini seleb dari manaaa..foto nya cakep euuuy! wauw.

      I honestly have that fear too. I have always worked and earned my money, paid 50-50 in our household. The fact that I will not be able to be that independent anymore also scares the hell out of me. But, after months feeling so miserable (can’t sleep, panic attacks, yes…that shitty) I decided to quit. To live that stressful was not worth it. Your situation is probably different than mine…? Do you think to quit is the only solution? I’ve tried some mediation and discussion but all led nowhere. Therefore, I resigned.

      Perhaps you still need times to decide, discuss things with your manager? However, please take your time…really…I am up for a chat if you need me! 🙂
      and thanks a lot for the comment. I feel that I am not alone in this…so are you! Big kiss.

      • Ahahaaa celeb dari mana deeeeh🙈🙈 thanks anyway😘

        Kasus gw lbh karna,?1. soal jarak yg jauh dr rmh ke tempat kerja, 2. dealing dgn orang2 yg lbh tua dr gw dan kdg mrk anggep gw anak kmarin sore, 3. krn suami gw FIFO (fly in fly out) jd gw honestly merasa keteteran dan sutris dlm mengatur antar jemput sekolah, out of school activities, dan urusan homework etc etc. Bikin stress. Pulang kerja kdg gw terbirit2 kudu jemput anakn1 disana trus satunya lagi disini. Blom dinner etc. But lately yg bikin gw ga tahan adalah perlakuan boss gw ditempat kerja sih. Though he apologised and admitted he was wrong, but I’m still hurt!

        You’re not alone darling, I can feel you. Same here, if you’d like to share or chat buzz me ok. Meanwhile, hang in there and enjoy being a mama. Motherhood is a challenged but in the end it’s always worth and sweet😘😘

      • Ah, now I understand:( it’s never one thing that makes an employee wants to resign.. it’s because of a lot of things. I hope you get the answer or can make a decision for you & family! X

  2. Oppie..😃 Lama banget baru baca tulisanmu lagi (kayak diriku sering nulis aja😝) Wah pasti keputusan berat ya urusan kerja gak kerja ini.. Semoga segera ketemu suasana yg lebih nyaman lagi.. Kalo aku mah lagi naik turun suasana hati di urusan peribuan.. Tau sih dari awal yg namanya jadi orang tua terutama jadi ibu bagi seorang balita tuh pasti ada manis pahitnya, gak manis melulu kayak di iklan-iklan.. Tapi setelah dijalani ya sebel juga pas lagi momen pahitnya, apalagi pas akunya lagi capek.. Oh ya aku baru pindahan ke Oz ini.. Rencananya mau menetap di sini, lagi pusing dengan urusan partner visa/permanent residence.. Tuh kan curcol deh jadinya..😝

    • Hi Emy nice to have you here! I read your latest posts and it resonated with my current situation too had to laugh about Hitam Putih. Sorry didn’t leave responses suka keburu2:(
      Iya keputusan berat krn haduh punya anak, tanggung jawab banyak la kok malah jd pengangguran? Tp a healthy and happy mama itu penting sekali klo gak suamy dan baby nya jg ga happy! Aduh Em, sama banget! Kadang suka mengutuk iklan2 atau film2 yg bilang jd ibu itu selalu rainbow,butterflies and unicorns 😂 NOT. Kudu curcol Em, ayo qt posting edisi curcol yuukk mahmud abas hihi

      • Draft curcol tuh ada tapi yah begitulah.. Sama kayak kamu, blogwalking aja sering gak sempet tulis komentar.., apa kabarnya postingan😬 Baeklah semoga kita semua para mahmud abas selalu diberi kekuatan utk tetap waras dan hepi ya..😝 Wish you all the best, Pie👍🏼🙏🏽😃

  3. Kak oppie… semangat ya!! I hope it was the best desicion for you! Aku juga sering ketakutan kalo nggak punya kerjaan sendiri dan tergantung suami. Sekarang blm kepikiran untuk nggak kerja sih, tp siapa yang tau kedepannya 🙂 Semangat terus yaaa 🙂

  4. wow, Oppie, you really know how to come back with a bang! 🙂 loved the video, thank you so much for sharing.
    i have often felt (and still do) the same way, and i really would like to quit my job if only there is still my significant other’s job to fall on, but sadly he doesn’t have one. he has his own business, so no steady income, one month can be good, and the next no income at all. i’ve been stuck in this circle for 8 years, being the one with steady income for our family, but i would really like to be free too one day. i still don’t know when that will be, but maybe being stuck in this situation is also not a bad thing. thank you for the reminder and i wish you the best of luck in your new journey to find your way in life! 🙂

    • Hi Puni, you are welcome my dear. I can understand the struggle and doubts, i feel you. i really do! in one hand we want to be following our dreams and passion but in another hand, as adults we have responsibilities as well.

      just an idea, maybe you can find a like-minded crowd, a bunch of creatives like you are?because it will feed your creative brains off-line. and it gives so much inspirations for now, thus all this struggle does not feel hard as much, if you know what i mean. I totally understand your point, I have been there so many times! Life is not ideal, but we can try to (at least) move towards it. Honestly puni, you are a talented woman and I admire you so much! and sometimes even envy you. You have so many talents, and I love your personality from what I read on your blog:D ! I wish you all the best too…and hope you can find yours too. Have a great day xx

      • i’m so touched by your reply! :’) thanks so much! i do have a small group of like-minded friends, though i don’t know if it counts because they’re actually my co-workers, LOL! that’s part of my main reason to also stay at my current workplace, i have great co-workers. 🙂 i still believe that one day my time will come (i don’t know yet my time for ‘what’ exactly, haha, but i will get there!). have a relaxing weekend, Oppie!

  5. Oppiee.. semangat yaa! Salut kamu udah bisa ambil keputusan yang challenging, tapi I believe you can go through this 🙂 yang penting happy kan.. buat apa kalau kerja bikin miserable, life’s too short 🙂

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