Hello World :-)

Hello world…jeezz I haven’t updated this blog for months! Time flies when you have a baby huh. I owe you (and myself) my birth story. Yes, I gave birth to a wonderful and the most handsome boy in the world, Hatarou on July 22. We are so delighted to finally welcome him to this world!


The last weeks of my pregnancy were very uncomfortable. I began to have Braxton-Hicks contractions since week 36 and was very very tired. I thought, OK, this baby will come earlier than expected if it continues like this…but week 39 had passed, then week 40 too…I began to feel anxious, because I had been preparing myself for the labor and was so ready for it but my body kept giving false signals. When week 40 passed by, I started feeling very frustrated and sad, I just wanted to have my baby in my arms..and it was killing me. My belly looked like it was going to explode! I spent my week by walking around the neighborhood and relaxing at home. I’d gained 13 kg at that point but to cheer myself up I ate what I want…cakes, ice cream, more cakes, chips, burgers,…I was a monster for a couple of days lol. During my last weeks I was so mean to my husband, mostly because I was feeling really frustrated. I am sorry hubby! xxx

week 40+4 days


It was Saturday, July 18, I was really annoyed because tomorrow would be my 41 week. Our house was spic and span, I cleaned all nook and cranny in the house and J had cooked meals and stored it in the freezer. To please myself, I walked around our flat, and went up and down the emergency stairs. I even went grocery shopping and then went to our apartment taking stairs all the way to the 6th floor. I MADE IT! 🙂 At night I felt very uncomfortable, my belly hurt and baby kicked me so hard and he was really restless. It was really painful.

At 5 AM on Sunday July 19, my water broke…and at 6 AM I had real contractions. The midwife popped in in the afternoon to check upon me but soon it was obvious my contractions were very irregular. She advised me to have a relax day and to come by to the hospital tomorrow first thing in the morning. We did, but they sent me home. No dilation, so I should come back tomorrow. But at 1 AM we were back in the hospital already and checked in, because I felt that the contractions came more regular this time. They gave us a huge room, and I immediately felt at ease and tried to have some rest. You never know when the time comes right? But I couldn’t I was too tensed…

At 7 AM on Tuesday July 21, I was induced since the water broke more than 24 hours ago and still there was no significant dilation. We were pumped things finally took off…a couple of hours after that I was 3 cm dialated…and 3 hours later I was 4 cm dialated. Thing moved so slowly I was so exhausted and the contractions got harder, more painful and unstoppable. In the meantime we did not sleep for more than 24hrs. So tired! After got induced more than 10 hours I was kaputt, I asked for epidural. The process went so bothersome after the 4th trial they finally got it right! My spine hurt like hell! But at least I was on drugs now so I could sleep.

At 11 PM I still did not have full dilation. I was 7 cm dialated at this point, and soon it would be my 3rd day at the hospital. At 2 AM doctors came in and strongly suggested for a C-section. I was so exhausted and had no power what so ever, I broke in tears. I had visualized how this labor would be, and a C-section was not in it. I felt that I failed, and man..I was so sad and crushed from inside. I had been in pain for days and no natural birth?! I’d dreamt of natural birth, I read  tons of articles about it, I wanted to breastfeed my baby soon after, and I wanted that magical sensation you get by giving birth naturally. I never ever thought about a C-section labor! Ever. I felt my body cheated on me and I was so pissed off! But after discussing it with J, we actually did not have any option. If we waited longer, it would be dangerous for me and for my baby, and I did not want to jeopardize my baby’s health. 20 minutes later I was already in the OR, and the process took 15 minutes. The whole time my dearest and beloved husband was always next to me, rubbed my back, gave me sweet words, and was so helpful. I think I could not get through it without him by my side.

Then on Wednesday, July 22 at 04.28, Hatarou J. H (Tarou) was born! He cried sooo loooouudd me and J we could not believe that it was over, our wait was over!!! He was here…Oh my I could not describe how relieved I was, how happy and ecstatic I was!!! He was perfect. It was the BEST FEELING EVER!!! Hatarou was born in Amsterdam, he weighed 3.875 gr, and he was too big to pass the birth canal, so it was the perfect decision to have a cesarian. J went with the nurse to clean Tarou and to cuddle him since I could not do that, doctors were still stitching me…*sigh* The whole time they were stitching me I bursted in tears. I wanted to have my baby in my arms!!


We spent 6 days in total in the hospital. If I think about it, it was just a blur memory. I was drugged and groggy, had epidural for 72 hours, and there were lots of medical checks involved, I do not like to talk about it much. Maybe that’s why I was not fully there the first weeks after giving birth. People say it was baby blues. For me, it was not baby blues. It was just too much, the wait, the hospital, all doctors and nurses, medicines,….I did not bond with Tarou as quickly as I first had imagined, because my body and mind was still recovering from the labor and before I was fully recovered I had to nurse! at this point I was on a survival mode. It took a toll on me. so we waited before we telling people about Tarou’s birth. We all needed a lot of rest.

Thank goodness 3 weeks post-partum I felt like myself again and I eventually realized how blessed I was, my baby was so healthy! I chose to breastfeed and luckily this time I was in control of it. It is a risky business, breastfeeding, but I manage it! After we came back from hospital, it was normal here in the Netherlands to get some help from a post-partum nurse and the cost were covered by the insurance (Kraamzorg, the nurse is called Kraamverzorgster). The nurse was an Indonesian lady, she was a God sent! She took care of us, cleaned the house, cooked for us and many more for 6 days long.

 Many of my (Indonesian) friends asked me why we didn’t invite my parents to come over so they could help us out? We chose this because we wanted to do it ourselves, having a child for me maybe only happen once in my life and we wanted this experience to be special, done by me and my husband. We wanted to figure out this parenting stuff by ourselves 🙂

My husband is amazing, I love him so much, but after this, my love went up to the next level! I could not imagine to go through this without him beside me. He was so patient and he kept calm even though he later told me that it scared the hell out him, when I was taken to the OR and laying there on the operation table. He took care of me and the baby also the house for 7 weeks. I was not allowed to do chores, lift things, or even cook, so he did all that. My in-laws were amazing too. They were so hands-on, they looked after me when hubby had night shifts for his work, and they regularly kept me company with the little one. My father in-law even sometimes helped with the laundry, mum cooked the best pasta dish and made super healthy salads for me. I am so grateful to have these wonderful people in my life.

 Sometimes I still cannot believe it that we have a baby!! Tarou is an amazing baby, he is very healthy, active, funny and very smart. He is so cheerful and a happy baby. At first I was afraid whether all hospital shit traumatized him. But thank goodness my worries are  unreasonable, he thrives and he is growing so fast…my little hero. The picture above is from mommy group from midwives’ practice. They also have their birth stories, and it is so nice to hear theirs and it has made me feeling normal. The struggle to breastfeed their babies, how tired we are, and our worries for tiny little things our babies have. It is so nice to have these ladies around to discuss

baby things. And yes, motherhood is darn hard!! Especially those sleepless nights..oh yeah…nevertheless, I enjoy it so much!! These moments happen too fast, I want to embrace it, to feel it, as mindful as possible because I cannot rewind all these things, the good, the bad and the silly ones. And hopefully, we can go to Indonesia next year to see our family.

Tarou in his fave baby wrap 🙂

Well, this becomes a very long post…hahaha..I hope I can make the best out of my maternity leave, and give my baby the best care he needs.

Thank you all for reading this post ☺️☺️ And till next time! Xxx

-Bucket of  cherries-

“A proud momma”




57 thoughts on “Hello World :-)

  1. Oppie, selamaaat sekali lagi buat kelahiran Taroe. Lucunyaaa, gemeeshh pengen nguyel-nguyel 🙂 2 hari lalu aku ke Amsterdam buat ketemu teman dari Jakarta, tapi karena dadakan jadinya ga sempet kasih kabar pengen lihat Taroe. Padahal pengeen banget lihat Taroe. Semoga kapan2 bisa mainan sama Taroe. Sehat selalu yaa Taroe *elus pipinya. Baca perjuanganmu, jadi merinding disko Oppie. Aku sejak kecil memang takut mendengar cerita orang melahirkan.

    • Deny….aduh sayang ya ga ktmu,aku seneng klo ada yg mo mampir, sepiiii cm sm Tarou aja ini. Hahaha aku ini pech aja kok say, bayi nya tll besar kyk bapaknya. Banyak perempuan yg lahirannya gampang. Pas bayi nya lahir jg udh lupa sakitnya kyk apa hihihi

  2. Selamat Oppie atas lahirannya.. Aaaghsi ganteng gemesin bangett siiiiih. Sehat selalu ya dedek Taroe. Semoga kapan2 bisa playdate sama Jo *kali aja sekalian bisa dijodohin* nyahaha

  3. Oppie congrat darling, and welcome to motherhood😘 Baby Taroe is so sweet. He is indeed a bug baby! Take care and looking forward to hear more stories from you. xx

  4. Waaah congratulation Oppie for new baby born boy Taroe, namanya unik banget.. terharu aku setiap baca perjuangan ibu melahirkan.. glad that you made it and everything just fine… ngos2an pas baca yg bagian naik tangga 6 lantai pas hamil besar, gilak banget deh, untung nggak apa2 yaa..

    Semoga baby Taroe selalu sehat, jadi anak pintar dan kebangaan keluarga.. take care…

  5. Oppieeee Big congrats for u and J… Taroe bayi ganteng gemesin banget deh pi… terbayar deh perjuangan mamanya berpuluh jam kecapekan kontraksi. Sehat terus kalian ya….send kisses for Taroe and enjoy the motherhood

    • Iya Jo terbayar deh perjuangan dan sakit sakit nya pas denger dia nangis pertamankalinya…huaa! Thanks a lot ya Jo,asiikk Tarou dpt bnyk kisses nih hehehe. Kisses back atcha xxxx

  6. aaah, i’ve been waiting for this update, karena inget bahwa kira2 bulan Juli lahirnya. many congratulations to you & your husband, and welcome to the world, lill Tarou!! ❤ semoga semua terus sehat & Tarou makin dewasa makin tambah pinter yaaaa! 🙂 and enjoy your motherhood now, Oppie!

  7. Hello Hiro. Selamat Oppie dan suami.
    Ikut bahagia banget dan terharu, ah jadi inget dengan pengalaman sendiri waktu melahirkan. Dulu aku pun minta pake epidural karena gak kuat. Eh sudah bukaan 9,5 posisi bayi kedua sungsang. Jadi diputuskan tidak melahirkan normal. Dan baru bisa di operasi keesokan harinya. Kadang jika ingat proses melahirkan seperti mengingat horor yg tak berkesudahan, dua kali spoed operatie karena pendarahan, dua minggu koma, operatie lainnya untuk mengambil baarmoeder, namun kini semuanya berlalu, aku tak takut lagi untuk menceritakan semuanya. Dulu dlm satu tahun pertama setelah melahirkan aku ga mau mengingat proses kelahiran, tak mau menceritakan pada orang lain. Kini dengan bercerita malah jadi lega dan melupakan horor tersebut, yang ada hanya rasa syukur sudah diberikan kesempatan untuk bisa merawat dan berbahagia bersama si kembar.

    Sekali lagi selamat Oppie, cium buat Taroe Hiro yang cute banget. Namanya bagus banget.
    Enjoy that wonderful moment, Oppie.

    • Aku jujur br berani bc postingan yayang ttg lahiran pas udh melahirkan lho. Masya allah yang,berat bgt itu prosesnya. Kalian sangat amat tabah sekali…salut. iya aku aja yg lahirannya cuma gt doang masih agak trauma…dan dgn cerita atau nulis gini membantu buat move on. Sempat terpikir buat terapi tp tnyta dgn nursing Tarou aja skrg udh sangat mendingan dan bikin happy jg bersyukur bgt. Kamu kuat sekali yayang..cerita kmu menginspirasi mommies kyk aku gini..Dankje voor de felicitatie yah xxx I will definitely enjoy this moment!!!:-)

  8. Oppieeee, hahahaha aku baca proses kelahirannya mules sendiri mbayangin lama kontraksi begitu. Congrats ya Pie, sehat sehat selaluuuu dirimu dan selamat menikmati hahahaha bener kok kata-kata bahwa saat ada bayi itu time flies soooo fast tapi malam berlalu sangat lambat ahahaha

    • Hahaha mules nya nomer wahid sondang hihi,aku kapoook!! Trima kasih ndang wishesnya yah say..Bener bgt,malam trasa kayak siput. Ah tp aku enjoy lah ndang, kpn lg. Lha kamu 3x malah ya, hebbbaattt!!!

    • Semua sehat2 dsini Emy semoga kamu juga sehat sampai persalinan ya,semoga semua lancar…yg penting happy dan relax aja say 🙂 Puas puasin tidur Emy!! Hahaha. Ga bisa bobo sampe siang lg tar klo dah ada baby.

  9. Selamat ya Oppie…. biasanya saya males baca postingan tentang baby (karena belum punya baby juga kali ya, hehe)…tapi yang ini saya baca sampe tuntas. Syukurlah semua berjalan lancar dan ada bantuan dari keluarga suami yang baik. What a beautiful baby you have! 😀

  10. Mba, gefeliciteerd 😀 Itu serius hamil gede bisa naik tangga 6 lantai? Aku kebayang aja mules sendiri mba hehe. Pas baca udah lahirannya, ikut lega jugaa hehe. Semoga sehat terus mama papa sama si gantengnya 😀

  11. Selamat, Oppie! Udah lama banget nungguin update-an blognya, nih. Senangnya sekarang penantian berakhir dan puas liat foto Tarou yang OMG kok cute bangeeeet, sih Ppie? Bikin gue baby fever.
    Gue juga gak ngundang ortu waktu lahiran anak pertama dengan alasan yang persis sama kaya alasan lo. Maunya cuma it’s only me and you, baby gitu deh sama Mikko. Encok, sih ujungnya 😀

    • Makasih Rika!!! Hayok lah bikin lg bok,saps tau cewe kali ini *kompor* Hahaha,ya encok, ya mriang, ya semua nya tp gpp dah bikin memorable (skrg mah kagak). Semoga Tarou gede nya kyk Kai, manis & penurut gitu deh 🙂

  12. Selamat ya Oppie, lama gak nengok sini tau-tau udah punya bayi aja…Tarou lucu sekaliii! Ikutan mules bacanya, hehe…jadi inget dulu saya juga naik turun tangga stasiun karena gak ada kontraksi pas udah 40w. Selamat menikmati saat-saat indah jadi orangtua baru, cepeet banget berlalunya..sehat-sehat semuanya ya…

    • Neng Aan, kamu bentar lagi brojolnya kan? Semoga lancar semuanya yah neng! Iya neng,liat baby nya stlh lahir gt semua penat dan sakit ilang..Tar dikau jg ngerasain deh hihihi. Thanks ya cyint x

  13. kak oppie baru bacaaaaaaa… tarou lucu bangetttt hihihi aduh seneng banget deh bacanya. selamat lagi ya untukmu dan suami.. dan emang bener ya time flies so fast when you have a baby hahaha

  14. Selamat yaa buat Mba Oppie dan J 😀
    Yaampun aku baru baca, telat bangeeet 😦
    Sehat terus buat Mba Oppie, J, dan baby Taroe 🙂 🙂

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