Quick Catch Up

These weeks have been really busy for me and kinda exhausting. So many things happened at work. Time flies and it’s  just weeks away from my maternity leave. However, long story short, I managed to arrange my tasks to my replacement to-be, and my bosses have finally recruited a new person to replace me during my leave. Now during my last weeks I just have to assist the new person and hand-over all of current projects. It is a bit overwhelming I gotta admit, luckily I can stay grounded. These times around I realize I am more zen as the D Day is approaching.

My days are filled with working, buying baby stuff, nesting/cleaning, and enjoying some relaxation. I went to Turkish bath and sauna, had prenatal massages and facial. Anything that can help me to be more zen 🙂 I attended prenatal yoga class since 14 weeks pregnancy until 29 weeks pregnancy. I am going  to switch yoga to swimming since my body gets too heavy for yoga, and swimming seems more relaxing now.

Prenatal Yoga Class

Prenatal Yoga Class

Since I cannot drink coffee as often as I used to drink before pregnancy, I’ve changed my pick-me-up beverage to decaf coffee or macha latte. Although I don’t drink it on a daily basis, these drinks are my go-to drinks when I need it 🙂 It has a very small amount of caffeine and it tastes really goooodd!


Macha Latte, A Slice of Cheesecake and Mama Magazine 🙂

I’ve bought a pair of black maternity leggings from H&M and I think it’s the best piece of my maternity clothing! It’s sooo comfy, and I live in these leggings! Together with my grey Calvin Klein maxi skirt, they are easy to combine with and very practical. I think I have been wearing my leggings too often it is torn after several weeks. Hence, I buy another pair hehehe…


Maternity Black Leggings (Pic is from here)

I have been on the look-out for an affordable tinted moisturizer, to substitute my foundie because I want something that is easy and practical. I’ve heard how people roamed about Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and said it was their HG..but I think it is just too pricey for a moisturizer. Summer is coming and wearing foundation is  too much for my skin. Especially now, my skin has been acting out because of the hormones. Like other pregnant women, I “suffer”  from bad skin, such as; redness, spots, itchy, acne, you name it. Although some women are blessed with good skin during their pregnancy. Well not me, I am exactly the other way around. Recently, I’ve tried this BB cream from Rimmel costs me only 10 euros. I usually hesitate to buy BB or CC cream because none of the creams suit my skin color. Either it is too light or too dark. I have yellow skin undertone (NC 44) and most of darker CC creams are more suitable for red undertone. But the one from Rimmel is actually perfect for my complexion! and it is cheap. Problem solved and I am very happy, because not only it is cheap, my skin fortunately reacts well to the cream. It is on the dry side, but I apply my serum before I use it for more hydration. I use it only when I go out of the door and then use my MAC powder on top of it to give a more matte finish.


..Rimmel BB Cream Medium/Dark..

I think we’re all set with baby stuff preparation, and I am now counting the days. Maybe I will have some nice -me- time like having a pedicure before I go into labor, last-minute shopping and some nice afternoon strolls in the park or around neighborhood. Just small things to keep me busy and relax 🙂 I snapped some pictures from my second trimester, I don’t know why I feel bleh to snap pictures now that I am in the third trimester…everything is rounder, bigger, puffier…although I am thankful I do not have swollen ankles! 😀

Second Trimester Pics

Second Trimester Pics

I think I see you all soon then 🙂 Have a nice day peeps.



35 thoughts on “Quick Catch Up

  1. Oppie…, aku telat banget baru ngeh dirimu lagi hamil..😯😱 maafkanlah..😞 Tapi meski telat, tetep harus ngucapin..: Selamat ya, Bu..!!!😃👍🏼 Turut bersuka cita.. Semoga lancar sampai lahiran nanti..😃 xoxoxo

  2. Aku juga pakai bb cream juga tapi dari body shop.
    wah udah ngak sabar aku menunggu si baby keluar.btw Cheesecake mengoda oh benar ada lemon biar ngak nek ya.
    Sehat sehat ya say..

    • Aku belum test BB cream nya BTS, jadi pengen coba..harganya disini hampir sama kayak Rimmel 🙂 Itu cheesecake rasa lemon & lemon nya bisa diperes diatas cake nya biar lebih terasa lemonnya tp jg bisa sbg hiasan aja Ri hehe. Makasih ya Ria 😀

  3. Waahh..good luck ya mbaa, sehat2 teruuss mama n debay nyaaa. Aku lama ga blog walking n posting, tau2 dirimu sdh mau lahiran aja. Hihii..semangat yaa 🙌🙏

  4. Good luck Mbak Oppie!!!!!!!!!!
    Ngomong2 baju maternity, gw juga suka beli hahahahaha. Apalagi celananya. Soalnya enak banget mau makan sampe buncit dia ikutan melar *bongkar rahasia deh*

  5. Oppie, Thanks yaa sudah berbagi kisah dan cerita seputar kehamilannya. Jadi tahu seluk beluk masa-masa kehamilan 🙂 Semoga lancar sampai saat melahirkan dan setelahnya. Sehat untuk semuanya.

    Kamu cantik dan fresh!

    • Ah puni you are (ah puni kamu ah)…bisa aja…hehehe..Iya gue deg-degan juga sebenernya Ni..:p but at the same I am so excited. Makasih ya say x

  6. Mbak keliatan fresh selama hamil, aku mau coba bb cream ini udh dr lama tp maju mundur terus hihihi semoga dilancarkan saat melahirkan nya ya.
    Btw, I’m your silent reader since months ago, tp baru bikin blog. Salam kenal mba 🙂

    • Hi salam kenal ya Murti 🙂 hahaha masa sih, iya kayaknya selama kehamilan ini bayi nya bikin mamanya seneng terus sih. Amiiin semoga lancer seperti yg di doakan. Makasih ya udah baca2 blog aku, nanti aku jg mampir2 deh.

  7. Oppie cantiiikk.. Aku dari dulu seneng liat bumil, mukanya biasa jadi makin cantiik. Hihihi. Cepet bangeeet yaa pi perasaan kemarin baru baca cerita km baru hamil eh sekarang udah tinggal bentar lagi. Semoga semuanya lancar yaa..

    • Karena bawaannya happy kali ya mar hahaha bs ajaaa..makasih neng. Iya, perasaan juga kok cepet banget ini udah 8 bulan aja! Amiiinn…semoga lancar2 aja spt doa nya! Thanks xxx

  8. Yeaaayyy it’s almost time!! My skin is awful too. Everyday it’s something new. Anyway, I am finally going maternity clothes shopping this weekend as my pants are too tight now. Thanks for the Rimmel tip, will check it out too. Btw curious on the pram that you chose Pie if you don’t mind me asking.

    • Mikan, once you wear maternity pants you don’t want to take them off though…lol. They are so comfy!

      We bought a second-hand pram from a family who used it for a year. It’s called Mutsy Evo. We do not want to spend a fortune on a new pram and we’re glad we did this way. I plan to use a woven/stretch wraps (babywearing) for a practical reason and also I like the idea very much! 🙂 what about you? are you eyeing on some specific prams?

      • I think I would feel the same haha. We’re trying to cut down on the costs too like buying a used cot, etc. I’m so torn on the pram. Watched and read many reviews already but still unsure. We want to buy one that’s durable and can be used with the second one (I’m past prime age already so planning this carefully LOL). So many things to think about 😅

    • O yeah we chose Mutsy Evo because it is light, sturdy and easy to fold. We have a city car which is a tiny car and it fits in the car perfectly 🙂

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