Snippets of Summer 2014

For people who live in northern hemisphere, when the weather is nice it is then the perfect time to do things. It feels like anything we do becomes more special because the sun is up and shining. We all stay up late and just seize the days! There are many fun outdoor events organized in the summer, such as: festivals, block parties, sports championships (think of run or swim marathon) and more parties! So we have been having a staycation instead of a vacation. Sometimes you just don’t have time in the world (and s staple of money) to go on holidays as often as you want. Spending times in Holland, enjoying the abundance of sun lights and of cool places in the city.

And pictures speak louder than words…so here it comes my snippet of summer!

Playing tourist with my little brother. This one is taken in Vondelpark 🙂


Chilling out in Hannekes Boom in the evening. I really LOVE this venue, it has a fantastic view and the atmosphere is really chill.. It is near the Centraal Station and facing NEMO museum..but seriously, they need to do something about its hygiene! They don’t wash the glasses properly and I don’t think that’s worth the price.. The glasses really gross me out it looks that I might catch some sickness by drinking from it. That gross. In this situation, a straw comes in very handy, but still..such a pity, because the venue as I say; is utterly awesome!


Take a dip in a lake nearby the house. I believe, this is done out of necessity. The temperature goes up it reaches 36 degrees Celsius at one point, it’s really warm and dry. We decide to run to one of the nearest lakes. This one is in Ouderkerk lake. Ouderkerk is a tiny village between Amstelveen and Amsterdam.


BBQ w some friends! FOOOOODDDD 🙂


Meet up with my bestie at the park and of course that requires some bubbles!


Our hiking session in the weekends


Enjoying some color bomb in our balcony. This summer we’ve had a hammock for a while! So chill 🙂

foto 1

As you notice some of the good times are spent outside.. it’s because of the sunshine, what else? 😀 I think I get all vitamin D for the whole year this summer. Everyone seems happy and cheerful and glowing. As much as we love our staycation,  summer is over in Holland. And we are not ready yet! We leave Holland, and we go to somewhere warmer to enjoy the last bit of summer. More sun, good food, beaches and hopefully good times.

Bye for now friends, see you soon!

**this is a scheduled post I will reply to your comments after I’m back**

25 thoughts on “Snippets of Summer 2014

  1. I’m probably one of the few who don’t like summer, haha! But yeah, I had staycation this year, did BBQ and picnic with friends, went to the beach and those kind, but I’m mostly looking forward to autumn this year. Hope you have great time vacationing!

    • Truthfully….errrr…musim gugur non! Summer di Holland enak sih cuma autumn lebih asik soalnya banyak daun warna warni, daun berguguran, ga gt dingin dan kadang langitnya cantik….melo bgt deh.

    • Udah lumayan lama kayaknya 5-6 tahun mungkin udah ada dan sekarang menjamur kemana2 ga cm 1 tempat aja. Dulu cuma ada di Museumplein (square di antara Van Gogh museum dan Rijksmuseum)

  2. Jadi bisa ikut ngerasain deh pie, senengnya enjoying the summer sun 🙂 here in Indo we kinda take it (sunshine) for granted, malah kadang sampe pake payung saking teriknya, takut gosong hehe

  3. Mba Oppie, maaf ya aku oot.. aku mau nanya mba, kalo di Holland pas Desember kira2 brp derajat ya mba? Apa aja yg harus dipersiapin buat aku yg belom pernah kesana? Pacarku sih blg emang dingin, tp gak dingin2 bgt. Tapi kan kulit kita orang Indo beda 😦 mohon sarannya ya mba. Makasiiih 🙂

    • Ga tentu sih…tapi let say kisaran 5-1 derajat deh. Tahun ini memang sekarang gak dingin dibandingkan Oktober pada biasanya. Tapi kalau Desember sih pastu bakal lebih dingin dari sekarang. Disini bs beli thermal underwear. Jangan lupa kaos kaki wol, syal wol, dan beanie buat kepala kamu. Karena menurut orang bule gak dingin itu menurut kita apalagi yg belum pernah ke negeri dingin tuh beda loh.

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