Our Little Playground

As we grow older we forget how to play. We are occupied with other grown up stuff, like build a career, fix troubled romances, emotional love storms, kids, relocation, etc. What is playing? Playing is for kids only..adults don’t play, we work. We must earn our degrees and money, pay mortgages, pay off our debts and study loans. We become really serious, and forget to have fun in a normal way. They say having some drinks with friends and going to the clubs are the normality for adults to have fun. But, really? Do you really feel at ease afterwards and happy. Sometimes you just feel even more knackered than before. And you hate it when your wallets become thinner after you have some fun at the posh clubs with a bunch of friends you don’t even know that well. If you get tired of it then you should probably switch the game.

Playing for adults it’s not the same like it was when we were kids. It is more about competition sometimes and becomes less innocent. The first time you meet a new person, first questions will be:

Where do you work? or what is your job? why did you end up here (mostly expats’ questions)? how old are you?

Do you remember, when we were kids when we met new potential playmates, we did not question them those questions. We just asked them, hey do you want to play with me? And that was it.

Why can’t we just put those template questions aside, and just play with friends? I’ve noticed that from lack of playing for adults can lead to stress, isolated feeling, shortage in creativity .



Here is my story… I am lucky to be surrounded by creative creatures around me and there’s always something interesting peeking at the door. One of my best friends, Lu, came up with a brilliant idea early this year when she opened a playground for adults. Her profession as an actress is obviously a “license” to become a qualified facilitator of an adult playground. I am so proud of her that she manages to create her own start-up from scratch out of a thing she is passionate about. Originally from Buenos Aires, she moved to Amsterdam for love and at first she was like me. Clueless. Struggling to fit in. Fast forward 4 years later, she has found her place, and has created her own  beautiful family.

I came to one of her sessions, and found myself playing and connecting with other people whom I never met before in an inspiring, non-competitive and non-judgmental environment. We danced, we did crazy acts, we sang, we screamed, we joked with each other. I came home with a big smile from ear to ear. It was definitely a really good time and perfect way to break from routines. This was not my first time playing, I have been to many other “playgrounds” since I live in Holland. It does not matter what kind of playground you choose, as long as you feel happy, stimulated and welcomed.

We went to her theater play on Sunday evening. She is taking part in Argentinian theater festival at this moment and has got herself a gig in the festival, and although the play that night was in Spanish (well.. Argentine Spanish which has slightly different accents and they use sometimes different words than the Peninsular Spanish) I understood a tiny tiny bit of what she was saying (also with a help of another Argentinian friend to translate the dialogues)! The theater play was performed and broadcasted live through Skype, and it was double performed by her in Amsterdam and by her best friend – also an actress – in Buenos Aires, it was all synchronized with Skype. It was a very cool and authentic performance,  I was and still am immensely proud of her! and it’s always nice to witness your best friend’s success 🙂

me, the actress, another dear friend who came to support her


Enough about my story…that is kinda longer than I thought. Tell me, what games do you fancy to play? What makes you excited and happy? Would you like to share your story with me?

Thanks for reading!


22 thoughts on “Our Little Playground

  1. I would love to visit that adult playground…brilliant idea ya pi temenmu itu.

    Me? when I was a kid, I love running around the hills and pick some flowers…..sitting down on a big stone and staring at the beautiful Toba Lake, pick some buah kemiri and sell them (I spent 1 year of my childhood in my dad’s kampung…samosir) si bolang deh pokoknya

    now? i still have to play like kids because I have to accompany my ;il girl tp play. Main masak2an….dan barbie

    • Iya lucu deh, ada sesi menggambar segala. Ada sesi imajinasi, dan ngerjain, pokoknya persis pas kita main dulu pas masih kecil. Sampe ngakak guling guling pun ada.

      What a wonderful childhood you had Jo! that’s why you love outdoor activities ya. Samosir is such a beautiful town, I have been there once when I visited my mom’s hometown in Medan. Indeed, lucky you to have beautiful and active kids ! A good excuse to play along hehehe 😀

  2. Adult playground. That sounds like a very fun and wholesome place to be, a place where adults can discover the meaning of fun and relaxation – and happiness – again. A place where no one is judged, very nice. What excites me? Video games. Even half an hour of it makes me feel like a kid again 😀

    • It is a very fun place, and safe. You can be just yourself, don’t need to pretend. It is a brilliant idea, isn’t it? Hahaha I can relate, my hubby does it sometimes too with video games. I am no video gamer myself, but I understand the excitement.

      • itu asik Pop tapi di Medan gak ada yang main hahaha. Aku gak nemu satupun harta karun 😦 coba deh donlot gamesnya di Belanda sana Pop. Lumayan pas wiken hunting “harta karun” ama Jo.

        kalo sekarang lagi kecanduan main The clue sama monopoli, mainnya rame2 kalau pas lagi ngumpul2 gitu.

      • Pengen bgt non aku udah download app nya sayang temen2 kita lg pada liburan jd nunggu mereka balik baru deh seru maenan geocaching! Aku kemaren nyoba main Cards Against Humanity (cards game for horrible people). Seru banget tp oh my God…parah bgt. Coba aja cek di Google trus klik gambar/images. Monopoli seru banget emang ya!

      • aku coba donlot deh. Si matt ama temennya lagi gila2 main games entah hapa2. kita sih ngikut2 aja. the clue itu seru juga. nyari siapa pembunuh, dimana, bunuhnya pake apa. jadi mikir hahah.
        entar aku mau cobain game kamu. kalo bisa di donlot lebih bagus deh *gak modal banget ya hahaha*

        iya geocaching itu seru kalo rame2, berasa nyari2nya. kalo sendiri, kesannya jadi serius banget ya

  3. gw jagonya bekel dulu Pie ama lompat tali, o ya lari benteng jg suka bangeth, iya juga ya kenapa kita orang dewasa ini suka nya serius2 gitu yah? padahal kan sekali2 gak dosa yah? :))

    • Wauw jago bekel…salut! gue bego banget main bekel. Maen karet juga pas pasan…hahaha. lari benteng kalo di Ciledug namanya tap benteng Fe, hihi. Itu kayaknya gue main tiap hari…serrruu!!! Iya kan, kita orang dewasa ga pernah mainan yg innocent gitu…:(

  4. oh, Oppie, how true! it’s sad, when you think about it… i don’t think i play that much anymore these days either, except sometimes some video games with my husband or alone (i know, how boring!!). whenever we go take a small walk around the neighbourhood and find a playground, i would always make time to use the swings, the cable slides (whatever it’s called), and sometimes the seesaw. 😀 just for fun. and on christmases, we would usually play board games with my husband’s family. pretty standard, huh? wish i could do more, though. i do hope that when we have a child it’ll be easier for us to let it loose and play more, together with our child.

    • you do what you think that makes you happy right? if video games make you happy and relax, why not? 😀 good for you!!

      yeah, i am wondering why can’t we just play like we were kids once in a while? i hope when we have kids we will be like that puni, let it loose and be a little child ourselves and play more! 🙂

  5. doyan main karetttt.. Itu mainan se-sekolahan pas SD, sama benteng. sama yang ngelempar batu trus kita loncat di kotak2 itu apa ya namanya, ahhh aku lupa. sampe sekarang kalau ada lahan kosong, kadang masih suka buat kotak terus loncat gitu mba pke satu kaki ngelewatin kotak2nya… kangen masa kecillll 😀

    • aku juga suka banget maen karet, sayang gak gitu gape deh. baru jengkal aja udah suka kalah apalagi merdeka..hahahaha. kayaknya skrg disuruh maen karet lg pasti udah ngos ngosan ya :p Iya,aku jg lupa apa namanya itu..*amnesia* …

  6. Main yang beneran main yah?..hihih :p Gw ma Ai seneeeeng banget kalo dah di timezone dan sejenisnya.. hihihi.. Seruu aja gitu meski diliatin emak2 yg bawa anaknya..haha.. Sama kmren beli ludo trus main bareng temen kost.. Aslii have fun banget!! haha..

    • Aku jg suka ke timezone! hehehe. Cuma udah ga pernah lagi semenjak tinggal di Belanda ya dimana coba? Tuh kan, kalo maen bareng bareng gitu asik banget kan. Sering sering Py! biar ga stress 🙂

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