Eight is A Good Number

Time does not fly when I talk about our relationship. Thank you for stick/stuck with me for the last 8 years! We are together in both joy and misery..and get each other’s back no matter what.

I have never dared dreaming to have a partner like you. Let alone married one! You are understanding, funny, goofy, and very supportive. In spite of all differences we had, we looked past it and came this far. We’ve found in each other the most important/essential thing in life and we’ve promised to each other to nurture it.

Yes, we are still arguing over silly things. You are still who you are, leave dirty socks on the couch and always forget to clean it. And I am always the one who gotta pick it up and clean it after you. You hate me using ALWAYS in all of my statements because we both know it is not true.Β  My apology for always leaving coffee cups around the house and make you wash them because we run out of cups. I promise to clean after it and use only one coffee cup and wash it immediately. Pinky promise.

Thank you for always be there for me, for hearing my erratic rants and puttingΒ  up with my mood swings. Cheering me up with your super delicious pasta and homemade pies, you really are a sweetheart. And if I am veeeryy lucky you will play the piano for me.

We have big dreams and this relationship is our journey to reach our dreams. I am ever so grateful to have met you and to share my life with you.

Here’s for our 8th year of relationship, and counting to more bad ass years ahead!






30 thoughts on “Eight is A Good Number

  1. iigh aku telat banget liatnyaaaa.. biar telat tapi tetep ngucapin gpp yaaah
    Happy anniversary ya Pie.. langgeng selalu yah, mesra teruus.. πŸ˜€

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