Berlin Story – Part 2 “Lovely Potsdam”

On the 2nd day in Berlin we decided to visit Potsdam because we wanted to see some beautiful palaces over there.We started our morning by having breakfast at a cafe in Prenzlauerberg area. After that we went to Alexanderplatz to catch a train to Potsdam. The journey took max. 25 minutes I was drifting away and was a bit sleepy so was my friend, D, so we did not know how long the journey exactly was (blimey!) But it was really fast. We arrived there at noon.

Sanssouci Park is a huge and palatial park surrounding the Sanssouci palace in Potsdam. There are many huge and smaller palaces within this park.


New Palace (the picture above is borrowed from here, because pic in my camera’s gone! so it is not mine.)

We firstly bought our tickets for 14 euro each (after discounts as one of the offers from our Berlin Welcome Card)  at the main entrance of the Park. If we did not have those cards, we had to pay a bit more. With this ticket we had access to all of the castles in the park for the whole day. So we started our Potsdam afternoon by entering the first castle which was the New Palace or in German, Neues Palais. The huge palace was built under Frederick the Great, the great Prussian King and completed in 1769. This marvelous New Palace was built in varying forms of baroque and decoration, with some deviations.

We then walked through the park, however did not go to other smaller palaces nearby instead we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. We took our time though because it was a warm and beautiful day. I was really curious of Chinese House which was located +/-  1.5 kilometer further from the New Palace. It was a pavillion that was built dedicated to all Chinese things. It began in the 17th century where the Dutch traders brought finest things from China to Europe. That was when all genuine fascination to China and Chinese culture and arts started. The rooms in Chinese house reflected King’s fondness to Chinese culture and arts.


Chinese House


By this time, we were starving and we had to get out from the park area to get some food. There were no restaurants nor cafe within the area. WTH??!! It was already 2 pm in the afternoon! So with our empty stomach we tried to get out of the park, we almost fainted believe me but then we saw a cafe outside of the gate, and yeah! it was still open and we ordered some delicacies to fill up our tummies.


{Tea time! Time to recharge energy with yummy cakes and green tea}

We finished up our cakes and tea, then we went into the park again because we had a reservation to visit the Palace Sanssouci at 16.40. At the main entrance where we bought our tickets, it was told in advance that it was necessary to make a reservation to visit Palace Sanssouci due to limited space given. The palace was much smaller than The New Palace, so guests were limited for safety reasons.

With super sore feet but new energy we strolled the little parks, and took some pictures.






Sanssouci Palace was a former summer palace for King Frederick the Great. It was smaller, more intimate and designed for his needs to be away from all protocol duties. Sanssouci means ” without cares ” in French, so we could all guess that the King really wanted this palace to be the place where he could relax and had some pleasures. The location was situated on top of a vineyard, we had to climb the vineyard with the stairs to the top of the hill where the palace was located. IMAG1861

{ taken from before we climbed up the stairs}



{ taken from atop of the hill}

I wish I can show you how glorious the interior was in the palace, but I could not take pictures 😦 but I can tell you that this Rococo style palace was breathtakingly beautiful. All interiors were selected from the finest garments and materials. There was the luminous breakfast chamber that was closed for public but we all could take a glimpse at it, it was all covered with silver garments, furniture and materials. So can you imagine when the King had his breakfast, all the silver utensils, curtains, furniture, ceilings and all accessories would glow from the morning sunshine. How grand is that?

 It was already 5 pm when we finished the tour and we were so darn tired from all the walking. So we went by bus to the old city center to see some shops and maybe to have some snacks. And we had some snacks at Hollandische Viertel at this cafe:


Hollandische Viertel or translated as Dutch Quarter is a neighborhood in Potsdam consisting of 134 red Dutch bricks buildings typical Dutch houses, almost all of which have been renovated. It was built from 1733 to 1740 and designed by Jan Bouman. It is considered as Europe’ largest collection of Dutch-style houses outside the Netherlands. Here are some pics from the neighborhood πŸ™‚

Well, that was it…our adventure in Park Sanssouci and Potsdam. Next post it will be about Berlin on our last day with a little bits and bops around Berlin πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading x


6 thoughts on “Berlin Story – Part 2 “Lovely Potsdam”

    • you have to pay a certain amount of money to get the permit. then you get a pass for your camera and are allowed to take pictures without flash. after spent 14 euro each person we did not bother to spend more money :p

    • Rumput tetangga selalu lebih ijo Py hehehe. Karena udara nya bersih dan dingin aja kali ya jadinya keliatan cerah bgt. Kalo lg ga cerah juga jelek kok difoto …

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