Berlin Story – Part 1

After being MIA for a month, I am ready to blog again! It is still May and I have been getting around Schiphol like 4 times already. I am not complaining though, I am busy and happy. A lot has happened in a month. I went home for a short stay (9 days only!) due to a family matter and loved the balmy weather. I gotta meet with some friends and families, which was really wonderful. I gotta eat many Indonesian snacks when I was home. My parents accommodated it, and they were really keen to feed me while I was there :p

A week after my arrival in the Netherlands I left Amsterdam again to spend 4 days in Berlin with my best friend for a short vacation celebrating her birthday. We had so much fun and we really wanted to go back again to Berlin in the future with our partners 🙂

We flew to Berlin with KLM this was because KLM had unbelievably low fares to Berlin, for the week we would visit there! lucky us. Otherwise we would just take the train and sat in the train for 6 something hours … The flight to Berlin took only 1 hour and 20 minutes we arrived at around 7 pm. Shortly after we went downtown to see a friend and grabbed dinner on the way.

We stayed in a hotel in east Berlin, it was a comfortable hotel, and had good access to the center (Alexanderplatz). Although it was more in the neighborhood area it was OK and the advantage was that it was pretty quiet so we could easily have a good rest after a long day. 3 days were way too short to see all Berlin, at least we could use 5 days to see just Berlin without Potsdam. We did not have the chance to go to some of hip districts in Berlin. And we missed the flea markets too! 😦 So, for you who want to visit Berlin and happen to have times, book it for 5 days! 😀

Berlin was such a vibrant city, with a lot of gems and lots of creativity. It had the raw atmosphere, still had the old German feeling yet it had also the international vibes. It was also much cheaper than Amsterdam, in Berlin you could get bigger portion of everything with less money. Bigger beers, bigger plates of food, bigger cakes, etc. Berlin was huge compared to Amsterdam, eclectic and playful. We also spent a day in Potsdam to visit Park Sansscouci.

If you are in Berlin I recommend you to visit Potsdam too because the town is just outside Berlin and it is such a rustic and peaceful place, you would not want to leave it. It has so many green scenery, AMAZING castles, smaller than Berlin and has many nice shops and cafes.

Below are pictures from  Berlin! Happy reading y’all 😀

Upon arrival we immediately bought Berlin Welcome Card. With this pass you are able to get discounts on many museums, free public transport tickets, and get a City Map and public transportation maps.

First evening, spent it with a friend and chilled out at a Biergarten in Berlin – Mitte 🙂

Pic 1. A super cool hangout in Berlin Mitte, a typical Biergarten with a twist. Its name is Republiek Frank und Frein. Take U8 from Alexanderplatz and get off after 2 stops. The venue is just next to U Bahn station. It is really unique because of the retro double-Decker bus which functioned as the indoor place.

Pic 2. Alexanderplatz train station where we took train (RE train goes faster than if you take S Bahn or RB train) to Postdam on the 2nd day.

On the 2nd day we ventured out to Park Sanssouci in Potsdam to see some major attractions. Next post will be all about Potsdam 🙂 and the rest of Berlin .


Stay tuned!


31 thoughts on “Berlin Story – Part 1

    • Siang malah kadang belum buka say…biasanya sore jam 4 atau 5 baru buka gitu deh. Dan cuaca menjelang summer kayak gini mereka bisa duduk2 disitu after office hours sampaiiii malem banget. Pas aku ke Berlin mgg lalu masih sekitar 18-22 derajat Celcius dan kadang masih hujan…minggu ini bagus banget, panas banget dan cerah! 🙂

    • Iya Be’ highly-recommend deh karena bagus banget pemandangannya dan istana-istana nya bikin takjub.

      Beli tiket 14 euro bisa masuk ke semua istana di Park Sanssouci 🙂

  1. Berlin looks so beautiful. Sounds like you did a lot of sight-seeing on a short trip. I don’t think I could keep up the pace if I went along with you. The train station looks eerily similar to one of the main train stations here in Melbourne.

    Better a few days of holiday than none! Hope you had a great time, I’m sure you did 🙂

    • Nooo don’t be fooled by my writing lol I was really slow and took my time with the sight-seeing. Oh really? that’s funny maybe they have the same architect? hehehe. I had a marvelous time in Berlin for sure 🙂 thanks for your comment.

      • Aw, glad to hear you didn’t rush thought sight-seeing. The slower you walk around on holiday, the more relaxed you’ll be and the more you see 🙂

  2. I love Berlin, especially East Berlin. It is underground and laid back Oppie. I stayed twice in Prenzlauerberg. Next time I come there I’d stay in Neukölln. You surely had a good time there 😉

    • We did not see much of east Berlin .. Schade. I liked it too because it was as you said, underground and not too mainstream. Indeed, Prenzlauerberg is a home to many artists and students, which makes it really lively!

      Next time will stay a bit longer there 🙂

    • Biergarten emang khas jerman banget deh, hehehe. Ga gt suka biergarten sebenernya cuma yg ini lucu banget jadi nya hayok aja lah ternyata emang lucu bgt konsep nya 🙂

    • We ran out of time pas di Berlin, padahal udah niat banget mau kalap belanja di flea market dan vintage shops nya .. sutra lah next time pasti kesampean ! hehehe

  3. hahhhh, cheaper than Amsterdam?? (when we were at Amsterdam, everything already felt so cheap compared to Finland… except the public transport tickets, which is around the same.) argh, must go there one day! can’t wait for the rest of the story! 😀

    • Oh yuck, so that means finland is expensive?! duh, i thought so because you guys are so wealthy up there! hahaha. menurut kita yg orang belanda, setiap ke jerman tuh surga banget deh apalagi kalo bela beli toilettries dan sepeda, dan tax makanan dikit. semua jatohnya muraaahh! stay tuned ya *sok asik*

      • …errrr….wealthy dari mane yee?? maksudnya negaranya yg kaya kali ya? because we’re definitely not. (aduh, baruuu aja nulis barusan soal kondisi duit keluarga, baca gih) 😀 tapi yg pasti emg di sini apa2 mahal. hiks!

      • iya, standard biaya hidup tinggi di sini, cuma ga setinggi Norway (katanya). 😀 klo sempet mampir ke Finland, paling irit sih nginep di hotel apartemen & masak sendiri. it’s not that bad when you know where to get the best offers, hehe!

  4. I absolutely adore Berlin. Have been there so many times and still wanting to go back every time. For me, Berlin is synonymous with good food, abundant ethnic restaurants with affordable price. Coming from Scandinavia, Berlin is superb

    • I can imagine, for you who are from Copenhagen, I think to spend your holiday in Berlin must be so wonderful for just for that aspect, whereas you can get cheaper meals, stuff and such. Definitely will come back 🙂

    • Iya kata aku sih kalo ke Jerman sempetin ke Berlin daripada ke Cologne. Hamburg dan Hannover juga lucu. Itu yg kota besar ya Astrid, kalo ke area pedesaan di Jerman aku juga suka banget soalnya lebih murah lagi hehehe 🙂

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