The Greatest Virtue

Sometimes when you want to make your point obvious to someone else you just have to show them in your own way. The way you feel it’s right, a way which you are comfortable with. It’s also true what they say, patience is the greatest virtue. No doubt. So when I perused a note given by my boss, the heavy burden was lifted off me instantly and I was really proud of myself. To celebrate the joy and the true revelation of the greatest virtue I’ve made a pact to myself that I am allowed to treat myself some nice little things.

Β IMG_20140421_063140

Grandmother’s health tips book, a bundle of woven ribbon (always handy for craft projects), a magnet and 2 scented sachets Jacob Hooy. Bought all of them from Dille en Kamille . This place is my sort of sanctuary, always end up buying stuff from this store. My husband likes the store as well. Well, double trouble…hehe.


Two skeins of yarns from a yarn walhalla, Weldraad. The store has fabulous choices of organic yarns..I want it all! I choose one skein of yarn from 100% organic cotton and the other one is 40% cotton and 60% wool. I am going to use them for my summer project πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “The Greatest Virtue

  1. Ouww nice! Patience is the greatest virtue….dan aku butuh itu oppie…. hehehee soalnya orang paling ga sabaran anaknya. Btw…. mau liat knitting projectnya ya….

    • Dan rasanya pun setelah bersabar dan ada hasilnya, hadilnya manis sekali πŸ™‚ gak knitting say klo gak crochet mo bikin weaving project gitu … Buat tar summer πŸ˜€

    • Lho kok jd ngantuk? Hihihi. Aku malah jd rileks dan gak ngomel-ngomel bikin suami ku seneng. Dia klo liat aku dah megang jarum dan benang trus dia happy kt nya, asiikk istriku bakal anteng hari ini huehehe. ayo riaaa cobain deh sekaliiii aja pasti ketagihan πŸ™‚

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