Mini Holiday from Blogosphere


Not feeling like writing or bloghopping right now. After super busy months, attended a wedding in Cologne, a (half) business travel to Hannover and a departmental party I got sick. Nothing beats a healthy breakfast when you are feeling unwell. Gives me the natural boost I need. Hoping to write more in upcoming month though.


I admit that I am hooked on my iPad mini. I take this small device wherever I go and use it all the time (I even neglect my phone and laptop). I love it. Got this from my work as a xmas gift I firstly despised it because we got iPad (the real ones not mini) just 2 years ago. I thought who the heck needs an iPad mini when you already have an iPad?! Well..i do. The joke is on me. It is compact, much simpler to carry than iPad and it has Netflix in it (subscription) I watched a lot of nice and easy movies on Netflix and will write a separate post about that 🙂 some are highly recommended feel good movies! Do you like iPad mini better than the regular iPad like me?

I am leaving you with my (not so) current fave get-up-and-go song 🙂 MACKLEMORE and Ryan Lewis yoo! 😀

Wishing you all a lovely day !


5 thoughts on “Mini Holiday from Blogosphere

  1. Ah Netflix forever Pie. Do you watch House of Cards? It is very tempting to always have an iPad on the go if it fits easily in your bag. I only own a normal size iPad and I don’t carry it in my bag. IPhone is sufficient for me, for now 🙂

    Are you better now? I am still fighting the hay fever here. I want to see the Hannover pics, would love to go there someday.

    • J is a huge fan of House of Cards…helaas. I didn’t watch it from the very beginning and it made me so difficult to like it.
      Yikes I just got my blood tested as I am still sick and get other “weird” symptoms too so fingers crossed maybe it is just a nasty seasonal virus! Are you doing better yourself? Hannover is quite alright, modern and lovely city but one day is enough though, maybe Hamburg is more nice than Hannover (just my opinion) No pictures taken only random android snapshots about beers and nasty pork sauerkraut dishes…hahaha! I really did not think about taking pictures 😦

  2. Oppie kirim donk sini sarapanmu yg tampak sangat nikmat ituuu.. Hihihi. Disini jarang sih ada buah2 cantik kayak gitu, klpun ada pasti harganya juga cantik. Have a good day too Oppie! 🙂

    • Aku suka banget kombinasi buah berry segar dan kacang-kacangan di yogurt Mar, beneran deh boost banget! Aduhhh tukeran dong, aku pengen bgt belimbing, sirsak, jambu biji, rambutan, dan kedondong…ya Tuhan sumpah ngidam abis! 😀

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