Thirty Autumns

I always describe myself as an autumn girl. Because I was born in November and I adore the pretty colors of trees in autumn, I like how we dress up, it is fluffy and not bulky like in the winter, I like its wetness because it rains a lot and the color of the autumn sun. I celebrated my 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago and I really had a blast. I love my new age, I love how it sounds and I am thankful that I am still alive in my 30th year of existence in this world. My heart is filled with joy and overloaded with love from my new family.

bday 30

In the weekend we invited some of closest friends and my husband cooked his signature spicyΒ tunaΒ pie and chicken pie. I made some pecelΒ (Indonesian vegetable salad with tasty peanut sauce) and tumpeng. My best friend D cooked yellow rice for us, then I cooked tempe dishes, tofu, Indonesian chicken dish…a lot of food and condiments πŸ™‚ . There was laughter, love, and warmth in our apartment…balloons, buntings, (hand-made) presents and ice creams. I love them to bits. Thank you dear Lord Almighty for giving me this wonderful life. I cannot describe my gratitude in words.

Thank you.

With love,


32 thoughts on “Thirty Autumns

  1. iya kerasa itu senengnyaaaaa. Enjoy banget ya, Pie, pake acara masak sendiri kayak yang Noni ceritain juga. Great friend and great food (eh macam tag si Pizza hut ya) ihik.

    • Hahaha πŸ™‚ iya seneng I feel so blessed. Iya ndang kita disini emang suka masak2 sendiri. Apalagi kalau pesta ultah udah deh sibuk aja di dapur dari 2 hari sebelum nya. Tapi seneng soalnya rame2 dan seru sama temen2 πŸ™‚

    • Danke sehr Amy! Wah kamu sekarang umur nya berapa emangnya? *kepo* Iya pas masih 29 kayaknya nanggung, duapuluhan kok ya ga juga soalnya udah 20 coret. 30 yah belum, nanggung bgt.

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