Suki in the Graveyard

I have been writing in Bahasa Indonesia lately I think it must have been a holiday mode I preserve. It is always not easy to go back to work after a lengthy holiday. Like what I have now! I came back last week on Thursday, and found out that my office (well that sounds too desk!) had been replaced to another room. Apparently I have a new team and a new room. A team that consists of moi and my boss only. Doing some IT Architecture and compliance and that sounds really vague and techy even for me. Architecture?! what? all of a sudden I sit by myself in a white room. There are another 4 people in the room but all of them are working remotely and super busy (mostly are directors). I feel so lonely and isolated….not good. My job is still the same, checking systems’ audit logs, busy with the Sharepoint contents, international calls and creating compliance reports and all that. Boring. But I used to be happy at work because there were other geeky and super funny colleagues around me. I am not sure about this change…I miss my geeky colleagues a lot so I keep bugging them by swinging by their room once in a while. And they make my day. A colleague who sits next to me (we call him Mr. International-because he deals with International offices) has ordered a new Calvin Klein poster of an almost naked male model with a provocative pose to cheer me up. When it arrives I will hang it on the wall hehe.  And he allows me to play my Belle and Sebastian’s music from the speaker in the afternoon. Oh well, maybe it is not so bad at all. Let see how it goes…

Wishing you all a happy week!!

xx lonely me xx


11 thoughts on “Suki in the Graveyard

  1. hahahahahahahaha kalo nulis bahasa Indonesia kayaknya spontan dunia berubah jadi lebih santai ya Pie. Ah semoga lama lama bisa dinikmatin, Pie. Tapi di kantor dulu aku juga gak suka banget kerjaannya, tapi temen-temennya make it soo bearable atau malah jadi fun ya.

    • Aku ga tahan klo sendirian ndang…aku kan anaknya rame hehe jd kesepian bgt klo gda yg bs diajak ngobrol. Job nya sih biasa bgt ga bikin bete sih cm kesepian membunuhku…taelahhh ngedangdut dia.

  2. IT Architecture? Curious to know what it is 🙂 You could ask your boss whether it is ok to sit around the other colleagues from time to time. Kan seru kerja deket orang yang bisa menggila. Work can be fun also. Ever heard about flexworking? At my office everyone can sit wherever he/she wants. As long as you find a PC to log in or even with a laptop/tablet in the lounge.

    • IT Architecture kalo ga salah mudeng kemaren pa boss bilang jadi kita kasih solusi, ngurus workflow, bikin guidelines buat IT infrastruktur dan end user support. Ide bagus tuh mbak seminggu sekali duduk di kantor lama! Flexworking udah ada di sini dikasih locker gitu juga ca’em deh, cuma baru berlaku buat anak2 di Footwear. Biasa kalo urusan designer mah pasti diduluin kalo IT mah ntar aje belakangan…pasti dikasih kantor yg bekas2 gt *ya nasib kerja di IT*….

  3. semangat kerja lagi ya 🙂
    btw, nulis dalam bahasa inggris kadang lebih mewakili daripada di indo, entahlah lebih mengena saja. Beberapa bahasa memang tidak bisa mewakili perasaan..

    salam kenal 🙂

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