Saying Goodbye to A Fabulous Summer 2013

The ugliest part of summer finally comes upon us. We have to say goodbye to a fabulous summer! I mean it, this year we had such a blissful summer. Finally, after so many years we all have to put up with lousy summers. The temperatures were really warm with a lot of sun. We often went to the parks, lakes and to the woods, and also to the city “beaches” (ie: Blijburg, industrial areas like NDSM and Roest). I also went to the cinema A LOT this summer and saw summer blockbusters, jeeezz so many good movies. My faves were The Heat, Mud, Behind the Candelabra and The Conjuring (whooaa!!it scared the hell out of me).

In August we attended our friends’ beautiful wedding ceremony in Haarlem. The civil wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Haarlem City Hall. And then the party continued to Bloemendaal beach not so far from the town Haarlem.  Wow, the bride looked like a fairy 😀 she was soooo pretty and flawless, and she had in total 3 wedding gowns for the day. WOW. We were so happy for them, and the day was a fantastic summer day, everything was so perfect!


On September 3, we celebrated our first marriage anniversary. It just keeps better and we cannot believe how fast time flies 😀 We had a date night, we did exactly the same things we did on our first date back then in 2006! First had drinks on one of cafes on Marie Heinekenplein in De Pijp (a district in Amsterdam) then we had a nice summer dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant nearby.


Humble dinner but the taste is amazing

This month my friend Diana and I threw a hen party for our dear friend, Lusi. She’ll get married next month and we wanted to give her a special night to remember. The wedding will be held in Jakarta, so a bunch of her church friends and me (not a gang of the church) went ballistic on a Sunday evening throwing her a hen party. We went for bowling sessions and set her up for some nasty challenges in the city. For instance; asked a man to give her a peck on the cheek wearing red lipstick/ asked her to sing national hymn in the Dam square/ Asked a man to sing for her and many of those crazy acts. Reminded me of my own hen party last year hahaha. After that we ended the evening by having dinner at Saigon, a nice Vietnamese restaurant near Leidseplein. We did not go for the tacky hen party like hiring a stripper, the idea itself grossed us out. We really had a ball! and it was really unforgettable. I was not allowed to put her pictures here, too bad hahaha!!

Last weekend I met up with mba Yoyen in the city, it was a perfect event to wrap up summer. This was our second meet up, we met for the first time a couple of months ago together with Teppy who was holidaying at that moment! Teppy we miss you too 🙂 Mba Yoyen and I tried a newly opened Korean restaurant, Yokiyo in De Wallen (Red Light District). I have read good reviews about this restaurant so I thought we should try it out. Just look at our jumbo size lunch! It tasted really delicious too and the most important thing, it’s affordable (12  euros for this jumbo hot plate of Bibimbap Bulgogi). After that we went to De Drie Graefjes on Rokin to have some fancy desserts 🙂 I chose a Red Velvet cupcake and mba Yoyen chose a carrot cake. I gotta say that the thing I loved the most from this place was the cake sizes. They were HUGE for the price. And the taste of all cakes here was just heaven! Oh did I say the kimchi from the Korean restaurant was excellent? hehehe.


bibimbap bulgogi

The summer is definitely over. It is raining almost every day now, the temperatures get cooler and it gets windier than ever. And I start feeling bleh in the mornings because it gets darker outside, and raining 😦  Buuuuttt, I am super happy to going back home to Indonesia ! We will be flying to Indonesia in like a couple of hours from now and will be staying there for about 3 weeks. Enjoying the food, sun and beaches. I will see my families, my dearest grandmother in Solo and my friends. It is just lovely, I need this badly!!! The most awesome part of this holiday is, my parents in-law are coming with us (this is their first visit to Asia) and our dear friends Stefan & Kim are also joining..HOW COOL IS THIS?!!!

So, goodbye for now Europe! I am not going to miss you 🙂

PS: I am so going to miss my little children (kitties) though *cryyyy!*



19 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to A Fabulous Summer 2013

  1. oppie sayang mampir yogya ya aku tunggu wes kedatangan kamu, ntar ginep dirumah aku tp gitu dah sederhana kalau ngak aq cr bantu cr hotel yg murah dan meriah asyik hahahaha

  2. Oppie, Summernya memang ok tahun ini. Seneng bisa ketemu, ngobrol & makan – makan bareng. Lain kali ke museum yuk? Sukses ya persiapan ke Indonesia & ditunggu ceritanya.

  3. waaaa.. lagi otw ato udah sampe ke indo nih Pie? Senangnyaaaa…

    iya ih udah mulai dingin aja sekarang.. huhuhu. malah di bagian utara udah sempet turun salju loh.. >____<

  4. waaaa senangnya liburan ke Indo.. selamat bersenang2..
    iya sedih ih summernya abis juga. sekarang udah mulai dingin dech. malah di bagian utara sempet turun salju aja gt >___<

  5. Happy anniversary oppie.
    Eh itu yang di batok kelapa (ft ethiopian rest) isinya apa se?
    Selamat menikmati matahari indonesia.
    Sepanjang september sy di umbria-italia pie, nggak cuma anget….. panas. Pas giliran 30 drjt C tepar wis, cuma bisa goleran di klapstoel. Begitu turun hujan oohhh lega.

    • terima kasih 🙂 yang di batok kelapa itu bir pisang. Umbria is prachtig!!! taun depan mungkin kita bakal kesana (backpack) pengen bgt dari dulu kesana cm belum sempat :p

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