The Hangout: Summer Edition (Part 2-Finished)

My office is situated between the Center district and Oud-West district and in this area there are many cool coffee hangouts. Though we have sleek and fancy coffee machines in the office (yes we have super fancy ones! also using good quality coffee beans) I still like to get my coffee elsewhere πŸ™‚ sometimes.

This time I am going to wrap up the Hangout – Coffee edition, and I will put posts about coffee hangouts later more you will not get bored πŸ™‚ because trust me, there are still a bunch of coffee hangouts in this city so I still have plenty materials to share! This time I will write about 2 different places.

Let’s start with this unique coffee place. The story began when I read an article online about a guy who was selling coffee from his van. A mobile espressobus, awesome, yes ?Β  I then read the sequel of this article that this same guy opens a coffee place/roaster together with his companion, Headfirst Coffee Roasters. This unique coffee bar opened in February this year and I reaaally love the concept. It is situated next to a waxing boutique and opposite to a neighborhood cafe. Sounds random right? Aha, you got my point…it is a hidden gem πŸ˜€ !! Coincidentally it is just some blocks away from my office so I visit this place quite often πŸ™‚ When you enter the venue, you might wonder, if this is a gallery or a coffee bar? Well it is both. This coffee bar is a part of Harvest & Co., a shop and showroom in vintage furniture/interior accessories. There are so many cool stuff on display mostly are rustic vintage and industrial furniture. The space was a former garage (or kinda plumber..was not really certain it looked dingy from the outside) on Tweede Helmerstraat in Helmersbuurt (Amsterdam Oud-West) so I was kinda bit surprised knowing that ugly garage has turned into a cool hangout. The relax atmosphere in this cafe is the magnet, surrounded with unique pieces it makes me feel in my element.Β  We can work with our laptops or tablets here because they have free Wifi, reading indie magazines or interior magazines or browsing for cool pieces in the gallery.


They have some really good coffee beans selection here, my fave is coffee beans from El-Savador brewed using V60 brewing method. It has a strong flavor, earthy taste and my goodness, it’s a lot! They serve it in a mug! check this out:


And I gotta taste their Ethiopian coffee selection in my next visit and the coffee is brewed with Chemex method. Also, really goooodd, it is mild and fruity. The prices are affordable! They always serve your coffee with a bottle of water for free, which is really nice πŸ™‚

The only thing I miss from this cool place is snacks! You know when you have your latte or espresso you really want to have something sweet on the side, so far they have a selection of homemade cake but most of the time when I am there, it has sold out 😦 So..more cakes or sweet pies maybe?

Headfirst Coffee Roasters: Tweede Helmerstraat 96 – 1054 CN Amsterdam

The second place is more of a coffee bar. It is my go-to place to buy coffee beans because it was the first place I knew where to buy good quality coffee beans. Not only they sell coffee (and tea!) they also roast their coffee beans. And pretty similar to the concept of Screaming Beans’ coffee bar on de 9 straatjes, this is a coffee bar and a shop for coffee appliances.

Brandmeester’s : Van Baerlestraat 13 1071 AM Amsterdam


roasted coffee beans

Even though it is located in a posh neighborhood (between Vondelpark andΒ  PC. Hooftstraat – a shopping street for only designer boutiques..hello Dior, Burberry, Celine, … ) this place is surely not a snobbish corner. That’s what I love from this city it is a small city where posh and less-posh blend in. They serve you with smiles and should you have questions about coffee they always gladly help you.



I hope you enjoy The Hangout coffee edition, and for you who just join click here for the first, second and third post I wrote about coffee places in Amsterdam.



18 thoughts on “The Hangout: Summer Edition (Part 2-Finished)

  1. holla chika..
    kemana aja kok jarang muncul.
    wah belanda 1 negara yg wajib di datangi, aku sekarang udah bisa menebak muka ( bule ) kalau pada singah ditempat aku.
    orang belanda, jerman, amerika, australia, paris, jepang dll
    katanya orang indo disana buanyak jd jangan kuatir and lebih hangat.

    • hi ria, iya sibuk di kantor jadi yah jarang nge-blog. Tempat kamu apaan Ri? ramai disinggahi..seru dong banyak denger cerita2 ya.

      memang benar di Belanda banyak orang Indonesia nya πŸ™‚

      • aku kerja di johnny andrean school and training .
        pasti kamu tau salon johnny andrean nah aku tempat kursusnya.
        di daerah malioboro jd pada suka tu bule bule datang sekedar perawatan, gunting dll
        ( karena murah )
        nah jadinya kita sok kenal gitu ngobrol ngobrol.

      • wah mungkin tu tp terahkir bule belanda yg datang pasangan bule, trus ada 1 lg cowoknya indo tp dah lama stay di belanda.

    • nee ini postingan lama di draft neng hihi..masih nulis yg kemaren sama mba yoyen..alamaaak lezat nyaa! hahaha. aduh kamu belum lihat furniture yg mereka jual di toko nya, aku ngiler banget πŸ˜€

      • aku liat yg di posting mba Yoyen, Pop tapi kan cuman 1 aja. itu meja gitu deh. keren banget. arghhhhhhhh sebel ah kalo liat begituan huhuhu
        cepetan posting + foto dong, pengen liat lebih banyak

    • My colleague insisted that I MUST go to the village sometimes. He said you guys there have the best coffee ever (i am not exaggerating thats what he told me hihi). I will let you know once I get the time to explore utrecht one of these days πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Disini biasa aja ga awam juga kok neng…banyak yg enggres enggres gt di kota2 besar soalnya banyak perusahaan multinasional berserakan.. Gada sinkronisasi kalo di tipi kecuali filem anak2 hehehe. Nah Amsterdam kayaknya rada beda ya, disini gw rasa bahasa Inggris malah bahasa yg paling umum soalnya banyak turis & expats.

  2. Wow, Amsterdam sounds like the coffee lover’s mecca! The first coffee bar looks so eclectic. I’d love to try one of their cuppa brewed in the V60 method. They always taste so strong and the buzz stays a long time, which is nice hehe.
    Also the idea of an espresso bus sounds interesting!

    • it is slowly becoming a mecca for coffee indeed hehe. coffee has been taking over amsterdam for the last 3-4 years, it is fun! πŸ™‚ many different concepts that offer more than just coffee, but also craft and design πŸ˜€

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