The Hangout: Summer Edition (Part 1)

It is Summer peeps!! we are blessed with the abundance of sun and great weather this summer. To celebrate that, let’s enjoy the sun and roll to nice places outside of the center of Amsterdam. I honestly dislike Amsterdam in the summer. It is crowded with tourists and they drive me crazy! They walk in fietspad, they cycle like idiots, and they stop whenever they want and take pictures in the middle of the streets…arrggh! so frustrating. This modest review has been sitting in my draft folder for, there you go. Happy reading πŸ™‚

Thus, I’ve chosen a place outside the city center to have some peaceful moments. I am a fan of non-pretentious places with relax ambiance and nice music. There are not so many hangout places in Amsterdam that offer live music. So whenever there’s one offers all aforementioned things, I am game. If you read my post this one then this place I am going to write about is located in the same area with the flea market. The venue called Pllek and it is a really cool one, it is situated by the water and it has occasionally live music from new (indie) bands/artists. Pllek is a new creative hang-out at the NDSM wharf with a fantastic view over Het IJ. The place consists of industrial raw materials with old shipping containers piled up as the main building blocks.

I ordered one cup of Doppio (double espresso, 3 euro something) and a glass of water on the side, to numb the pain in my shoulder (yes I was still suffering from it and taking medication) ! we brought books and J did not forget to take two towels so we could lay on it and chilled out. The coffee itself was okay, though it was pretty mild for my taste (yes, I like strong taste) I was not sure what kind of coffee beans the barista used but it was a fair trade product, and I was happy.


We enjoyed the warm weather very much, the sunbeams fell on our faces while we wereΒ  reading our books … so lovely.

The place has a post-industrial feeling ala Berlin like the whole NDSM areaΒ  does, and it has a nice and warm vibe for a hangout spot.

What I like the most from that day was the live music, there was a new band – consisted of two young girls – promoting one of the girls’ album as our background music. J liked their music alright he bought their CD when we checked out πŸ™‚ Here is the cover of her CD:



Young, old, families all in one place

Besides good coffee and other refreshments, at Pllek you can have yummy and healthy breakfast, lunch, borrel (drinks) and dinner. They are only using healthy and organic products which maybe explain why the prices are a bit expensive. There is also a yoga class given on Saturdays by instructors from Natural Yoga. It costs 12 euro for one session (1.5 hours). And if you did not have sufficient cash at that moment you are allowed to pay half the price. I think I would try it out this summer, the idea of doing yoga outdoor and near the water really excites me.


Picture is borrowed from their Facebok page

I think so far as I can see, this hangout spot is terrific for you who want to have a chill moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city…and it is still in Amsterdam πŸ˜€ Just to warn you though, it gets busier by the end of the day / evening.


TT Neveritaweg 59 | 1033 WB Amsterdam


23 thoughts on “The Hangout: Summer Edition (Part 1)

  1. Baru tau ada tempat kayak gini di Amsterdam Pie… Tapi kalo lagi turist mode mah ga sempet yeee rasanya selonjoran di situ.. Hahaha.. harus kalo udah sering bolak balik baru kayaknya bisa ke sana..

    • iya Be kalo ke amsterdam melipir2 dikit deh, banyak tempat2 cihuy dimana para locals nongkrong. Kalo tempat yg ini deket kok sama Centraal Station, cukup ambil ferry nyebrang 5 menit trus turun & jalan 3 menit sampe deh πŸ™‚ Kalo kesini lagi kasi tau ya biar gw ajak jalan2 πŸ˜€

    • Iya sih nel, disini emang selalu penuh sma turis cuma kalo pas summer ya ampuunn..lebih penuh lagi. Mungkin karena penduduk asli nya malah pergi liburan keluar diganti sama turis, kesannya yg gw liat cuma turis doang :p

  2. Wow. Amsterdan just gets cooler and cooler everyday. (not literally cooler though, no pun intended) :p
    You seem to enjoy living there Pie. Can’t wait to visit. =)
    And outdoor yoga near the water?! Exciting!

    • Glad you like it πŸ˜€ If it is summer I am happy πŸ™‚ kalo winter rasanya mau pulang ajah. Overall I do love living here lah, ada suami ada yg mijitin kalo homesick hahaha!

  3. “They walk in fietspad.” hahahaha…. Fietspad bord-nya perlu digedein, atau warnanya diganti yang lebih gonjreng, khusus di Amsterdam. btw itu yoga sekalian sunbathing, kelar yoga kulit jd coklat. Tak perlu ke griekeland.

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