Sweet Heat Wave

Dear blog, sorry for being lazy in updating this blog… I seem to be very busy with life. House cleaning, watching series with J, friends visit, crafting, gardening, blogwalking, but not blogging. I have nothing to write, and if there is something to write about it will sound cheesy and uninteresting (for me). I cannot type for too long now because I do not want my shoulder get hurt, but all I wanna say is that I have been intensely enjoying the sun for weeks now on my balcony.

I told J the other day, ” Hey, het was precies 7 jaar geleden dat wij zo’n hitte golf zomer hadden en dat was toen we net elkaar leren kennen, weet je dat nog?” {Eng= Hey it was 7 years ago when we had this heat wave summer, when we met each other}

 … At least that is how I remember it!



15 thoughts on “Sweet Heat Wave

    • he eh gampang bgt malah sempet panen kemaren bnyk bunga nya satu satu gw potong buat ditarok di vas kl ga gt roboh deh tuh pot nya keberatan bunga hehehe. basilicum nya udah mayan tinggi sekarang tp blm bisa dicabut masih hrs nunggu bbrp minggu kyknya deh 🙂

  1. Enaknya bisa gardening. Dulu gue gardening waktu tinggal di Bandung. Skrg ga bisa lagi, abis tinggal di rumah susun huhuhu.
    I love sun too! Really can’t imagine living over there when the winter hits. Glad you have a great sunny days. Enjoy while it last. Hahaha

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