Old Pics #1

I was just cleaning up some folders in my laptop, and I stumbled upon old pictures…Whooaaa, memories!! sweet ones.

1. My Au Pair journey in Germany was memorable. I will never forget this period of my life. I got the chance to be independent by living abroad for a year and lived in with a family, learned a new culture and also met new people. This picture was taken in my first summer abroad in 2005! Together with a neighbor girl (on my left side), Kristina. She was super nice, the first girl I met when I just moved there and immediately took me under her wings. I was welcomed warmly by her family… Her mother, Frau H. was such a lovely lady and I was always welcomed there whenever I needed a quiet moment. Then we would sip tea (she loved to make peppermint + camomile tea) in the kitchen. The other 3 girls were her foreign girlfriends. Senka from Bosnia, Nadja and Masha from Belarus. The pic was taken during an event called Strassenfest (bloc party). Seriously, I met such great people during my stay in Germany. I guess that is why I always feel Germany like my second (or 3rd) home whenever I am there.


2. My first holiday to Spain! Here I was tasting Cocido Madrileรฑo ..a traditional chickpea-based stew from Madrid. Oh my it was soooo goodddd!! I think if I remember it correctly, our tummies were about to explode, but could not helping ourselves to eat it more and more..and in the end, we did not finish it. Moreover, it was such a perfect summer evening. It was warm, love was in the air and we had a bliss. We definitely will come back to Spain someday. Sevilla is definitely one ofย  the cities in “next cities in Spain list we need to visit” !


3. Ahh…Little Tjakra and his brother, Naru on J’s lap. Naru died not long after this picture was taken ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Hiks..I now get teary eyes from the last picture. Well, have a fabulous week friends!


14 thoughts on “Old Pics #1

  1. Eh iya, lo pernah di Jerman ya, so du kannst sehr gut Deutsch sprechen oder?
    Btw itu chickpeas mirip kayak supnya orang Turkiye, enak pasti kebayang gue. Padahal dibuat sup gitu aja ya..

    • Ach, leider kan ich niet mehr so gut Deutsch sprechen Schatz…udah terkontaminasi sama Nederlands. Kalo baca gw pasti paham tp kalo ngomong pasti “G” belanda gw keluar..parah! Aduuuhh blm nyoba yg Turkiye hihi, endeuuuss bgt iniii..hmmm..

      • Iya, Belanda sama Jerman 11 12 ya, tapi Belanda banyak P dan G. Nyokap gue dulu nyuruh Saif tidur “Schlapen!” gitu katanya.
        Gue bilang “Ih mama jangan kayak orang Sunda gitu deh, schlafen tau”

        Kata mak gue “Yeee mama pake bahasa Belanda tauu”
        Gue bengong hahaha mungkin bahasa Belanda awalnya bahasa Sunda kali yee hahahaha..

      • hihihi..gokil, eh iya itu bahasa emang rada rada sama sih walopun di Jerman kadang beda arti sama belanda, ie: Geil = jerman, cool kalo di belanda geil=horny. Nah loo!itu sih contoh ekstrim ya. And the guttural sound of Dutch G menurut gw sangatlah tak anggun hihihihi

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