My Nostalgic Plate


{ red rice, broccolini, Ayam Ketjap and sprinkles of Fibrex }

Ever since I bought this classic enamel plate (we have two) we cannot stop using it..we use it every single day. When I saw it here in Rozengracht, I immediately fell in love. It reminded me of my grandmothers. Both grandmothers, from my mum’s side and from my father’s side. My grandmother (my mum’s mum, I called her Mbah Putri, she is not here anymore.) took care of me, and she was practically my “mum” , she lived in with us and she always cooked super delicious food.  And this kind of plate was her fave, we had many of these at home. And my grandmother from my father’s side, she is a simple lady who lives alone in the kampoeng. She has many of these kind of plates because I think back in those days, these were the only eating utensils style sold in the traditional market nearby her house. And she never buys new things for herself or for the household. Last time I visited her, these plates were still available on the dining table…I hope she still has them though 🙂 Ah how I miss my lieve oma’s !

Eet smakkelijk!


10 thoughts on “My Nostalgic Plate

  1. I brought a bunch of these plates from Garut when I moved here, and they always cheer me up when I’m homesick for Jawa. It goes without saying that if we’re eating nasi it HAS to be on those plates. 🙂

    • so cute!that’s very smart of you! these plates really remind us of home dont they? 🙂 if i buy them in indonesia it will be much cheaper too.

    • iya, irit ini bisa tahan sampe tahunan piring kayak gini 🙂 Bukan broccolini itu sayur sejenis broccoli (mirip) tapi dia gak bongkahan gitu. Fibrex, itu natural dietary fibre gitu jadi gw sering aja taburin fibrex ke makanan 🙂 biar ada tambahan fibre biar gampang ke belakang hihi

  2. Kitsch Kitchen memang koleksi piring, rantang & nampan seng model gini lengkap ya Pie. Gw 2 tahun lalu beli di Bandung. Bagus memang dan tahan lama. Lagipula multifungsi bisa masuk oven juga. Mooi bordje!

    • ho oh kemaren di KK ada nya nampan+mug+piring (“seng” collection lol) rantangnya dah ludes. Kalo ada wes thak beli sisan. Iyah kalo beli di Indo style nya lebih endonesah lagi hehehe. dank je!

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