IJhallen Weekend

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably knew already what we did on the weekend. Yep, we sold some stuff on IJhallen (read: Eye-hallen). Basically, it was our attempt to sell stuff from our grandma who passed away 2 months ago. She had many valuable (antique) furniture, and my in-laws sold them through an auction hall. Our “task” now is selling the clothes and jewelry. When I thought about IJhallen, my friends were very enthusiastic about it and I thought..well I should give it a shot.


picture is borrowed from Ijhallen

IJhallen is a huge area in Amsterdam Noord, and now is very known as the biggest flea market in Europe. In the winter the event is held indoor and in Spring/Summer it is held outdoor. But what was the IJhallen before? This area once belonged to NSM, which in late thirties after the war merged to NDSM (Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij). It was the biggest shipyard in the world. That is why there are still some remnants, and remains of ships and big and empty buildings in this area.

We prepared the items we would sell a day before. We put them in boxes and prepared all necessary stuff for the day (food, blankets, change, table clothes). We arrived at around 7.30 in the morning and it was already very busy..I guessed, we were late then.. But, as in the flyer told us we could officially open the booth at 9 AM we had plenty of time to start off. Clothes, jackets, wool jackets, jewelry, shawls, shoes and bags. On the right booth, there were a cool young mum and her cute teenager daughter selling all-branded and casual clothing. After some chatting session with them, apparently they lived in the same town as we did! How funny. And on the left side of our booth, there were two young women selling their old clothing, colorful jewelries and shoes.

The weather was meh, overcast almost the whole day, with some sunlight once in a while and it was windy as hell. It was absolutely worrying for us because we had an open booth without roof in case it rained. But, as time went by it got cozier. We were so sleepy when we arrived (duh! we slept only for 5 hours) but then one neighbor had a portable tape deck with them and played a lot of fun music the whole day.



{ Worrying black clouds }

What I love about IJhallen is, you are only allowed to sell second-hand items and they don’t tolerate any big antique sellers or retailers in this area. So, if you are vintage addicts this is definitely the place to be. You can find ANYTHING here.


Frankly speaking, I was a bit disappointed with our booth location because I thought it was located far from the crowds. I expected that we could sell more stuff. Many of the buyers were young people, with quirky styles and also trendy young women. They definitely had good taste because ALL OF MY FAVORITE items were sold. There were some people who were really irritating too…Like they just wanted to buy sooo cheap, I got really headache from them! I also got a bit pissed off when J sold a pair of shoes for 7 euro while those shoes were definitely the main attraction for our booth. I kind of expected to sell them for 12-15 euro! But, then I sold a pair of silverware for 10 euro because of an accident .. (I totally did not know they were real silver!). Bottom line we were happy that we did this, and J was also really excited during the day because the young and trendy young women kept coming to our booth (ahem!) and he sold quite a lot of stuff on his own. There were also a couple of elderly buyers who wanted to speak Bahasa Indonesia with me, which I found really funny. One man, he’s married to an Indonesian woman and he kept on chatting with me and he wished us good luck for the day. And next one, was a lady who was an Indisch (campuran) but she looked just like plain bule for me. So when she told me she was “bule goreng”  I laughed my ass off. She told me stories and it was really hilarious. The first half day (from 8.30-11 am) was the best time to sell your best items. And from 12 pm-onwards you just had to sell your items cheaper because other sellers started selling their stuff so cheap and you gotta compete and clear up your items before 16.30, so you also gotta sell cheap otherwise you would not be able to sell your stuff. Sigh.

We also got some visitors during the day. My in-laws came to visit us , a couple of colleagues came by my booth and a very good friend of mind came with her hubby and baby too. So nice of them 🙂 🙂 GEZELLIG!! Oh yeah, there was a “food court” there if you want to eat. Simple and greasy food like burgers, fries and for the sweet tooth you can buy pancakes and poffertjes.

Overall, IJhallen is a super awesome experience and FUN. Although we also have done a similar thing, like selling our “trash” on Queen’s Day (twice!) we like Ijhallen way better than Queens’ Day. Because on Queen’s day people just wanna buy cheaply. Period. And in Ijhallen, there are another kinds of buyers. For instance, we can sell a coat for 20 Euro to a vintage lover kind of buyer. They appreciate and are willing to pay more for an item with a good quality. I like it! 🙂

So, that was our weekend. I am so tired now, but as I said..it is a super awesome experience. I am proud that we really did it and of course that we made money out of it too. Maybe, next time you will see us selling stuff again there!

T.T. Neveritaweg 15
1033 WB Amsterdam-Noord

Entry ticket: Euro 4.50 for adults, Euro 2 for kids


11 thoughts on “IJhallen Weekend

  1. Ha…ha…baru denger bule goreng 😉 Seru juga ya kedengerannya kalo yang jualan hanya particulier. Aku suka barang vintage tapi ngga ada tempat nyimpennya dirumah.

    • Gw jg baru denger mbak..hihi..ibu2 itu kocak banget, sampe mules denger cerita nya. Sama mbak ini makanya dijual – jualin kalo nurutin kata hati mah gw simpen semua (jiwa hoarder)

  2. sounds like fun! kalo mau buka booth gitu bayar buat sewa tempat/meja ya?

    aku suka banget yg namanya flea market (dulu langganan Pasar Senen sama abang2nya udh pada kenal, hahaha), cuma belakangan suka males deh di sini… males nawar maksudnya. 😀 skarang malah pengen buka booth karna udh kebanyakan barang, cuma males juga kalo cuma sendirian buka booth (suami mana mau ikutan). apa2 males gini, hiyahhhh… :p

    • Yep, bayar per booth 28 euro + deposit nya 5 euro=33 euro. Hahaha sama doonng, gw juga suka banget ke Pasar senen 😀 !!! disini budaya nawar ga sesadis di Indo, malah mereka kemaren kalo nawar paling sedikit aja kadang malah gak nawar. Kalo nawar kayak di Indo yg jual disini malas males ngeladenin hihi. Di sana memangnya gak ada flea market kolektif gini? Lumayan lho sehari jualan dapet duit, barang berkurang 🙂 FUN banget loh jualan begini.

      • hehe, iya, ada kok banyak begituan di sini, cuma malesnya karna ga ada yg mau nemenin. :p suami ga mau diajak jualan, trus temen2ku juga karna kebanyakan dari tempat kerjaku, kita sehari2nya emg udh jualan (bukan jualan barang seken tapinya, hehehe) jadi pada males juga jualan lagi di hari libur. kalo sendirian doang jualan di flea market kurang seruuuu! 😦 jadi biasanya kalo udh kebanyakan barang ga kepake gini aku taro di kotak sumbangan Unicef aja deh….

      • Iya memang kalo sendirian jualan mah garing. At least sama siapaaa gitu soalnya kan seharian jualannya 🙂 Dijamin nagih deh *kompor* Iya sama kok, kadang gw kalo males jualan ditarok aja di Kringloopwinkel (charity shop), atau Leger des Heils (salvation army). Jadi penasaran sama flea market di sana ^^

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  4. Ahhh, always love flea market.
    One’s trash is another’s treasure, yes?
    And Bule Goreng? What is that? Hahahaha.
    jadi kalo J kena strike one dengan jual sepatu itu murah, lo juga ada strike one buat jual silver EUR10 yah pie. hihihi. That’s a great management. XD

    • If you love flea market, Ijhallen is one hell of a flea market May! 😀 Bule goreng is a term I never heard of too, it means blasteran (anjing kali blasteran, yah campuran gitu hehehe) Yak namanya jualan amatir, salah salah dikit boleh lah wkwkwkwk

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