Circus Time!


I got the chance to spend a wonderful Friday afternoon to play with a bunch of kids and give fun (circus-y) workshops to elementary school kids at the circus Elleboog in Amsterdam. These kids are from elementary schools in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. They do not have the opportunity to have fun outdoor activities that often, because the schools do not have sufficient funds to accommodate extra curricular activities, and most of these kids are from not so well – off families. Thus, our employer worked together with one of the NGO’s based in Amsterdam to create a fun day for the kids so they would have an unforgettable summer activity :). It was such a blast, and it was precious to see how happy these kids were with our workshops and the greatest part was, at the end of the day they represented us with their cool acts they’ve learned from the workshops. Bravo, kids!



11 thoughts on “Circus Time!

  1. 🙂 what an honorable thing to do. Just bring a kid outdoor, even a stomp of a tree would be their “boat” and the leaves would be the “ocean” 🙂
    Tapi kalo diajak circur yah lebih fun lagi hehe. 🙂

    • These kids believe me have a bundle of energy! it was really awesome to have this chance. Dampaknya lumayan kerasa besokannya langsung sakit pinggang gue hahaha *uzur

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