The Hangout: May

I am a bit late posting this due to the bad weather, laziness, other priorities when the sun finally came. So, last week I finally got the time to go to the “place” and took some snapshots.

This time I am going to write about a coffee bar in one of little cute streets in Negen Straatjes (Nine Alleys). The bar is situated on Reestraat 21, Amsterdam. 9 Straatjes is an up-scale neighborhood in one of the districts in Amsterdam, called De Jordaan. It is definitely a tourist magnet, populated with quirky expensive little shops and cozy and hip cafes, made this spot an interesting place to go to during your stay in Amsterdam. I “found” this coffee bar a couple of months ago when I came to a shoe store a block away to exchange boots I purchased.


As a starter, this place is called an original coffee bar. The name is very original, Screaming Beans. If you are looking for a good coffee in De Jordaan, don’t hesitate to swing by this place. There are not so many coffee bars in Amsterdam, and I can tell you this place is one of the best. I liked their Espresso and Doppio, which is a name for double espresso. Last week I went there again with J, and this time I chose Naked Doppio with coffee beans from Kenia Karatina Peaberry. Oh was..Sublime!! It was basically a glass of pure (without filter) double espresso. It was thick, intensely black with strong fruity coffee aroma. They served it with a piece of brownie on the side and a glass of water.


Have no picture before they served it, but I have the one after I downed that Naked Doppio :p .. J does not drink coffee, so he got himself a cold ginger beer. I got to taste and it was really good 😀 it tasted like ginger ale.


The place is small, and the interior style is not artistic or funky. It has a couple of tables like in a restaurant. It is really a coffee bar but it is quite cozy and clean. You can read magazines, sip your coffee or buy coffee beans and coffee appliances at the front counter near the cashier. The barrista without a doubt was professional and skillful. The staffs were very helpful and friendly. When we were there, there were several lost tourists asking for direction and a staff helped them and I thought it was a plus.


It was a sunny day and the temperature was pretty warm, around 15 degrees Celsius, so we sat first inside but once the seats outside were empty we took it and got to enjoy the sunshine 🙂 The street was bustling, tourists were all over the place. But, that is the charm of 9 straatjes…you see tourists everyday in this neighborhood it becomes an essential part of it. As you can see from the picture below, the shops in 9 Straatjes are diverse. A toys shop next to a designer boutique 🙂

karl lager

I just knew like a month ago from a colleague of mine, that Screaming Beans opened their new branch in Helmersbuurt (I once lived here!) which is like 5 minutes walk from my office. The new place is much bigger and it is not just a coffee bar, but it is more like a lounge. Besides sublime coffee selection, they also have diverse (exclusive) wines and tea. What unique is from Screaming Beans, it has an academy where they train their staff as well as individuals and companies. It is all about coffee, tea and wines. In separate theory  and practice areas one can enjoy an informal wine tasting, and also can take part in a latte art workshop or follow a multi-day professional barista training. And, you can even follow trainings and get your SCAE-certificate.

We had a great weekend so far, maybe it was because of the weather 😀 though it was very windy, we were blessed with abundance of sunshine over the weekend. And to cherish that, we treated ourselves with a nice menu for dinner at a terrace restaurant in De Pijp ! J had a vegetarian Quiche and me si Rakus, I chose Satay menu. Look how humongous the size of Dutch satay is! As you all know, Dutch people love Indonesian cuisine and you can find many Indonesian dishes on the menu cards in many restaurants in the Netherlands, and it is very easy to get ingredients too. But most of the time, they adjust the real dish to their taste. Including satay :p Mostly they grill the satay in the oven (can you imagine the taste?!) but luckily this satay I had, was BBQ grilled which is pretty close like Indonesian satay and the peanut sauce was by far the most edible!


So, how was your weekend friends?


14 thoughts on “The Hangout: May

  1. The store looks so rustic and vintage it almost seems like a 3D model! hahaha.
    Wow! not so many girls could drink espresso like that! I sure can’t. Whenever I drink plain espresso, I’ll go fainted. Hahahaha. But mix it with milk, then I could drink 2 gallons of it! =D

    • Well the naked doppio is a strong of instant dopping i can tell you for sure! hahaha. the nine alleys (9 straatjes) is a rustic, romantic and cute so most of the shops look similar to this.

  2. Neng poppy, itu cangkir kopinya koq lucuuuu begitu ya. Wiken kemaren aku sama matt gak ngapa2in kecuali kita nonton lebirace yg akhirnyamalah bikin matt horor hihi

    • Iya pas di serve trus liat cup nya iiihh so cute! 🙂 wah belum edar disini tuh filemnya, si matt damon kan yang main? hihi…kayaknya bikin semua hetero men horror deh bu..;p

    • Gw demen window shopping di jordaan ih kadang dompetnya musti dikekepin biar ga terbujuk setan 9 straatjes lol. Yg ini dikasi frietjes bukan baguette..aya aya wae emang nih org belanda hehe

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