12 Happy Activities For a Happier Life

I’ve found a very interesting poll online, 12 activities that make people happy in their life. Every now and then I like to read good books, or take some new courses to refresh my social ability and attitude towards life.  This one has really caught my eye not just because I fully agree with the results but many of these points, are activities that I endeavor in order to achieve a balanced life and be more grounded. I would like to share it with you, maybe this might be useful for you..maybe you are in the same phase like where I am now.


1. Show gratitude. Gratitude makes you happy because you enjoy more of the positive sides in your life. Count your blessings. Write five things each day for things you are grateful for.

2. Be optimistic. Focus your attention on positive things. Visualize your ideal future. Step life actively and effectively serve.

3. Stop worrying or make social comparisons. Search distraction or contemplate for half an hour each day.

4. Be friendly. True happiness consists in making others happy. Help other people or console also distracts from your own problems.

5. Learn to forgive. Revenge feelings do yourself no good. Try to be empathic. Write a forgiveness letter.

6. Cherish social relationships. People who are romantic and happy are more likely to find love and friends.

7. Experience flow. Live with attention. Turn routine activities to flow. Experience music and become one with nature.

8. Develop coping strategies. Solve problems, develop a social network, write or talk about your feelings.

9. Enjoy life here and now. Look around and experience the beauty. Scoop pleasure in small things, call positive memories and create an album of joys.

10. Commit yourself to your dreams, set goals. This gives control of your life, helps to deal with problems, and leads you to connect with other people. This is a better use of time and it gives more meaning to your life.

11. Believe in something. People who believe in a God or the universe feel happier. They experience more meaning and support. They are also physically healthier, probably due to healthier lifestyles.

12. Take care of your body. Movement makes people happier. It seems to help from depression and it makes a more positive body image. Choose a form of exercise that suits you, so you can do it often.


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