Chilling in Loosdrecht

It has been quite warm for the last past week, though the wind seems aggressive occasionally, we really cannot complain. We decided to get out of the city last week, and drove to the neighboring villages and found this little castle in Loosdrecht.

The trees started having green leaves and the flowers started blossoming too.

IMAG0448 IMAG0449

The castle was built around 1500. The castle has a lovely garden and a small canal or maybe more like a ditch, it is pretty! It will be much prettier in the summer with all the greenery and the sound of birds chirping . It also has a museum and a small cafe with a cute terrace facing the garden. We sat at the terrace and enjoyed the sun..with bubbles and beers 🙂


I think this is one of many things I love living here. Finding little castles in villages or little towns I visit. Every castle has an interesting history of ownerships.


Have a nice weekend y’all 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chilling in Loosdrecht

    • Hahaha..iya udah gt liyer liyer kena sinar matahari & angin sepoi sepoi..sayang cm minggu kemaren aja udara bagus skrg udah dingin lagih..ah sebaall *banting pot bunga*

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