My Red Tabby

Just some kitty updates, Rooie’s updates 🙂 As I have told you previously here that we took him in about a year ago when he was just a 9 month old kitty. A scared, sick and poor cat.

This how he looked when we adopted him from his foster family/shelter:

Skinny and suffered from upper respiratory disease, and his neck was hairless because he had a tight necklace on and he could not stop himself from scratching his neck.

And this how he looks now

I love to cuddle him whenever I can :p . Look how fat he has become! so cute, eh?



I think we did a good job in feeding him and in taking care of Rooie 🙂 I hope he’ll stay healthy and be in our family for a long time.

The expenses that come along with adopting a cat must be taken into your consideration before you adopt a cat. Adopting a cat is not a simple business, you must take care of it as if it is your own family. Food, vet visits and toys all cost you money, so be prepared with all that. You also have to invest your time, because they love to play with you and ask a lot of your attention 🙂 not to mention they also shed hair so you gotta clean your house more often. But having a pet is really nice, you have a loyal friend who is always with you no matter what, cuddle you when you are sick and you can goof around with them. Pets are great!

Do you also love animals, or maybe do you own a pet?


6 thoughts on “My Red Tabby

      • 😦 iya memang resiko punya binatang gitu ya, makanya kucing2 aku ini kan kebetulan cuma di rumah (ga bisa keluar..paling di balkon) jd kecil kemungkinannya ada aku kena toxo. Tp non, klo km sekali kena toxo bukannya langsung imun toch?

      • Katanya sih gitu. Kucing2 aku dulu jg gak keluar rumah pop. Semua vaksin lengkap, rajin di mandiin, aku pk sarung tangan pas bersiin kotoran tapi apes kayaknya hihi.

        Skr matt yg gak mau kucing. Dia kemaren di hutan tinggal dgn 12 ekor kucing jd gak mau lg hihi.

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