The Hangout: April

I thought a few days ago that I’d like to add a new category in this blog, to make it more fun to read and also to give you more info about the Dam and what this city has to offer. I have been thinking of random ideas, and I eventually choose a topic which I will enjoy so much to share it with you. I am a coffee enthusiast and I’ve attempted in describing it in a blog post a while back. You can check the story behind why I love drinking coffee, here.

I share my coffee experience with people who share the same interest; friends, colleagues and acquaintances..and I feel that I should write this information in my blog, so I am able to share it to a bigger public, and why not starting it right here right now. Amsterdam…This little city is a melting pot, an oasis of entertainment and hotspots! There’s always new hotspots in town so I decided to write a modest review which I am going to publish once a month. I will write about coffee shops/bars I like, or a (not so) newly opened coffee shop in town (Be aware: a coffee shop in Dutch means a place where you can buy and smoke some pots :p so in Dutch, a place where you can hang out and sip coffee is a koffiehuis) Perhaps it will be discontinued after a couple of months because in the future, I want to change it with another more interesting topics. For now, I hope you like it.

As an opening post this month, I write my experience in visiting a very nice cafe which is located in De Wallen, Red Light District. The journey to reach this newly opened cafe (opened just 7 months ago!) is quite unique if you know what I mean šŸ™‚ The place is really a mix between creative design, vintage and coziness. Besides selling coffee and coffee beans, KOKO also sells local artists’ artworks, furniture and clothing from young fashion labels. Thus, if you’re going to visit this place, you will be sitting among unique pieces of clothing and artworks! Seriously, it gives a very artsy atmosphere. I personally think this is a very refreshing concept and it also supports local (and maybe young) artists in exhibiting their creations.

Well, you can already imagine how cozy the place is right? I chose coffee from their own brand brewed with AeropressĀ method, a glass of water on the side and a slice of homemade banana cake (the latest one was an impulsive act). They were all delicious, the coffee and the cake! The coffee had a unique after taste, it was really mild and had a sweet taste..I forgot the name of the coffee beans, blimey. Although I am used to stronger coffee but this one I tried this afternoon was really not bad at all, though it was mild and sweet I really indulged it šŸ™‚


KOKOĀ serves various kinds of coffee, next to common coffee variants such as cappuccino, latte and espresso, they also have other interesting options which is divided in categories; classics, creamy and private coffees. They also sell homemade cakes. The coffee prices are affordable (between EUR 2-Ā EUR 4) You can check their menu on their website. Should you not fancy coffee you can enjoy some choco drinks.

It was Friday afternoon and the place thankfully was not packed with tourists. So I could chill and read some vintage fashion magazines and checked out the artworks on the wall (all for sale). The girls were very nice and friendly. They took time with the customers and one of them even took me behind the bar and showed the coffee beans and let me sniff it :p I really liked it!


After I finished poking around the cafe, ate up my banana cake and drank up my sweet coffee it was time to leave. I definitely will visit this place again. For you who love a chill and relax atmosphere and a bit artsy and not pretentious spot, I think this is the place to be. I should thank to my friend, a fellow coffee lover, Hilmar who gave me this address. BedanktĀ hil, het is zekerĀ een leukĀ tentje!

After I left the place, I went straight to the Asian store around the corner to refill my spices and Indonesian soy sauce stash! Perfect for you who want to eat Asian cuisine because ZeedijkĀ (China town) is just 2 blocks away from this cafe. After that, I went downtown to KalverstraatĀ (the buzzlingĀ shopping street) to hang around a bit, and swangĀ by MAC shop to check some cosmetics hehehe. Well, that was my Friday afternoon scheme.

I plan the route for my coffee visits right from the spots that are located uptown and then go down town. Next month I will visit a coffee bar in De Jordaan! De Jordaan is a district in Amsterdam, and it is one of my fave districts. I have some favorite coffee spots here so I will divide it into two parts, May and June. Just to give you a heads up!

Have a nice weekend folks šŸ˜€


17 thoughts on “The Hangout: April

  1. Cozy place! I can’t wait for more hotspots you recommend in Amsterdam. Some of my faves in Amsterdam are: Il Tramezzino, an Italian coffee bar at the Jordaan and Gartine at Taksteeg, Centrum. Kapan yuk ketemu? Sekalian ngopi/makan gitu šŸ™‚

    • Gartine is a very cozy place šŸ™‚ esp. for high tea w girlfriends! I’ve never been to Il Tramezzino so I should check that out. Hayuk mbak, kita se-negara tp ga pernah ketemuan ya. Japri deh buat afspraak nya šŸ˜€

    • Eh mbak baru aja thak google ini Il Tramezzino, pas aku pratiin bener2 ehhh aku udah pernah kesini ding! pas workshop holistic massage itu kita semua lunch disini karena sekolah massage nya cuma 1 blok dr cafe ini. Tramezzini nya endeuss bgt, dan coffee nya salah satu kopi paling enak se-Amsterdam kalo aku boleh bilang..salah satu ya..hihi

    • Whoaa, The village coffee & music is a super cool hangout. I definitely will come over and when I do, I will give you a holla before hand!! Yeah, I am thinking to try out some beans they offer on the website..good stuff!

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