Spring Updates

Oh well, time flies. I still feel a bit disoriented by the time changing, the daylight saving time . I think because of all sun exposure for the last few days it makes me want to eat more and more spicy food. Yesterday after I got back from a wedding of a friend, I was so hungry so we decided to have take-outs, pizza for the man of the house, and a portion of penne arabiata for the lady des huizes. I thought the penne arabiata was not spicy enough, J ordered an additional chili for the pasta. They gave me a plastic cup full with hot chilli. I have stomach-ache now from last night dinner. That hot.

And I crave for Indian food more than ever… I cannot imagine what my cravings are for the summer. With all that sun..Jeez.


{ Indian food time }

I had a little DIY this week for the TV unit. We bought it second hand, a simple TV unit from IKEA. After having it for a while I think this stuff needs to be pimped but not drastically, just a little touch somewhere. We deffo aren’t gonna repaint it, we do not like hassle. So one day I found a cute knob at a knickknacks shop when we did our weekly grocery shopping in the neighboring town. It gave me an idea to do something with the TV unit, so a little change has been made and it looks really nice. I changed the black knob with this one:


{The drawer knob}


Right. I am happy with the result, and maybe once I am not this busy I will try to go to other little towns to hunt for some vintage finds. I am looking for nice artworks for the house. Let see how the quest goes 🙂

bruges{ A busy street in Bruges, Belgium}


7 thoughts on “Spring Updates

  1. haiikks.. dirimu abis liburan ke Bruges? mau jugaaaa..
    Hmmm.. itu itu itu.. udah panas yaa? kok si J bisa pake tshirt pendek gitu ajah siiih *ngiri*

    • Ga kok neng bebe, ini poto dari folder nyari2 yg berhubungan sama topik. Ke bruges nya dah taun2 kemaren, trus foto J makan indian food itu diambil pas summer holiday. Belom sepanas itu disini..huaaa mauuu juga itu mah sayah.

  2. Ih knob nya festive yaaaa! Bagus! 🙂
    Ah kamu mah alasan sun exposure buat makan banyak. No wonder I’m getting fatter and fatter here where the sun shines 3/4 times of the day. Hahahhah

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