Beneath Your Beautiful

Today we went to a wedding party of our cousin (from my husband’s family side of course). So far this is my 3rd wedding parties since I live in the Netherlands. So much different from what I am used to in Indonesia, where you can go to weddings (without exaggerating) at least one wedding every weekend during period where people usually held their weddings. Good months for moslems are usually after Eid al-Fitr ( please correct me if I am wrong people πŸ˜€ ) The ceremony was beautiful, very intimate and it was held at the city hall of Amsterdam.

Why there are not so many weddings after years living here? Well because unmarried cohabitation is way more common here. Thus, I was kinda excited to attend weddings in the Netherlands because once there is a wedding we do not know what to expect. Will it be a traditional one? Like a matrimony at the church and then follows by a party somewhere? Or will it be a garden party only and sing along karaoke? The way they celebrate it is varied, the more personal the event the more unique the experience is for the guests. The party today was really nice and really personal, which reflected the personality of the couple and it was quite unique. We stuffed ourselves with delicious macarons and then ate as much as we wanted from the buffet..hehehe…


The Stopera is a building complex in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, housing both the city hall of Amsterdam and the Muziektheater, picture is taken from here


From all 3 weddings I have gone to, I noticed that it is not very common to bring gifts, they usually prefer a fund (salam tempel) for their wedding gifts. It is very practical, just like Dutchies themselves, practical and pragmatic people πŸ˜€

There was something funny happened, J and I we both noticed it after we came back from the wedding. We thought about our own small wedding which was held 6 months ago. We think, we did pretty well for our wedding..not too bad actually. See, this is the thing with going to other wedding after you had your own. You compare it with others but not in the bad way you know. We now can see that our was pretty much what we wanted and we could see how beautiful it was because we just experienced it as guests at other people’s wedding. Truthfully, we never thought about it until today! I think we should give ourselves some credits lol.


{ the happy couple }

And, TGIF! I have been listening to this song so often for the past days. And I hope you like this Friday tune from Labrinth feat. Emelie SandΓ© πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Beneath Your Beautiful

  1. Apalagi di eropa kan mahal ya buat adakan pesta, klo kita diundang sampai selesai jamuan makan malam, paling ga harus sesuai lah salam tempelnya dg yg kita makan :D.

    Klo bikin pesat di Indonesia aku rasa bisa balik modal paling nga separuh lah, klo di eropa rugi malah ya hehehe..

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