Holistic Weekend

I have been wanting to write a post about my holistic weekend since 2 weeks ago but I’ve never had a chance because we were too excited planning the weekend getaway.

Oh well, let me start this! I had been wanting to attend a massage course but found the course fee was always too expensive. I could save up but since we were busy first with searching for a new place and then all the wedding shebang, I never got back into it anymore. When all things finished, I started doing some research to look for the best massage school/academy..oh well, a reliable and a reputable massage academy in Amsterdam. I found several that were interesting for me. Jeezz, there were so many course offers in Amsterdam and the more I looked into it, the more overwhelming it was. I saw that every 20 meters in the centrum itself, there was a massage practice opened. They offered shiatsu, ayurveda, relaxation, hot stone, Swedish massage, Thai massage, classic chinese massage, lomi-lomi massage….you name it. We have all sort of massages in this city. But all of them were expensive and often just a rip-off.

But after reading so many massage course offers I ended up choosing a holistic massage course offered by a reputable massage school in Amsterdam. The idea of holistic really fascinates me. Holistic derives from Holos means ” whole ”  in Old Greek. A holistic practitioner treats the client as a whole, taking into account their emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as their physical body. I enrolled for a two-day-course so in total 16 hours lessons. J saw how enthusiastic I was with this course and he offered to pay the course, I was over the moon!


I know it sounds a bit vague, and some of you may doubt about all this alternative therapy. Think that this all quackery. But, I believe that a total relaxation is very important for everyone .. and me, I choose massage as the way of ultimate relaxation as I have known this therapy for whole my life and I know it works. When I still lived in Indonesia, if I got too exhausted from work or had too many activities, with a little magic of kneading session of 1.5 hours I felt reborn and felt rejuvenated. My family loved massage at home. We took turns to massage each other, me and my siblings. I massaged my parents very often and sometimes we watched TV and massaging each other 🙂 .

I really had a blast in the weekend where I attended the short course. There were 15 people in total, a tutor and 1 assistant. Firstly we sat in a circle and introduced ourselves over cups of herbal tea then after some warm ups the lessons began. We got some theories and after that we had to practice with each other. Holistic massage I learned that day was surprisingly the best choice and the perfect fit for me it involved touch, movement and energy from tai chi, long strokes and contacts.We used rhythmical stroking and soothing away all tension by hearing the patient body’s needs. The atmosphere was really like a family, open and warm I really felt at ease. I met with great people, bonded, and had so much fun that after the course ended, we decided to create a group where we can have a practice afternoon once in a while. So that we will not forget and to improve our techniques.

For the next two weeks I was bidding a massage bed like crazy on Marktplaats (dutch ebay) and was always dissatisfied by the prices they asked for a second-hand massage bed. I decided to buy a brand new massage bed online because I was fed up by the overpriced second-hand massage beds on Marktplaats! Today it was delivered at my work and I couldn’t wait to open the box the whole time. And frankly, I am very satisfied with the product and the service 🙂 Thus, without further ado…here is my new massage bed..Voila!


It is here! I am broke now but I am so ecstatic!


{ sorry for the crappy mobile phone pics}

Oh I am gonna so use this bed to the max for coming years 🙂 Nevertheless I am not planning to be a therapist at this moment, I aim to have more experience and to learn more about different massage techniques and styles. Speaking about preference, I prefer relaxation massages and wellness body treatments than medical massages and other bodywork. For the time being, I am just going to practice and practice and maybe next year I will get a certification to be a masseuse (not as a therapist. To be a therapist I must take a 4 year-higher professional education) so I can maybe work as a freelance in the summer festivities or even in a spa!Oh well, let see.

Thus, do you also have a hobby or an interest you are planning to explore or to do as a side job or maybe your future career?

15 thoughts on “Holistic Weekend

  1. Oppie, Congrats! I would like to get a massage from you one day. Well done to explore a new hobby. J suka dipijit ngga? I dream of a side job as a food stylist or recipe tester 😉 Have fun practising!

    • Makasih mbak (: waduh dia sih suka bgt, mejanya baru dateng langsung dibuka dan tiduran minta pijit >,< Food stylist kayaknya cool bgt mbak ! Aku ini termasuk yg cepet ngiler liat hasil foto2 makanan & resep nya sampeyan lho

  2. Massage bed nya second? kelihatan baru ko, masih bagus gitu. Mungkin yg punya udah bosan kali ya :D. Aku pernah mijit 1,5 jam kena 80 Eur, kapok ga mau lagi, cuma ditempelin batu2 hangat, trus dipijitnya bikin geli hehehhe.

    • Yang ini massage bed nya baru nel, beli online. Ga jadi beli second-hand karena kok minta nya mahal mahal ya?Daripada gt mending beli baru,harganya ga jauh dari harga second ada garansi pula. Iya mahal ya? Hot stone massage menurut aku ga gt nendang, kita orang indo terbiasa dengan pijet yg pressure nya keras ya? 🙂

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