Last Weekend

We were lucky that it was not hailing, raining or snowing. It was a nice weather though it was a bit cold for my taste, but it was OK.. We wanted to get out from the buzzing “big city”  thus we were headed to East. Just a couple of kilometres from the Netherlands-Germany border we found a cute village and springs thermal pools. Sightseeing was a must, thereafter we went for a dip or two in the pools and just relax enjoying the warmth of the water 🙂 It was such a great weekend getaway.

Look, what I have found!


  countryside’s charms.

and my fascination for big horses!


6 thoughts on “Last Weekend

  1. :p makasiih..aku sukaa bgt sm kuda gede (bukan kuda cungkring kaya di desa..hihi gaya) yg punya kuda mbolehin aku nampang sebentar di kuda besar nya ^^ gaya doaaang non 😀

    • Mungkin lebih murah ya..kemarin lihat 3.50 euro 1 buket buat yg masih pas pulang ke amsterdam eh dijual 5 euro buat 1 buket. Seger ya ngeliat nya ^^

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