Going South

My apology if I may sound like whining, but I personally think winter in (northern) Europe is too looooonngg. One day the temperature can be mild (around 8 degrees or 10 when we are lucky) and the next day it can drop to -3 degrees! WTH. Like today, I did not check the local weather forecasting homepage and went to work with my winter attire (a thick legging and knee socks, a knit dress and a tee underneath it, a thick woolen scarf and wrapped myself in a bulky winter jacket) but I forgot my beanie and gloves, darn..it was so cold outside! I mean it was way colder than yesterday or the day before. I immediately got a headache when I was waiting for the tram to my work. A moment like this, me, a tropical creature trapped in a cruel winter in Holland, can do is daydreaming and reminiscing the past spring/summer holidays ..Just to distract myself for a moment from the reality πŸ™‚ Please allow me.


Β cute little terraces in Maastricht


40707_422858878116_4327594_nRetiro Park in Madrid. Madrid has some beautiful parks. I kinda fell asleep when I sat down here.

5480_116776408116_8065561_nMaastricht πŸ™‚

7518_161209433116_3085886_nMerbabu, Indonesia

7518_161217108116_5052612_nUrban delicacy: Soto bang madun, Blok M Jakarta!!! J sits next to me enjoying his first experience makanΒ di emperan :p

311_27516063116_5591_nSuper cozy cafes (somewhere in Greece)


17 thoughts on “Going South

  1. Soto Bang Madun! Hahaha, si eneng satu ini meng-komper enaknya summer dengan soto bang maddun! =D
    Eh gue juga nggak suka udara dingin, kalo dingin2 gitu pasti gue alergi. Gue dulu pindah dr jakarta ke bogor aja udah norak banget deh, tidur pake selimut tebel. Trus pindah ke Bandung makin norak, bisa bersin2 dah gatel2 tiap malam. Gimana gue tinggal di Holland ya? MATI deh langsung. Hahaha.
    I’m going to Amsterdam on next October though. I hope it won’t be too cold for me. =(

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