Piece of Cake

I got an e-mail today in my work inbox from our internal audit supervisor in the US that we have successfully finished the audit testing for 2012. I could not blink my eyes for a minute when I read the e-mail. What a milestone! I practically just wrapped up the biggest project for this year and everybody who was involved was very cooperative and happy to hear it..I was so thankful πŸ™‚ I then could not wait to forward the e-mail to our VP who was still on his holiday and then to my line manager who was in Paris for a business trip. We both then emailed each other and expressed our huge reliefs and he told me when he is back from his trips he is going to join me dancing like idiots at Leidseplein square!

My job involves some compliance projects, and to assist our internal auditors who are located in the US is one of my main tasks. The news today is huge for me because then I do not need to think about any narratives, controls or anything that has something to do with audit reports for the next 6 months. I mean this is the effin’ end of all whirlwind I had for the past 2 years at work! The end of overtime, end of boiling brain and despair because I’ve had no freaking idea about technical side that involves in this job. I have been drilled on the job like without mercy for nearly two years. This is the end at least for the next 6 months..Honestly, this is the first time I have the chance and I am trusted to coordinate a project from the scratch until the end. And I can tell you it feels really good! I never stayed long at one place, I was always on the move. Maybe I was too young and I did not know what I wanted so I kept on searching for the perfect job back then. I was too idealistic. I was looking a perfect office with perfect colleagues in it. But..There is no such thing as a perfect job. A perfect job does not exist you must create it.

Life is not as easy like eating a piece of cheese cake

Life is not as easy as eating a piece of cheese cake

Frankly, before I started this job or any jobs I have had since I lived here, I always got intimidated. I felt insecure, and scared if I would manage speaking both Dutch and English at the office, and what kind of colleagues I would have..oh no, and if they would like me at all. Or I was afraid if I could be on the same level as other colleagues in terms of skills. But, all the fears would be simply useless because none of it came true. I had only nice colleagues throughout my tenures and occasionally nasty people came in the picture but that depends how we cope with it because it could happen anywhere and I could not be bothered to hang out with that kind of people. I love to work hard and I am very eager to learn. I have clear goals, but since I live here I also learn that I also can demand and ask something back from bosses. My managers even encourage me to set my boundaries to focus myself on my work goals. I am very lucky to have these privileges, and I learn tremendously from it. That is something different fromΒ back home, most bosses can only demand and never give for return let alone encourage you. Or maybe I am just lucky to be working in this environment. Anyway, it will never be easy peasy to be working in a totally new world and work environment regardless your professions. It needs hard work, patience, determination and when you don’t succeed for the first or the second time get back up and try again! This is also something I have to put in my mind and to repeat like a mantra πŸ™‚

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16 thoughts on “Piece of Cake

    • Bedankt! πŸ˜€ He eh, akhirnyaaa perusahaan tmpt aku kerja ini bs nge-audit internal sendiri skrg. Sayangnya enggak tuh mbak,pada gak ada yg di kantor :/ aku ngerayain aja sendiri hihi, melas deh.

      • Londo banget ya, sederhana gitu. Doe maar gewoon & doe je gek genoeg. Kalo dikultur lain udah buka wine atau minimal traktiran taart gitu. Hmm, tapi kalo dipikir kantor kamu hadiah natal ke karyawannya ok2 banget πŸ™‚

  1. Ember πŸ™‚ ! ke-nuchter- an orang londo kadang ga sinkron sama kehebohan aku haha.Lumayan sih mbak soalnya pak ceo nya funky (anak band) jd suka ngasih2 gadget terkini gitu..disini g dapet bonus,13e maand of wat dan ook jd ya reward nya cm di xmas gift itu aja.

  2. Hoi Novi,
    Wat een goed nieuws ! Van harte gefeliciteerd met jouw succes en je wijze gevolgtrekkingen uit de ervaringen van de afgelopen twee jaar.
    Liefs ,
    Hans en Els

  3. Wuah Opie hebaaat!
    Jangan menyerah, kerja dimanapun kalo gak dinikmati pasti gak nyaman rasanya kan. Gak ada kerja /lingkungan yang sempurna kalo kita menciptakan at least positive thinking.
    Tetap semangat dan sukses selalu ya Pie πŸ™‚

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