Just the 2 of Us

Kos City

Kos City, Greece

We did not celebrate Valentine’s Day by dining out and giving each other expensive fancy gifts..Nope.We did it very simple. It was just a very nice moment to say ” Ik houd van je “ early in the morning before I went to work. And later after I got home from work I found him at home, smiling and looking so handsome 🙂 with tousled hair, loving eyes, and with a super cute card of two cats cuddling each other. My heart skipped a beat, I giggled and kissed him gently. Then we ate our McDonald’s dinner at home (we did it two years ago as well on Val’s Day..I am afraid it will be a Valentine’s habit lol) Heel gezellig!

What did you do on Val’s Day today/yesterday ? (depends in which part of the world you live hehe)


7 thoughts on “Just the 2 of Us

  1. Ah ah ah.. Aku tau cara ngebut “ik houd van je”…. Bilangnya “ik hu van yao” ga siiiih? *komen ga fokus*

    akuuuuuu… Aku nyuci baju kakak.. Romantis yaaaa.. :p

    • Yak hampiiiir benar be! yg benar adalah “ik hau van ye atau ik hau van yaw” LOL nyuci baju buat bubu juga kan? hihi romantisss kooo *takut di kemplang sm bebe*

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