Midweek Rants

I have been drowning in my to-do list again this week..dealing with audit, dealing with new financial year resolutions, and I am also recuperating from griep (influenza). At work, we are having performance appraisal circuits for the next three weeks. HR department is introducing the new way of performance appraisal, and guess what kind of new way? Yep, online appraisals. The company suddenly decided to implement online appraisal method to assess employee performance. I am tired of these online and all digital stuff. There are things that are better online, and there are MOST def things that are better off online. With online appraisals, we cannot communicate or convey our desires, our complaints, or our ideas as lively as offline (oral). Anyway, I am just curious how HR are going to follow-up on this new way of appraisal will it be a success or will it be a major disappointment?

I am thrilled to see a dear friend this weekend. She will visit Amsterdam in the weekend. She had been relocated to Paris a year ago and we do not see her too often, the last time I saw her was on our wedding party ๐Ÿ™‚ So we are going to catch up and drink cups of coffee, and exchanging stories. If we are lucky, maybe we will go for a dinner too! I am happy that the rest of the girls can join us because it is a short notice invite. And what happens with a short notice in Holland is, people cannot simply swing by! My friends and me, we have adopted the local custom, though I am pretty mild in implementing this new habit, my other friends are quite die-hard believers in scheduling their agendas! Well, this is understandable because we juggle a lot with work, social life, chores and families so a good planning is really important. And some people are just not quite flexible with their agendas. It is funny to see that these people I am talking about are non-Dutch, they come from countries that are known of its laid back attitude and always say tomorrow, tomorrow for every occasion. But how different they have become since they live here it amazes me! ๐Ÿ˜€

I am lucky that my husband and I are pretty flexible with our schedules. He never mind if I want to spend my evening after work at the cinema or at a restaurant with a bunch of friends. And that goes the same with me, I do not mind if J goes to a friend’s house after work.

So, I have to dash to bed now because I am going to need it since I have been really busy at work and did not really have a proper sleep for a few days. Yesterday when I was on a massage chair (we have 0n-site massage facility), the masseuse told me that I was really tensed that I should get a proper or a full body massage in the weekend.ย  Since on-site massage here only serves each staff with a (good) twenty-minute massage on a chair, it will not really release the stress and help my tensed muscles..I have been meaning to visit my regular place for an hour (or more) joyous and happy muscles kneading session, so maybe I will do that too in the weekend. If not, I might be putting some koyo’s all over my shoulders to release this muscle pain!

Koyo Cabe

Koyo Cabe


2 thoughts on “Midweek Rants

    • Hihi ada dong! walaupun ada jg sih produk londo yg mirip sama koyo cabe, tp entah lah kayaknya klo bukan koyo cabe kok ga afdol :p Gimana medan nih? good luck yaaa sama tempat baru nya! ^^

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