Say It With Flowers

flower power

flower power

Flowers for me is a quick cure for almost everything. When I am feeling down, J will always buy me a bouquet of flowers and it will soothe my mood. Roses are perfect (middle picture). But any colorful flowers will do just as great. Gerbera and magnolias are also awesome. Flowers is also a way to congratulate friends and families for any occasion.

I love almost all kinds of flowers, except those that are smelly. And also, I do not fancy sunflowers in a group, it is kinda scary. Flowers are quite affordable in Holland, so I usually buy fresh flowers for the home once in a while to spice up the rooms a little bit.. but it never last long since my cats apparently love to eat it for their side dish!

I like to collect some used food jars and wash them thoroughly after, and then use them as vases. Buy a handful of different fresh flowers (see left pic), put them in those jars and voila…nice and simple vase (see right pic above). If you want, you can add some laces and ribbons too! 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday !


3 thoughts on “Say It With Flowers

  1. Belanda bukannya emang tempat jualan bunga ke seluruh dunia ya Pi? Abis dulu pernah dibawa tanteku ke pabrik bunga gt deh.. Sekalian liat proses mereka shippingnya.. Edun gede banget tempatnya.. >_<

    • Tul ‘be! Kamu pasti ke kwekkerij (plant nursery) ya? Gede yaa!hehe..iya Belanda memang salah satu negara pengekspor fresh cut-plants/flowers terbesar di dunia 🙂 trus florist disini betebaran di jalanan, apalagi kl seasonal flower..3 – 4 euro dah dapet serimbun!

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