For All Coffee Lovers

Coffee. Oh, I love drinking coffee and love talking about coffee. If I think back, what my first introduction was to coffee, I think back to the time when I was a child. As a little child, I was often left home alone during the day with nannies and with my grandmother since both of my parents worked full-time. I was practically raised by my grandmother, who was not only a kretek smoker  (some years later she quit both of it ), she also often indulged herself with kopi tubruk (it is Indonesian style of drinking coffee, where the coarse ground coffee is mixed with hot boiling water and added with generous amount of sugar). She loved Torabika* coffee, drank it at least thrice a day. She enjoyed that rituals with all her heart…I always sat next to her as a little kid, obeyed her when she told me not to drink the big mug of kopi tubruk in front of us. But, I was just too curious seeing my nana enjoyed that forbidden beverage everyday very much, I stole a sip or two from her one day when she was not around. And I thought, hmmm..this is not too bad.

My fondness for coffee continued when I moved to another continent. I drank more and more coffee than I did back home when I was living in Germany. Due to the cold temperatures I drank more coffee than I wanted to and before I knew, I became addicted to it. I drank more of cappuccino instant coffee that time (so pathetic..). Because that was the kind of coffee I could afford. However, whenever I have some extra money I would treat myself some good coffee at the local cafe or Konditorei.

For my 26th birthday, J bought me a cute espresso machine from DeLonghi which I am still using until this very moment.


Ever since, I have been learning about the history of coffee, and have been reading quite a lot about coffee industry in the world. I learned that Indonesia was the fourth biggest coffee-producing nation in the world (2010-2011 crop year). Brazil took the first spot followed by Vietnam and the third place was taken by Colombia. Do you know that there is no national association of coffee growers in Indonesia?! In Colombia they have Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia. Not only they regulate the industry, the federation also supports research and development in the production of coffee through grants to local universities and through federation sponsored research institutes. The federation also monitors production to ensure export quality standards are met. Admit it, Indonesians do not really consume coffee religiously like people in Colombia. But why? we have darn good coffee beans we export throughout the world and we are not drinking it, instead we are drinking Starbucks coffee which uses the crappiest coffee bean there is 😦 Shame on us.

Back to Indonesian coffee beans. According to Bloomberg, for 2010-2011 crop year, Indonesia produced well..enough robusta beans, that made us the third largest robusta beans-producing nations in the world. I would be very ashamed if I did not taste these amazing beans from my homeland myself! I thought I was such a snob by only drinking Illy coffee which by-the-way buys the coffee beans from Ethiopia and Colombia. I then asked my dear little brother to send me some coffee stock. I was then sent by him via my best friend who recently went to Indonesia, and she handed me some packs of Toraja and Java coffee beans (arabica and robusta) from my brother when she came back to Holland. This how it looks:

Toraja Robusta Ground Coffee

Toraja Robusta Ground Coffee

This one is roasted version of robusta ground coffee which has a strong flavor and has earthy after taste 🙂 Surprisingly, the acidity level of this coffee is mild.

DSCN1752 DSCN1764

I pour some coffee beans in my Krups coffee grinder. It is important to have a good coffee grinder to get the best out of your coffee beans and I can say this Krups coffee grinder is quite alright. Though there are many others out there that have so much better quality (and more expensive for sure). The finely ground coffee is now ready to be brewed. You can either use a percolator (see picture below) to brew the coffee or to use a French press, or you can also use an espresso machine like I do. It depends how you prefer it.

Bialetti percolator

As you can see the body looks so rich, black and it tastes also sooooo good! 🙂 If you are Indonesian, and love drinking coffee like I do and cannot live without it, I definitely recommend I beg you to at least try and buy some good coffee beans when you go back to Indonesia. There is no better way to drink coffee than grind your own coffee and brew it in the morning. Besides that, by buying local products we are also supporting the local coffee farmers. And and and.. you also experience another amazing products our country has to offer!


12 thoughts on “For All Coffee Lovers

  1. Ooh, this was fun to read, since my man is in the coffee business for a living. (: I grew up on Kapal Api sachets and also on “Kopi Aroma” from a small roastery in the heart of Bandung. I didn’t know much about coffee back then, but have learned a LOT since I moved here. Our kitchen is cluttered with all kinds of zetmethodes like yours…french press, aeropress, and chemex are what we use most at home. I can’t resist adding a little milk to make kopi susu, even though my coffee purist/snob husband looks down on this. (:

    • Oh really? It must be really nice to be in coffee industry for a living! your kitchen looks like my imaginary little playground then ! 🙂 Yes of course Kapal Api coffee.. I also grew up drinking it (well sneakily when grandmother did not see me) Me too though, the temptation to add an itty bitty sugar and milk is big and actually it makes it even more lekker! Hmm..I am going to make myself a cup of espresso now 😀

    • Haha aku bs lebih dari 3, kadang 5 cangkir sehari klo harus lembur (lho kok balapan?) Iya, abis enak sih daripada minum bir/wine 3 – 5 gelas sehari toh? waduh mending kecanduan kopi deh.

    • Uh iya lah mending berenti aja daripada berabe 😦 Wah, semoga cepat pulih ya bekas operasi nya. Iya aku sebenarnya jg mau ngurangin konsumsi kopi cuma kayaknya ngimpi aja deeehh..udah addicted bgt! Hehe

  2. I was those people who would literally having a headache to start a day without coffee, but then I got an ulcer on my stomach and I must quit. It was a really hard time because like you, Coffee was my first love.
    Now I drink coffee only once a week just to reminisce the good times. =)

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