Ballads of the Lowlands

Since I am living in the Netherlands, I am thinking to share some great Dutch music or artists in my blog from time to time. To start off, I will introduce you to a bad ass rock chick, Anouk. She is I believe, the most well-known (female) rock singer in NL. She started her music career in the 90’s and has been rocking the lowlands ever since. Apart from her over-exposed / intense love stories, her music is absolutely genius! She sings with her soul, especially when she sings ballads… Respect!He blew off her world recording deal in the US somewhere in 2007, because of her “attitude” .. (I’ve told you she is a bad ass rock chick!). I was not a fan of her music, but soon after I changed my mind :p

Here are some of my favorite songs from Anouk (read: Anuk), a hot female rocker from the lowlands  :

A soundtrack for a Dutch drama movie De Gelukkige Huisvrouw (The Happy Housewife).

A delighted pop-rock song

I just loved these tracks I can play them over and over while I am doing chores 😛

This one is sort of a homemade single from her, but it hits Youtube and it goes viral from there. We’ll wait for her to launch the album!

There are more songs from her, but I will leave these as an introduction. I hope you like some new foreign artists from the Netherlands. And maybe in the future I can show some underground bands or singers !


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